Jews (as defined by the Nazis in 1935)

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Terms/Names for the Holocaust
Jews (as defined by the Nazis in 1935): anyone with three Jewish grandparents; anyone with two Jewish grandparents who was a member of a synagogue in 1935
Victims of the Holocaust: Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Homosexuals, Criminals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Emigrants, Asocials, political opponents
Einsatzgruppen: SS troops that followed the military troops in the invasion of the Soviet Union. The Einsatzgruppen assignment was to round up the Jews and other undesirables and executed them.
Wannsee Conference: Meeting in 1/42 in Wannsee, a Berlin suburb, at which Nazi bureaucrats planned the Final Solution.
Final Solution: Nazi name for the state sponsored, systematic killing of Jews and other undesirables
Reinhard Heydrich: Head of the Security of Forces of the S.S.; chaired the Wannsee Conference
Danes and the Jews: The Danes saved most of the Jews of Denmark; the only concerted national effort to save the Jews of Europe
Theresienstadt: Model concentration camp; Hitler cleaned up this camp in Czechoslovakia for a Red Cross visit. He fooled the Red Cross, probably because they wanted to be fooled.

Mar. 20: First concentration camp opened at Dachau.

April 26: Gestapo is formed


Oct.-Nov. First major arrest of homosexuals throughout Germany


Apr.: Jehovah Witnesses banned from civil service jobs; many arrested throughout Germany.


Jul. 12: First arrest of German Gypsies; sent to Dachau.


Jul 16: Establishment of Buchenwald concentration camp.


July 6-15: Thirty-two countries at Evian Conference discuss refugee policies; most countries refuse to let in more Jewish refugees.

Oct. 28: First deportation of Polish Jews

Dec. 2-3: Gypsies in Germany required to register with police.


May 15: Ravensbruck concentration camp for women established.

Jun: Jewish refugees aboard the S.S. St. Louis denied entry to the United States and Cuba; forced to return to Europe.

Sep. 2: Stutthof concentration camp established in Poland.

Sep. 21: Reinhard Heydrich (SS) ordered establishment of Jewish Councils and concentration of Polish Jews.

Oct: Hitler authorized "euthanasia program" in Germany. Doctors to kill institutionalized mentally and physically disabled.

Oct. 8: First Polish ghetto established.


Feb. 8: Establishment of Lodz Ghetto

Apr. 27: Heinrich Himmler(SS) ordered establishment of Auschwitz concentration camp; first prisoners, mostly Poles, arrived in early June.

Apr. 30: Lodz Ghetto sealed.

Oct. 3: Anti-Jewish laws passed by Vichy France.

Oct. 12: Establishment of Warsaw Ghetto


Mar. 1: Himmler orders construction of camp at Birkenau (Auschwitz II)

Mar. 3-20: Krakow Ghetto established and sealed.

Jun. 23: Einsatzgruppen began their mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, and Communist leaders in USSR.

Jul. 21: Herman Goering gave Heydrich the authority to prepare a "total solution" to the "Jewish question" in Europe.

Sep. 1: "Euthanasia program" in Germany ended; between 70,000 and 93,000 people had been murdered in Germany during the course of this program.

Sep. 3: The first experimental gassing of Soviet prisoners at Auschwitz.

Sep. 29-30: At Babi Yar, 33,771 Kiev Jews murdered.

Oct. - Nov: First deportation of German and Austrian Jews to ghettos in Eastern Europe.

Oct.: Construction of Majdanek-Lublin concentration camp

Nov. 1: Construction of Belzec extermination camp began.

Nov. 24: Theresienstadt concentration camp established.

Dec. 8: Gassing operations began at Chelmo extermination camp.


Jan. 20: Wannsee Conference held in suburb of Berlin. "Final Solution" coordinated and planned.

Feb. 8: First Jews from Greece sent to Auschwitz.

Mar. 28: First Jews from France sent to Auschwitz

Apr. 29: Dutch Jews ordered to wear yellow badge.

May 27: Belgium Jews ordered to wear yellow badge.

Jun. 7: Jews in occupied France ordered to wear yellow badge.

Jul.22: Treblinka extermination camp completed; by August 1943, 870,000 Jews murdered at Treblinka.

Jul. 28: Jewish fighting organization set up in Warsaw Ghetto.

Nov. 24: Knowledge of extermination of Jews of Europe publicly announced in U.S. by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise.


Jan. 18-22: First Warsaw Ghetto uprising broke out.

Apr. 19 -

May16 Warsaw Ghetto uprising; Jews resist Nazis' effort to deport them to death camps.

Jul. 21: Himmler orders the liquidation of all ghettos in Poland and USSR.

Oct. 2: Nazis attempt to round-up of Danish Jews; Danish people use boats to smuggle Danish Jews (7200) to neutral Sweden.


Apr. 7: Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba escape from Auschwitz with detailed information about the extermination of the Jews; their report, form Slovakia reaches the free world in June.

Jul. 24: Soviet army liberates Majdanek extermination camp.

Oct. 7: Prisoners blow up one of the gas chambers at Auschwitz


Jan. 17: Nazis evacuated Auschwitz; "death marches" toward Germany

Jan. 27: Soviet army liberated Auschwitz

Apr. 11: U.S. army liberated Buchenwald

Apr. 15: British army liberated Bergen-Belsen

Apr. 29: U.S. army liberated Dachau

May 3: Nazis hand over Theresienstadt to the International Red Cross

May 5: U.S. army liberated Mauthausen

Nov. 20: First major Nuremberg War Crimes Trials began

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