Jonathan Benjamin Tennenbaum

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Curriculum Vitae
Jonathan Benjamin Tennenbaum
Residence: Essener Str. 14, 10555 Berlin, Germany
Present employment: Scientific consultant to the company Quantix - Société de Recherche et Développement en Technique Vibratoire, 86, Rue de Wattignies, 75012 Paris, France.
Born 4. December 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1965-1972: studies of mathematics and physics at the University of Rochester, Cornell University and the University of California at San Diego.
1973: Doctorate (Ph.D) in mathematics from the University of California at San Diego.
1973-1974: Lecturer in Mathematics, Odense University, Denmark.
1974: Postdoctoral fellow, Cambridge University, England.
1975-1979: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
1980 to 2006: Director, Fusion Energy Foundations (FEF) in Europe, a small scientific organization dealing with advanced science and technology, the history and methodology of science, economics, infrastructure and the application of modern technology to economic development. Author of many articles and frequent speaker on these topics at conferences and symposia around the world. Beginning 1992 frequent visits to Russian and China.
1980: Co-participant in project of American Mathematical Society for research into the unpublished materials (Nachlaß) of Bernhard Riemann.
1981-1987: Editor-in-Chief of German-language science magazine "FUSION", covering advanced science and technology, including fission and fusion energy, laser technology, transport and energy, space exploration, biophysics, astronomy and the history of science.
1984 to present: Major interest in biophysics, particularly biophotonics. Organizer of a series of scientific seminars on biophysics in Germany and USA. Invited speaker to international symposium on “Biophysical Methods in Medical Research and Biotechnology” sponsored by Montedison Corporation in Milan, Italy June 1987. Since 1996 frequent contact with the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) in Neuss, Germany. Invited presentation On the Riemannian Space-Time of Living Processes to the annual conference of the (IIB) in September 2000.
2004. Co-organizer of international conference on “Science and the Future: Ideas, to Change the World” together with the Vernadsky State Geological Museum, Moscow, April 14-16, 2004.
2005 to present: full-time research collaboration with the French-Russian physicist Danil Doubochinski (Paris) on the scientific and technological applications of a new principle in the field of nonlinearly-coupled oscillating systems.

2006 to present: scientific consultant to Paris-based scientific research company QUANTIX.

2007 Author of a study on the future of nuclear science and technology entitled “The Isotope Economy”, published in several languages. An important topic included is the role of isotopes in living processes.
2007-2008 Participation in series of seminars organized by the Institute for Innovative Strategies in Public Education in Moscow. Consultant to a program for involving youth in scientific research and development of high-technology industries. Consultant to the Russian educational web-page “Epistemoteka”.


"Kernenergie -- die weibliche Technik" (German), a book on the scientific history of radioactivity and nuclear energy, based on the contribution of women scientists, (1994).

Energia Nuclear – Uma Tecnologia Feminina”, Capax Dei, Rio de Janeiro (2000).
A Economica dos Isotopos”, Capax Dei, Rio de Janeiro (2007)

Recent conference presentations

The Macroscopic Quantum Effect in nonlinear oscillating systems: a possible bridge between classical and quantum physics, Symposium on Atomic Structure – New Ideas and Perspectives, Moscow, Russia, January 15, 2007.
On the fundamental properties of coupled oscillating systems, First Russian Workshop on the Nuclear Science of Condensed Matter, Dubna, Russia, May 20, 2007
The fundamental role of phase-coupling and phase-modulation in living processes: Theory and demonstration of an electromechanical model for the quantum behavior of biological systems, Summer School of International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany, August 16, 2007.
Demonstration of a new type of interaction between oscillating systems, Second International Workshop "Atomic structure: new ideas and perspectives", Moscow, Russia, September 24-25, 2007
The Isotope Economy, keynote presentation at the INAC 2007 conference on “Nuclear Energy and the Energetic Challenges of the 21st Century”, Santos, Brazil, October 3, 2007.
A new conception of interaction of physical systems - implications for biology and medicine, Summer School of International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss, Germany, August 18, 2008
Recent scientific articles:
Amplitude Quantization as an Elementary Property of Macroscopic Vibrating Systems, 21st CENTURY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - USA Winter 2005 – 2006.
The Macroscopic Quantum Effect in Nonlinear Oscillating Systems: a Possible Bridge between Classical and Quantum Physics (together with D.B. Doubochinski) [] November 2007.
On the Fundamental Properties of Coupled Oscillating Systems (together with D.B. Doubochinski) [], December 2007.
The Isotope Economy (in Russian) “Khimia i Zhizn” (Chemistry and Life), Moscow, January 2008.
On the General Nature of Physical Objects (together with D.B. Doubochinski) [], August 2008.
Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Danish, Chinese (Mandarin), some Spanish.
Amateur musician and composer.
Contact information:
Tel: +49 30 39408043

Mobile: + 49 1714010278


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