Journals United States History 2 Advanced Unit 11 Journals

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Journals - United States History 2 Advanced

Unit 11 Journals
1. What characteristics are important for presidents or presidential candidates to have? What do you think it most important in helping a presidential candidate win an election?
2. Kennedy won the election of 1960 by 119,000 votes. Why do you think he won? Do you think his inexperience and youth could provide a problem?
3. What would you do if you heard our country and cities were being threatened with a nuclear attack from another country? What do you think our government should do?
4. What do you think was the public opinion of Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why do you think this?

Unit 9 and 10 Journals

9-1. Draw your image of the American Dream. Describe your picture. Why is this your interpretation of the American dream?

10-1. Read the 3 Constitutional Amendments and answer the following question: Recall the treatment of blacks prior and during the civil war. How do EACH of these amendments to the Constitution following the civil war help African Americans?

10-2. What is the purpose of the Supreme Court? Remember Congress makes laws, but do you think the Supreme Court has a lot of influence over laws?

10-3. How was the Brown vs. Board of Education decision a victory for African Americans? (Think of more than the obvious)

10-4 What do you think it would take to end the Civil Rights Movement? Do you think the fight for Civil Rights ended in the 60s? Do you think there is still a fight for Civil Rights today?

Unit 8
1. Do you think there is a stereotype for terrorists? Do you think Muslims or people of Arabic or Middle Eastern decent are feared? Explain your answer and why.
2. What do you consider to be Un-American behaviors? Explain
3. You have to take chances for peace, just as you must take chances in war… If you are scared to go to the brink, you are lost.” ~ John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State under Eisenhower. What does this quote mean to you? Keep in mind the era.
4. Think of an instance where a situation like Brinkmanship may have been used in your life.

Unit 7
1. Read the article on the Bushido culture. Then answer the journal question: “How could the Bushido attitude and other attitudes discussed here be problematic for the United States when fighting Japan in the Pacific theater? 5 sentence minimum.
2. Why did the United States military pick the strategy of island hopping? Why did they pick certain islands? (5 sentence min)
3. Period 3 and 6 only: As of now, do you think the US should drop an atomic bomb on Japan? Why or why not? (5 sentence min.)
Unit 6
1. If the US had to chose one focus for WW2 first, where do you think the United States should attack first? Japan or Europe? Why? Off the top of your head, how do you think you would go about attacking this choice?
2. Imagine you have been training for 2 years to fight in a battle which you believe in, know will change the course of history, but is also a battle in which you know many people are going to die. What are you feeling in the few hours before you embark?
3. Read the quotes from Statements by Leading Nazis. What does this tell us about the opinions of the leading Nazis? What is your reaction to these quotes?
4. How do you think women and minorities were treated in American society prior to WW2? How could a war change this treatment?

Unit 5

1. Recall the problems left in Europe after WW1. Make a prediction as to what could happen as a result of these problems. Explain your prediction.

2. What do you think would happen if our country only had 1 political party? (ie. Only the Republican party or Only the Democratic Party)
3. Lets suppose the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became aggressive towards surrounding countries, meaning Iran invaded Turkmenistan, Kuwait, and Pakistan to obtain more natural resources and to help the high unemployment (15%) of its citizens. Iran is a member of the United Nations. It is over reliant on its oil export. As the United States, what do you think we should do? (Period 3 and 7 EXCUSED from this journal)
4. What do you think is the best way to deal with a school bully?
5. Why do you think the U.S. does not want to get involved? Do you agree with their policy of trying to stay out of the issues in Europe?
6. Recall the events of September 11th. Were you surprised by this attack? Do you think the government had any indication that this attack was about to occur? Do you think the attack on 9/11 was avoidable?

Unit 4

1. Today, do you think America should go back to a policy of Isolationism? (Meaning – focus on domestic issues alone) Why or why not?

2. What products do you feel like you could not do without? What products do you consider a luxury? Explain why.
3. Are there any laws you feel should not exist? What would happen if those laws did not exist?
4. How would you describe our culture in 2008? Think about music, language, pastimes, clothing, societal norms, etc. Do you think our current culture has been influenced by anything from our past?
5. What would you think your parents would do if they lost their life savings and then their job in a matter of months? What type of effect do you think that would have on your family? You? What do you think they would do?
6. What qualities makes a leader bad? Can a good person be a bad leader?
7. Read the speech by FDR. According to the speech, what is different about the policies he wants to put in place from those policies of Herbert Hoover? As the President, what do you think FDR has to do to restore public confidence in the Presidency and government?
8. If you were president during the Great Depression what would you do and what programs would you create to solve the problems?

Unit 3

1. What nationality are you? Do you consider yourself patriotic toward your nationality? Are there any customs, beliefs, celebrations you and your family practice that are from your nationality?

