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Registered by Australian Post Publication No NBP 0282


1 The Australian Naval Institute is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory The main ob|ects of
the Institute are

a to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge related to the Navy and the maritime profession,

b to provide a forum lor the exchange of ideas concerning sublets related to the Navy and the maritime profession, and

c to publish a journal

  1. The Institute is self supporting and non-profit making The aim is to encourage discussion, dis­semination of information, comment and opinion and the advancement of professional knowledge concerning naval and maritime matters

  2. Membership of the Institute is open to

a Regular Members — Members of the Permanent Naval Forces of Australia

b Associate Members — 11) Members of the Reserve Naval Forces of Australia

12) Members of the Australian Military Forces and the Royal Australian Air Force both permanent and reserve

  1. Ex-members of the Australian Defence Force, both permanent and reserve components provided that they have been honourably discharged from that Force

  2. Other persons having and professing a special interest in naval and maritime affairs

c Honorary Members — Persons who have made distinguished contributions to the naval or

maritime profession or who have rendered distinguished service to the Institute may be elecled by the Council to Honorary Membership

  1. Joining fee for Regular and Associate members is 55. Annual subscription for both is $15.

  2. Inquiries and application for membership should be directed to

The Secretary. Australian Naval Institute. PO Box 80 CAMPBELL ACT 2601


In order to achieve the stated aims of the Institute all readers both members and non-members, are encouraged to submit articles for publication Preferably submissions should be typed, double spaced, on A4 paper, the author s name and address must be shown clearly even if a pseudonym is required for printing purposes: to be eligible for prizes original articles must be accompanied by statements that they have been written expressly for the ANI and shod biographies will be welcomed The Editor reserves the right to reiect or amend adicles tor publication


Views expressed in this |oumai are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Depadmeni of Defence the Chief o' Naval Staff or the Institute

ISSN 0312-5807


From the Editor 3

Correspondence 4

The Value and Future of the ANZUS Alliance

Commander GL Pureed RAN 9

Expanded Seagoing Roles for the RANR

Lieutenant Commander RW Cunningham RANR 17

The Submarines that Stayed

VicJeffery 21

RAN IKARA Training Establishment

Lieutenant Commander DRG Agar RAN 27

Quantity Versus Quality: It's Having A Mix that Matters

EL Cowan 30

The SWOC Australian Trained PWOs

Commander G Mackinnell RAN 45

Washington Notes

Tom Friedmann . 47

Technical Topics — Spar Torpedoes

RMJones 53

Annual Prizes 55

From the Treasurer 57

Peter Mitchell Essay Competition 57

Book Reviews 59

AirMail Rates 62

Advertising Information 62

Insignia 63

Membership Application form 64

Articles or condensations of articles are not to be reprinted or reproduced without the permission of the Institute. Extracts may be quoted for the purpose of research, review or comment provided the source is acknowledged.

Cover Photo: HMAS KIMBLA pays of*. ABPHOT K. Cole

Journal ol Ihe Australian Naval Institute — Page l

27navies sail § the seven seas with SignaaL

The Uniili.ii Signaal dome on warships is a symbol ol ultimate weapon control Signaal. a leader in radar and control systems lor military andcivil applications around the world, is a member ol the Philips international group ol companies

Suppliers to 27 navies including the Royal Australian

Navy and others in the Pacific region, Signaal maintains an industrial presence in Australia at the Ifcfcnce Electronics Facility at Philips Moorehank plant in N.SYX'

Signaal and Philips arc ideally placed to service Australia's furure defence needs with systems meeting the most stringent operational requirements and

in country tacilmcs providing Australian Industry Participation and ongoing support in line with government policy


Philips Defence Systems

IS Blue Street. North Sydney. 2060

Phone(02)022 0IHI









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L /I

\/ 1




* —•-M

^m . \

| ^HHI






Defence Systems


...I .MS ,(.',■

Page 2 - Journal ot the Australian Naval Institute


The November edition on mine warfare was well received by all accounts, although as usual I have had next to no correspondence on the subject — I would appreciate a few letters now and then commenting on the contents of the journal, particularly any which contradicted or extended the views put forth by our contributors This edition does contain, however, an interesting photo sent in by Joe Straczek and a brief technical historical piece by Ray Jones

