John Quincy Adams 1825-1829

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John Quincy Adams 1825-1829

  1. Background Information

    1. Born July 11, 1767

    2. Son of second president John Adams

    3. Political Parties included: Federalist, Democratic-Republican, National Republican, Anti-Masonic, and Whig.

    4. Was the secretary of state before he became president.

    5. Was the first president that was elected that didn’t win the popular vote.

  1. Foreign Issues

    1. Made treaties with Denmark, Mexico, The Hanseatic League, The Scandinavian countries, Prussia, and Austria.

    2. Did little because his enemies in congress didn’t help him.

    3. Most of the foreign policy issues he would face as a president were resolved when he was the secretary of state ex the Monroe doctrine.

  1. Domestic Issues

    1. In his first address to congress he stated his national plan for restoration and creation of roads, canals, a national university, a national bank, and an observatory.

    2. In 1826 supporters of Jackson were elected to congress and it was the first time in American history that the majority of congress was the opposite party of the president.

    3. Extended the Cumberland road into Ohio, helped restore the Chesapeake bay canal, and helped the construction of the Portland-Louisville canal, and headed the project that connected the great lakes.

    4. The tariff of Abominations, created by congress, made prices of imported goods rise which would have supported locally manufactured goods from the north, but hurt the businesses of the south because they could cheaply aquire manufactured goods from Great Britian.

  1. Conclusion

    1. He stated that his presidency was a failure.

    2. Served one term and lost 1829 election to Andrew Jackson.

    3. Died February 23 1848.

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