2. Which country do you think is to blame for WW1? Why are you guessing that country? (This journal only needs to be 3 sentences)
3. Read Wilfred Owen’s poem, it was a Navy Boy. From this poem how do you think Europeans felt about war at the beginning of the World War 1? Use evidence from the poem.
4. Do you think there is any time where it is appropriate for a government to limit citizen’s civil rights? Why or why not?
5. Do you think the Espionage and Sedi tion Act were constitutional? Why or why not? (Period 3 and 7 only)
6. If you were the allied powers and just won the war, how would you address Germany and Austria Hungary? What would you require of these countries?
Unit 2
1. What role do you think the Media plays in our view of an event? Why could this role be helpful or harmful?
2. What do you think happened to the USS Maine? Do you think the United States will be just in declaring war against Spain in 1898? Why or why not? What do you think are the main reasons they will declare war?
3. Periods 6 and 7 Only – What is a political cartoon? What is the purpose usually of a political cartoon? Do you think political cartoons are affective in getting the author’s point across? OR Create your own political cartoon. Explain your cartoon underneath.
4. What are the benefits of the Big Stick Policy? What are the negatives? Do you agree with Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick Policy?

Unit 1
1. Why is technology important? What are some problems that can arise with new and changing technology?
2. Do you think our society today has a large gap between wealthy and poor? Do you think capitalism in our country causes inhumanity and selfishness or is it humans that are inhumane and selfish by nature? Explain.
3. Read the following letter from our school board. What do you think of these changes? Do you plan to follow the new policies for Mendham HS? Explain.
4. If you were creating a current day Political Platform (a list of the issues you want to address and how you will address them), what would issues would you address and how would you address them?
5. Read the Wall Street Journal article – How has government increased/expanded its control? What do you think of this change?
6. Describe a time you put all your confidence in someone and were disappointed. How did you react? What did you do?

2008-2009 Journals – May not be the same as 2009-2010

Unit 8- Era of Reform and Westward Expansion

1. “The First Great Awakening, which took place in the mid-1700s, emphasized individual human emotion and de-emphasized the role of church authority.” This movement had a profound effect on the American Revolution. How would these seemingly small details about a religious movement have such an enormous effect? What effect might a similar movement have in the mid-1800s? (Period 2 ONLY)

2. Do you think women are treated equally to men? You can discuss any aspect of society, politics, work, etc.
3. Recall a time you stud up for something you believed in: Was your position popular? How were you treated by those who opposed you? Did they persuade anyone to agree with them?
4. Who do you think has greater claim to a piece of land – the absentee owner or the person who takes care of it? Why? If there was an argument over land rights between these two, how should the dispute be decided?
5. What is Patriotism? What do you consider Patriotic Acts? What do you consider unpatriotic acts?

Unit 7

1. What do you think should be done to solve the conflict between the north and south? How could this conflict benefit the west?

2. What is nationalism? What do you think improves a country’s nationalistic feelings?
3. If you could vote, what qualities would you look for in a Presidential Candidate? Is it more than just experience?

Unit 6 – Part 2 – A New Nation

1. Describe a time you had to fill someone else’s footsteps. What was it like? What do you think it was like for Adams to have to fill George Washington’s footsteps?

2. Who do you know that does something for the better of the whole, rather than themselves?
3. What do you think are good reasons for a country to go to war?
4. What were the claimed causes for the War of 1812? Do you think there were any other motives for the US to go to war with Britain? Do you think the United States was justified in declaring war on Britain?

Unit 6 – Part 1 – A New Nation
1. Why do you think G.W. is so apprehensive to take on the Presidency? Do you think his job was harder than future presidents?
2. What do you think needs to be done to fix our economy?
3. Describe a time when you think someone more powerful or older than you tried to take advantage of you. What did you dislike about this? Did you have a chance to get your way?
4. Today we have two political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Republicans stand for lower taxes and lower services. The Democrats stand for higher taxes and more services. The Republicans feel that lower taxes allows hard working people keep more of their money. The Democrats feel that more money should go to help people in need. Write a couple of sentences about what you think?

Unit 5 – Making of a New Nation
1. Is it important to strongly outline the roles and power of government(s)? Explain.
2. Do you foresee any problems with the Articles of Confederation? If so, what problems and why?
3. What problems existed in the New Nation? (Don’t forget Shay’s Rebellion) What needs to be done about these problems?
4. Why is it important to have a government system that balances power?
5. What do you think the MOST important aspect of the Constitution is that makes it better than the Articles of Confederation?
6. Which of the Amendments included in the Bill of Rights do you think is most important? Why?

Unit 4 – The Revolutionary War
1. Describe a moment you had of bravery. What feelings did you have during the event? After?
2. Read the biography on John Dickinson, what did he stand for? What did he think the colonists should do about the situation with the British?
3. Who do you consider to be an influential person in today’s world? How are they influential? What effect did they have on society?
4. Students have been known to complain at times. List 10 grievances you have about how people your age are treated. This is your chance to complain. What purpose might this serve?
5. Write down the 3 most convincing arguments for being a loyalist AND being a patriot.

6. What qualities do you think make up a good leader? Why are leaders necessary?

7. What do you think the U.S. should ask for in their peace negotiations with Britain after they won the Revolutionary War?

Unit 2

  1. What does Revolution mean to you? What do you think causes a revolution?

  1. Have you ever experienced a time when your friendship with one person caused a rift with another? Could a similar situation occur between nations? Explain.

  1. What do you think the British need to do in order to win the French and Indian War?

4. Describe a time when you felt you got the short end of the stick on something, or felt that you were looked over. How did you feel? Did you try to fix the situation?

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