Jorge mario bergoglio and the last military dictator of the argentine dirty war

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Reynaldo Benito Antonio Bignone (born on January 21, 1928) was the “Last Dictator” (from July 1, 1982 to December 10, 1983) in the Argentine “Dirty War” (1973-1983). In 2010, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison by an Argentine court for his role in the “kidnappings, torture, and murders” of several hundred Argentine citizens.

(A “dictatorship” is defined as an autocratic form of government in which the “government” is ruled by an individual, that is, a “dictator.” In other words, a “dictatorship” refers to an autocratic form of “absolute rule” in which there are no restricted mechanisms [i.e. rule “without the consent of the people”] within the political structure.)

There are three undisputed facts concerning the role of the Argentine Catholic Church during the time frame of the “Dirty War”: first, the Roman Catholic Church supported the military controlled government; second, Jorge Mario “the politician” Bergoglio (born 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America) was the “provincial” of the Jesuit order in Argentina from 1973 through 1979; and, third, the Roman Catholic Church has an “extensive” history of supporting “repressive” governments in Argentina and elsewhere in South America.

Please see e-article “72” on this website for more information concerning “Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini” (1883-1945), the “Vatican”, and the Vatican Bank of the Roman Catholic Church.

(The term “Dirty War” originated with the military government itself. The term was a “euphemism” which attempted to justify “different” methods “for maintaining social order and for eradicating political subversives.” More simply, it was an attempt by the “dictatorship” to conceal criminal activities such as rape, torture, and murder as “legitimate” military and governmental actions against the “others.”)

The “politician” Bergoglio (and the son of Italian immigrant parents) entered the “Society of Jesus” (SJ) on March 11, 1958. And, at the time, he was only 21 years old.

(The SJ is a Catholic, male, religious order which was formed in 1540 by “Ignatius of Loyola.” Its members are “nicked named” the “Jesuits”, and their “order” is known as “God’s Marines” because of “Ignatius’” military background and because of its members’ willingness to accept orders “anywhere in the world no matter what the living conditions” and no matter what the political danger.

The “order” is headquartered in the “Church of the Gesu”, Rome, Italy. Its “Main Organ” is the Roman Curia. Currently, its “Superior General” is the Very Rev. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon.

[The “Roman Curia” is the main administrative component of the “Holy See.” It is the “central” governing body of the Roman Catholic Church, along with the “Bishop of Rome” [i.e. the Pope and/or “Papacy”]. It coordinates and provides the central organizational structure of the Church as well as helps the Church with the achievement of its “goals”: it has over 19 thousand employees as of 2012.]

Finally, the Society’s “motto” is “Ad maiorem Dei glorian” or “For the greater glory of God.”)

Emillio Eduardo Massera (1925-2010) is considered by the Argentine many to be the “mastermind” behind the government takeover (i. e. the deposing of President Isabel Martinez de Peron) of Argentina in 1976. Along with Jorge Rafael Videla and Orlando Ramon Agosti, he formed a “military junta” (a government led by a committee of military leaders) which led a “Dirty War” against its own population of perceived, political opponents. Also, this “mastermind” was found, later, to be a member of the notorious Propaganda Due (P2).

(The P2 was a Masonic lodge operating under the jurisdiction of the “Grand Orient of Italy.” It operated between 1945 and 1976 before its Masonic charter was revoked. From 1976 to 1981, under the leadership of the criminal Italian financier, Licio Gelli, the “black” lodge operated, more openly, as a crime organization.

And, the P2 had been implicated in a number of crimes and mysteries including the collapse, in 1982, of the Vatican-affiliated financial institution, “Banco Ambrosiano”, the Bank of the Sicilian “Mafia” [i.e. “Cosa Nostra”].)

And, it should be noted that the “mastermind” and his group of military criminals had been complicit in the death and/or the “disappearance” of over 30 thousand Argentine citizens during the “Dirty War.”

