Julian Roberts History Period 6

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Julian Roberts

History Period 6

Upper School 4

Key Questions:

1. What was the Compromise of 1877?

Reconstruction, Election Commission and Compromise of 1877

2. When the Republicans were campaigning what tactics did they use in the election of 1868, 1872, 1876.

“waving the bloody shirt”, Election of 1876 and Hayes vs. Tilden

3. While Grant was in power there were economic/financial issues after the war. What were they?

Inflation, Deflation, Panic of 1873, “Crime of ‘73”, Greenback Party, Gold standard/gold vs. Greenbacks and/or silver, Specie Resumption Act of 1875,

4. What are the goals and intentions of the Ku Klux Klan and the White League?

Ku Klux Klan, “redemption”, “redeeming”, White League

5. Why did northerners come over to the south during the reconstruction period?

“carpetbaggers” and “scalawags”

6. What was the purpose of the “Black Friday” Scandal?

“Black Friday” Scandal, gold and silver

7. What was the purpose of the Credit Mobilier Scandal?

Credit Mobilier Scandal, Union Pacific Railroad

8. What was the purpose of the “Salary Grab Act”?

“Salary Grab Act”,

9. What was the purpose of Whiskey Ring Fraud?

Whiskey Ring Fraud

10. What did the 15th Amendment do?

15th Amendment, black suffrage, voting rights, Black Codes,

11. What happened in the Election of 1868?

Andrew Johnson, Election of 1868 and Grant, Radical Reconstruction, Congressional Reconstruction

12. What did Congress do to help reconstruct the south?

Civil Rights Act, Freedman’s Bureau, veto, 13th,14th,15th Amendment,

13. What was the purpose of the Military Reconstruction Act?

Military Reconstruction Act, Congressional Reconstruction, Radical Reconstruction, Southern Democrats

14. What did the Tenure of Office Act do?

Tenure of Office Act, Andrew Johnson

15. What were some of the foreign affairs that Johnson ran into?

Mexico, France and Maximilian, Alaska and Russia, Moneroe Doctrine, Seward’s Folly

16. What did Johnson do to help reconstruct?

Black Codes, 13th Amendment

17. What did Lincoln do to help reconstruct?

Freedman’s Bureau, Ten Percent Plan, Radical Republican Thaddeus Stevens, Wade-Davis Bill, pocket veto, Andrew Johnson


Freedman’s Bureau

Ten Percent Plan

Wade-Davis Bill

Pocket veto

Black Codes

Moneroe Doctrine

Civil Rights Act

Military Reconstruction Act

Tenure of Office Act



Ku Klux Klan

Black Friday

Credit Mobilier scandal

Union Pacific Railroad

Salary Grab Act

Radical Reconstruction/Congressional Reconstruction

Thaddeus Stevens

Andrew Johnson

13th,14th,15th amendments


Election of 1876 and Hayes vs. Tilden

“waving the bloody shirt”

Election Commission and Compromise of 1877

Mexico, France and Maximilian

Alaska and Russia

Seward’s Folly

Election of 1868 and Grant

Whiskey Ring Fraud

Gold standard/gold vs. Greenbacks and/or silver

Deflation vs. inflation

Crime of ‘73

Panic of 1873

Greenback Party

Specie Resumption Act of 1875

Tyros, noxious, fallacy, rigmarole, turgid, redress, provost court, jurisdiction, squire, adjudication, duodecimo, brevet, cats-paws, incubus, to the manner born, escutcheon, culpable

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