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Washington leads a new nation

1a. What role did the Electoral College play in George Washington’s election to the presidency?

- They represent peoples vote in choosing the president, for example for each 100 people they will represent one member … so 100 = 1.

1b. What were some of Martha Washington’s duties of first lady?

  • She entertained guests and attended social events with her husband.

2a. What precedent did president Washington and Congress establish regarding the executive branch?

  • They established departments in the executive branch for different areas in the national policy. The president elected a department head that would advise the president in their respective area of national policy.

2b. What was the purpose of the judiciary act of 1789?

  • To set up the federal courts location, congress passed the judiciary act of 1789. Was to create three levels of federal courts and defined their power & relationship to the state courts.

2c. What do you think was the most important element of the judiciary act of 1789? Why?


3a. What city served as the first capital of the United States? Why?

- New York was the first capital of the united states, it represented the spirit of the new nation. Only New York and Philidelphia had populations larger than 25,000.

3b. What expectations did most Americans have for the new nation?

- Most americans had high expetations for the new country, they wanted improved trade, free from too many restrictions. But they also expected the government to protect them and to keep the exonomy stable.

3c. Do you think New York City should still be the capital city of the United States? Explain your answer.

- Yes, this is because New york city because it has important global locations for international affairs; housing the United Nations headquarters. It could also be said that New York symbolizes America.

Hamilton and Finance
1a. What economic problems did the new government face?

- Hamilton’s biggest challenge was paying off the national debt – money owned by the united states – from the Revolutionary war.

1b. What compromise did Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison reach regarding repayment of state debts?


2a. What disagreement did Jefferson and Hamilton have over the central government?

- Hamilton believed that a strong central government was essential, where as Jefferson believed that the people had the right to rule the country.

2b. Hamilton was a New Yorker, while Jefferson was from Virginia. How do you think that affected their views on the economy?

- Hamilton wanted to pay the foreign debt immediately and gradually repay the total value of all bonds. The second part of his plan caused disagreements because paying full value would allow speculators to make a profit. Hamilton thought this was fair. Thomas Jefferson disagreed. He thought the idea-cheated bondholders who had sold their bonds at low prices.

2c. Do you agree with Hamilton or Jefferson regarding the average citizen’s ability to make decisions for the country? Explain your answer.

- I agree with Jefferson, because it is true that citizens took no interest in public affairs; people probably wanted to know what is going on, if they do not work along they wouldn’t be able to work together in unity.

3a. Why did Jefferson oppose the creation of the Bank of the United States?

- Both Jefferson and Madison believed that Hamilton’s plans for the economy gave too much power to create a bank.

3b. What is the difference between loose construction and strict construction of the Constitution?

- Loose construction means that the federal government can take reasonable actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid. People who favor the strict construction think that the government

3c. Defend Alexander Hamilton’s stance in favor of the creation of a national bank.

- The government should be able to safely deposit their money in the bank, and that is what Hamilton’s plan is, the bank would also make loans to the government and businesses. Also, there should be a place to make coins, we should follow Hamilton’s plan because I think it is what they need.

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