To this day, the term of the “disappeared” is often evoked by the Argentine many in reference to their lost loved ones. In the context of the extreme anger and in the context of the extreme defiance toward Massera’s military government of criminal “dictators” (and toward all those people who knew, but who remained silent and did nothing about the ongoing, human “slaughter” of the innocent), the many will remember, and they will never, never forgive them.

To re-focus, in May of 1976, two Jesuit priests, Father Orlando Yorio and Father Franz Jalics, were kidnapped and tortured by the Argentine Navy and by a local “death squad”. Five months later, they were found “drugged and semi-naked.” At a later date, Father Jalics accused the “politician” Bergoglio of “effectively handing him over [along with Father Yorio] to a death squad” by declining to tell the military regime that he (as the Jesuit “Provincial”) supported their work in the slums of Buenos Aires.

The “politician” Bergoglio (and “Marine of God”) denies Jalics’ allegations of his collaborations and his compliance with the murderous dictators of Argentina during the “Dirty War.”

(The “politician’s” positions, on some of the contemporaneous social and political issues, are the following:

  1. He has advocated the elimination of “extreme poverty and extreme economic inequality”: He has stated that “extreme poverty and unjust economic structures that cause great inequalities are violations of human rights.” Also, he has stated that the “social debt” imposed upon others by the “oligarchic” elements of Argentina is “immoral, unjust, and illegitimate”;

  2. He has advocated the end to child sexual abuse, human trafficking, and to prostitution: He has denounced the actions of those involved with these endeavors as well as the general cultural tolerance for such “grievous sins” against God;

  3. He has advocated the end of the “culture of discarding” of the elderly as well as of the attitude that the elderly are “disposable and worthless”;

  4. He has advocated an end to “abortion” [the “pro-choice” movement is viewed as a “culture of death”], all forms of birth control, and “euthanasia” [the practice of “intentionally ending life in order to stop extreme pain and extreme suffering”];

  5. He has advocated an end to “homosexual practices” since he views such actions as “mortal sins” (along with the establishment and sanction of same-sex relationship unions and/or marriages); and,

  6. He has advocated the “sovereignty of the Falkland Islands” despite the results of the “2013 Falkland Islands sovereignty referendum on political status”: based upon a turnout of “92% of potential voters, 99.8% of the Falkland islanders” [1,513 out of 1,518] supported the continuation of its status as an “Overseas Territory” of the United Kingdom.

The “Falklands War” [or “Falklands Conflict” or “Falkland Crisis”] was a 1982 war between Argentina, South America and the United Kingdom.)

On April 2, 1982, the Argentina armed forces invaded and occupied the “Falkland Islands” and “South Georgia” in the South Atlantic Ocean. The resulting war lasted 74 days and ended with the surrender of Argentina on June 14, 1982: 649 Argentine and 255 British military personnel were killed.

And, because of the Argentine humiliating defeat, the Argentine “military junta” was finally terminated by the many.)

But, the “disappeared” of Argentina still “cry out for justice” to this day.

Based upon the intensively documented history of the Roman Catholic Church with a number of past, “repressive” regimes, either to the right or to the left (e.g. Italian Fascism of the Second World War [1939-1945] or Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias’ Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200), Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope- elect Francis I and the 266th Pope of the Church as of March 13, 2013: 03/13/13) is, again, not telling the truth about his involvement with the political activities of the P2 Argentine “Dirty War.”

Unfortunately for the “politician” with his evasive responses and his denials of co-operation with “Massera” and his kind, the “disappeared” souls of Argentina know the truth of his inactions and/or his collaborations with the military “Devils” of Buenos Aires.

On February 28, 1998, the Bishop “politician” succeeded to “Archbishop of Buenos Aires” with the death of Cardinal Antonio Quarracino (1923-1998).

On February 21, 2001, the Archbishop “politician” was created as “Cardinal” by Pope John Paul II (1978-2005), his longtime mentor, with the title of “Cardinal-priest of San Roberto Bellarmino.”

