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Johns Hopkins B boni

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1. Answer these questions about Le Morte D'Arthur FTP each.

a. FTP name any two of the four last surviving knights of the round table.

A: Sir Bors, Sir Ector, Sir Blamore, Sir Bleoberis

b. Within 10, what is the most number of knights of the round table that were present at one time?

A: 140 (Accept 130-150)

c. Who was the first king of England after Arthur?

A: Constantine
2. 30,20,10 identify the play

30: One of the main plot devices in the play was based on the mistaken belief that syphillis could be genetically inherited.

20: The characters in the play are Hlen, Oswald, Jacob, Regina, and the Pastor

10: Some consider it Henrik Ibsen's finest play.

A: Ghosts
3. Identify these poetic terms FTP each.

a. A normal speech pause that occurs within a line.

A: caesura

b. Lines that end without a speech pause, similar to run-on sentences.

A: enjambed or enjambment

c. A line that ends with a normal speech pause

A: end-stopped
4. Answer these questions about world championship chess FTP each.

a. Who was the only man in the 20th century to die while world champion?

A: Alexander Alekhine

b. Who was the youngest man to ever win the world championship?

A: Gary Kasparov

c. Who is the current women's world champion?

A: Xie Jun
5. That fine actress Alicia Silverstone has appeared in five movies. FFP each and a five point bonus for all correct name them.

A: Clueless, The Crush, Hideaway, Le Nouveau Monde, True Crimes

6. (30) Many long time players of the popular game Magic: The Gathering are no doubt furious about the decision to reprint many limited edition cards, some of which were worth alot of money. For five points each, name the six expansion sets that have been part of Magic.

A: Antiquities, Arabian Nights, Ice Age, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires

7. (30) Before 1979, classical physics held that there were four fundamental forces of nature. For five points each, name them.

A: Electromagnetic, gravity, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear

However, in 1979, Weinberg showed that 2 of these forces are just different aspects of another force. For ten points, what is the combination force called?

A: Electroweak

8. (25) Let's test your knowledge of amino acids. For five points, name the amino acid that starts every chain of peptides.

A: Methionine

For five points, name the amino acid that provides the disulfide linkages which help stabilize proteins.

A: Cysteine

For five points, name the simplest amino acid.

A: Glycine

For ten points, name the two acidic amino acids.

A: Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid

10. Name this book: 30/20/10

30: In a Library of Congress survey, this book was found to the 2nd most influential book written.

20: It immortalized the question "Who is John Galt?"

10: Written by Ayn Rand, it was her second great work after The Fountainhead

A: Atlas Shrugged
11. (25) On October 31, 1995, the people of Quebec held a referendum to decide the future of the province as part of Canada. For five points each, name the two leaders of the separatist side.

A: Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau

For 15 points, name the premier of Quebec during the failed 1980 referendum.

A: Rene Levesque

12: (30) For ten points each, name the three airports that serve Paris, France.

A: Orly, Charles de Gaulle, Le Bourget

13. (25) For five points each, give the FULL first name of the five hobbits who journey to Rivendell in Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings..

A: Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise, Peregrin, Meriadoc

14. (20) FTP each, name the number of new expansion teams in each of the following leagues since 1990.

a. National Hockey League A: 5

b. National Basketball Association A: 2

c. National Football League A: 2

15. Name the Author (30, 20, 10)

30--In his 20's he began selling his first stories to little known science fiction and detective magazines as well as well known ones like Collier's, Saturday Evening Post and The New Yorker.

20--In 1947 he published his first book of Stories " Dark Carnival"

10--His works include "The Illustrated Man" and "The Martian Chronicles"

A: Ray Bradbury
16. Name the Ruler (30, 20, 10)

30--He destroyed the remnants of Mongol power and added the entire basin of the Volga River to his domains.

20--He reigned longer than any other Czar and is known for convening the first national assembly representing a cross section of the Russian people.

10--He was known as Ivan the Terrible and Ivan the Dread and is known to have killed his son and heir in a fit of anger with a fatal blow of his sceptor.

A: Ivan IV (fourth) (accept Ivan the Terrible on 30 or 20 point clues)
17. The appartion of these faces in the crowd of petals on a wet, black bough. This poem, entitled "In the Station of the Metro" is perhaps one of the shortest works of this poet whose other works include "The River Merchant's Wife: A letter", "Personae", "Exultations", and "The Spirit of Romance", For Twenty points name him.

A: Ezra Pound

18. Answer this series of unrelated questions for 10pts each.

a) Name the future hairdresser who took up arms for Israel in 1948

A: Vidal Sassoon

b) Name the drummer-superstar who dropped out of school in 1954 for a short-lived career in Engineering.

A: Ringo Starr
19. For 15pts Who is P.L. Travers' most famous literary creation?

A: Mary Poppins

She played Mary Poppins, but all of her roles weren't so wholesome, as her role in the movie S.O.B. called for her to go bare-chested, FTP name her.

A: Julie Andrews

20. For a total of 30pts answer these two questions.

a. What World War II leader's body was hung upside down in public in 1943?

A: Benito Mussolini

b. Who followed Mussolini to power in 1943?

A: Marshal Badoglio
21. 30,20,10 name the actor.

30: In the recent movie "12 monkeys" he played one of Bruce Willis psychiatrists, Dr. Fletcher.

20: He came to fame as the celebrity mimic of 1000 faces.

10: He is now known mainly as the Riddler in the Batman TV series

A: Frank Gorshin
22. Two balls are randomly drawn from a bowl containing six white and 5 black balls. For twenty-five points what is the probability that one of the drawn balls is white and the other is black?

A: 6/11

23. Answer these questions from Animal Behavior FTP each.

a. What is movement in response to light called? A: phototaxis

b. What is movement toward or away from the earth called? A: geotaxis

c. What is movement in response to the tides? A: reotaxis

24. Answer these questions about women loved by the God Apollo FTP each?

a. Apollo loved her and gave her the gift of prophecy but later insured that her prophecies would not be believed.

A: Cassandra

b. Apollo loved this nymph but she was turned into a laurel tree to escape her.

A: Daphne

c. With this muse, Apollo fathered Orpheus.

A: Calliope
25. 30,20,10 Identify this biblical man

30: He had an helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass.

20: He was born in Gath and his name is similar to those found in Anatolia

10: His height was six cubits and a span

A: Goliath
26. There are five single sex public colleges in this country. FFP each and a five point bonus for all correct, name them.

A: Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel, Texas Women's University,

Mississippi College for Women, Douglass College
27. Given a hormone identify the organ that produces it FTP each.

1. melatonin: A: pineal gland

2. somatostatin A: pancreas

3. Atrial naiuretic hormone A: heart

28. Identify these congressmen FTP each

a. House Majority Leader A: Dick Armey

b. Senate Minority Leader A: Dick Gephardt

c. House Minority Whip A: David Bonior

29. Identify these psychological syndromes for fifteen points each

a. The identification of a prisoner or kidnap victim with his captors.

A: Stockholm Syndrome

b. The belief after a visit to a holy land that one is a biblical figure.

A: Jerusalem Syndrome
30. Which mythological people are these quotes about for fifteen points each

a. Incidit in Scyllam, cupiens vitare charybdim

A: Odysseus or Ulysses

b. Monstrum horrendum, informe, ingens cui lumena emptum

A: Polyphemus

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