Jeb stuart Crew Booster Meeting February 6, 2013

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JEB Stuart Crew Booster Meeting

February 6, 2013

Meeting began at 7: 40 pm. In the Stuart HS library
Attending: Robert and Marilyn Finley, Matthew and Dorothy Slocum, Robert Feldman, Marty Rubenstein, Barbara Villamar, Eymy Telleria, Kevin Scott, Caroline Fawaz, Christine Hegemann and former Crew Booster President Keith Venzke.
US Rowing Waiver. Form passed out . Bob Finley will send out e-mail with link to USRowing website.
Recruiting: Expecting to have about 45 rowers. Dorothy Slocum reported that she has completed forms from over 20 some rowers. Need registrations completed before students go on water on 19 February.
Season Practice: Started this week. At least 30 students attended practice. Swim tests for novices will be held on Friday (8 February) at 245. Car pools will be arranged. 2 novice parents have volunteered to drive. Bob will pay for lanes at the pool in advance.
Scholarships: Chris Hegemann reported that 7 students who applied for scholarships in the fall have obtained funding through a combination of scholarships from the Occoquan Boat Club (OBC) and Boosters dedicated scholarship donations. The group voted to fund 2 additional requests that have come in making a total of 9 rowers. OBC funding equaled $1850 and Boosters support totaled $3250. All students receiving support and their parents acknowledged the commitment both to team practices and crew fundraising activities.
Transportation. Matt Slocum has provided the paperwork outlining the scope of service to the bus company. We will contract with the same company we used last couple of years given it’s been dependable. The bus will be used to drive rowers down to practice at Sandy Run.

--Letter campaign: Sent out 450 letters last year. Bob Finley will get out spreadsheets and put together materials needed. Would like help stuffing envelopes and suggested getting together sometime in March –no date set. He also mentioned that there may be some old 12 foot oars that could be sold/given away as part of fundraising drive.


--Public House No 7. Is set for Feb 26 or 28th .Matt will confirm date.

--Bob Feldman will look into Red Robin; Chipotle;

--Eymy Telleria will look into District Taco in Arlington

--Sees Candies. Shari Ritter has already gotten information and everyone is in favor of a spring sale.
--Earth Day, April 21 Lake Barcroft . Boosters can sell hamburgers/hot dogs. Went very well last year.
--Car Washes. Kevin Scott passed out a list of tentative dates for 7 car washes. (4/14, 5/19, 6/8, 7/13, 8/17,9/16, and 10/5). The group concurred with these dates and he will ensure availability at SHRA and the Church in Fairlington.
Virginia High School League- a private non-profit organization has made the decision to no longer support rowing, gymnastics and rifle clubs beginning in August 2013. This will change how certain activities are covered for insurance. It will not make major issue for Stuart given we don’t get funding through it and VASRA will pick up insurance coverage. Folks wondered whether it would have any impact on rowers being awarded varsity letters—though no one knew for sure.
Sibling Discount: It was agreed to give siblings a $100 discount as we done last year.
Barcroft Preparation. Bob Finley has almost completed rebuild of floating dock and plans to get it in the water 2/10; fence needs to get up. Will bring up boats on 2/16th from Sandy Run. 5 boats (2 fours/2 quads/eight) and launch/motor.
Erg Storage. School will only allow 6 Ergs in Dance studio. We usually have 12-14 for practice. Activities Dept. has suggested a storage facility somewhere outside near Doors #9/#10. Discussion considered a trailer that could be parked in a similar location but would be more versatile for other uses as well. An enclosed Trailer would cost about $2600 new. Yolanda happens to have one that we may be able to use temporarily. Other possible storage places were discussed.
Jobs for Races. Stuart Boosters have been assigned 25 volunteer jobs at Sandy Run, including land set up, concession stands workers and launch drivers (at least 9 different times). Shari Ritter will organize volunteer sign-up. There was an offer to help train parents to drive launches – though the consensus was that only experienced boat drivers should take slots involving referee boats.
Uniforms: forms need to get turned in Next Friday (2/15). Novice rowers will receive a complete uniform as part of their fee. Any extras, replacements are at rower’s expense. Marilyn showed a selection of Hats for Booster parents—the thought was to have something to easily spot other Boosters in the grandstand and make it easier for new parents to find and be part of the group on racedays.
Spaghetti Dinner. The traditional Crew Family Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Friday 22 March at the Moose Lodge. This is a time for all rowers and their families to get together to launch the new season. More information on what to bring and timing will follow.
Cox Clinic at South County. February 16 from 9-1. US Olympic Team member to speak.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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