On March 13, 2013, as pope-elect, the Cardinal “politician” chose the name of “Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone” (1181/1182-1226) in order to emphasize the needs and the required foci upon the global poor and the global middle classes (as well as to do “penance” for his past sins of “passive” collaboration with the “repressive” governments in Argentina and in other parts of South America).

(The Roman Catholic Church is the wealthiest, private institution in the world. Through privileged treatment and “above-the-law” activities throughout the world for over 2 thousand years, the Church has amassed a net-worth well into the trillions of USDS. That the rightest Church takes a position of supporting the poor without direct contributions from it, is an incredible contradiction of the teachings of “Jesus Christ” and the “New Testament.” In truth, the Church is simply a royal “oligarchy” in the business of religion: and, “It is part of the problem of the poor, and it has chosen not be one of the solutions to it” as long as it keeps amassing wealth without using it to help the poor more directly).

Imagine: the “oligarchic” Bergoglio is taking the name of the great “Francis of Assisi”, a champion of the “helpless and disfranchised” and who actually lived the life of the poor.

Briefly, St. Francis of Assisi was an “Italian Catholic friar and preacher.”

Although the great “Francis” was never ordained to the Catholic priesthood, he founded the male Franciscan order, the female “Order of St. Clare, and the male and female “Third Order of Saint Francis.”

“Francis” was the son Pietro di Bernardone. While going off to war in 1204, at the age of 21, he had a vision which changed his worldly life. This experience moved him to live in poverty so that he could embrace the true teachings of “Jesus Christ.” His “order” and its followers were sanctioned by the great Innocent III (i.e. Lotario dei Conti di Segni) in 1210.

(It should be noted that Innocent III [1198-1216] was one of the most powerful and influential popes in the history of the Church: he had considerable influence over the “European Christian Kings” of which he claimed divine supremacy.)

In the context of a growing and a thriving “order”, “Francis” withdrew, increasingly, from the administrative affairs of the “Franciscan” community. In 1223, “Francis” arranged for the first Christmas manger scene in order to symbolize and to emphasize the “humility” and the future “lack of worldly pursuits” of Christ. In 1224, he received the “stigmata” (i.e. the wounds of Christ’s Passion and death).

On October 3, 1226, at the age of 44, he died while listening to a reading of Psalm 140 of the Book of Psalms: it describes putting one’s trust in God while threated with evil. “Francis” believed in “standing up” to evil no matter what its source, no matter what its worldly justification, and no matter what its personal cost.

Thus, “Francis” was an example of “humility”, of “courage”, and of “love” to the Christian world of Innocent the III and beyond. On July, 16, 1228, he was pronounced a saint by the Church: he is the patron saint of “animals”, of the “environment”, and of the “helpless and disfranchised” throughout the world.

Imagine: this “oligarch” taking the name of a person who would not have remained silent (and safe) during the “Dirty War” of cowardly “dictators” and of cowardly “religious leadership” of the Argentine Roman Catholic Church.

And, the “disappeared” souls of Argentina know that the “politician” with his false sense of “humility”, with his “lack of courage”, and with his “homophobic” fears could not even be a “Pope Innocent III,” let alone an “Ignatius of Loyola” or a “Francis of Assisi: on this date (3/19/2015), the “politician” has been “installed” as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is a sad day for the “disappeared” souls of the Argentine “Dirty War” and the people who love them.

It will be even a sadder day for the members of the Roman Catholic Church who refuse to remember the “disappeared” souls of the great nation of Argentina and the fallen of the “Falkland Islands.

To hell with the “oligarchs” (the Argentine few and the Italian few, the P2, and the Roman Catholic Church) and their “familiars” (the “Roman Curia”, the Vatican Bank [i.e. the “Banco Ambrosiano”], the “Devils” of Argentina: Gelli, Massera, Videla, Agosti, and Bignone, the “Dirty War”, Bergoglio, the “Falkland War”, the South American regimes to the extreme right and to the extreme left, the European Christian “Kingdoms”, Segni, Mussolini, Chavez, and all those who stand by as the “helpless and disenfranchised” are “abused and discarded”, in the name of their “Nation” and/or in the name of their “God”),


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