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Plato’s Crito, Journal Entry Questions:

1. Crito’s first attempt to convince Socrates to flee appeals to reputation and the opinion of the majority. What is Crito’s argument, exactly?

2. In premise/conclusion form (consisting of about 5 – 7 propositions) give Socrates’ (eventual) response to the reputation/majority opinion argument, trying to making it logically valid.

3. Reminiscent of the famous quote from the Apology, at one point Socrates refers to “life worth living for us.” Given what else he says, what is a necessary condition for life’s being worth living, according to Socrates? Is this consistent with his Apology claim that the “unexamined life is not worth living”?

4. Socrates states that “one must never in any way do wrong willingly”. Do you agree? How might one disagree (i.e., what might such a person be thinking)?

5. Arguably the most famous argument from the Crito is what we might call the “argument from agreement” (49e5-7) which builds on a point Socrates makes about harming the city. What, exactly, is the argument from agreement? (State it carefully in premise/conclusion form.)

6. It’s not difficult to make Socrates’ argument from agreement valid; the issue is going to be whether all of the premises in the argument are true. Take the formulation of the argument you came up with in the previous question and argue against one (and only one) of the premises.

7. Comment: is your objection in the previous question a good one, or is the argument from agreement sound after all?

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