In addition, there is a relevant article on ANZUS, supnsingly the lirst on the subject that we have ever had, and the prizewinning essay from the Staff College on maritime strategy won by a female public servant, which might stir up.a few sexist naval types to respond! There is also an article on one of the RAN's newest courses, one on some WWII Dutch submarines, one on a possible future for the Reserves and a brief piece on one of the lesser known establishments. RANITE I would welcome similar articles from readers, in the RAN or elsewhere, publicising the activities of those places with which not everyone will be familiar Tom Friedmann follows up previous articles on just' and moral' wars with an article on the US President's right lo wage war At the back, you will find some interesting book reviews

I would like to take this opportunity to draw readers' attention to future editions, for which I will be seeking contributions. In general. I would be grateful for a supply of fillers' — those brief articles which we have published in the past under such headings as Technical Topics, Shiphandling Corner, Nobody Asked Me But.., They are useful not only as fillers, but also to provide a counter to the longer, more academic articles: they can also serve as lessons for younger naval people and as stimulants to other articles.

In this regard, the May edition will be a birthday special and articles will be from junior officers (lieutenant commander and below) and sailors — equivalent ranks in the other Services and the civilian world are also encouraged to contribute Contributors do not have to be members of the ANI I hope that Ihere will be plenty to choose from, in view of our founding president's words in the August edition last year, when he said that he was disappointed that there were not more articles of a contentious nature and or from younger officers and sailors Readers not entitled to contribute to this edition should keep their eyes open for potential contributors and consider employing some gentle persuasion1 I will be more than pleased to answer any questions and lo undertake a ghosting' role to tidy up the punctuation etc, if needed The deadline for copy is the 22nd April, but I would be grateful for copy at the earliest possible date, and certainly tor an indication of what is likely to be coming.

The November edition will have as its theme, aspects of maritime history, and I would like to cover a broad range of related topics — individual ships, strategy, politics, economics, social history. I have already a maior article on HMS SIRIUS. a brief piece on life at the naval college and a promise of an article on projects being undertaken by the Sydney Maritime Museum. Interesting old photos would also be welcome.

Finally, the good news and the bad First, congratulations to our founder member No 007, Nigel Berlyn. on his recent promotion to admiral. Secondly, advice that some RAN ships and establishments will no longer be receiving free copies of the journal — due to some errors in our accounting system, we have been sending out many copies to those who had not been requesting it on their annual order of periodicals, and hence we were operating at a loss If individual members would care to check with regard to their particular ships, we may be able to avoid a break in continuity; annual orders of periodicals for 1986 will be due in by 29 March — I do have some inside knowledge in my new job and may be able to help.

My new office address is Campbell Park 2-5-09 and my new telephone number is 062-662245.

Geoff Cutts


Journal ol the Auslralian Naval InsMutB — Pago 3



A National Naval Memorial dedicated to all those who served, or are still serving, in the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Naval Reserve, is to be erected in Anzac Parade. Canberra, to mark the 75th anniversary ot the RAN and RANR in 1986. The Prime Minister, Mr Hawke, announced that it was expected that Her Maiesly the Queen would unveil the Memorial in March, 1986.

At this stage, proposed plans tor the unveiling and dedication envisage a substantial formal parade by currently serving and former naval personnel on Monday. 17 March. 1986. This will also mark the start ot Navy Week in Canberra during which time it is hoped there will be a significant contribution by members of ex-naval and ship associations.

Mr Hawke's announcement concerning the National Naval Memorial is a major milestone in Navy's bid for a Memorial to commemorate 75 years of proud tradition and sacrifice by tens of thousands of men and women who have served their country with outstanding distinction.

The proposal was first raised in February, 1980. and was followed by long, and sometimes frustrating, negotiations to get the proposal off the ground. Eventually the Canberra National Memorials Committee, which is headed by the Prime Minister, agreed with the concept and, more importantly, agreed to Government funding to the extent of $250000. This probably makes the National Naval Memorial one of the most

valuable works of sculpture ever commissioned in Australia.

The successful sculptor is Mr Ante Dabro. a senior lecturer at the Canberra School ol Art. who won a national competition to design the Memorial. The focal point of it will be a bronze sculpture cast in a form of geometric shapes, with representational figures emerging from them. The design will symbolize the mutual dependence of sailors and their ships, and its dynamic force will be complemented by the imagery of moving water. The Memorial is to be erected in a paved and landscaped court on the eastern side of Anzac Parade, close to the Australian War Memorial

In his announcement. Mr Hawke said This Memorial will be a significant tribute to the brave and distinguished men and women who have created the heritage of the Royal Australian Navy and the Naval Reserve.'

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