Jarron Ah-Fua Sophomore English

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Jarron Ah-Fua

Sophomore English

September 29, 2011

Injury Narrative

On August 25th, 2011, my life was in danger for not protecting myself at all times. At approximately three-thirty p.m., at the east side of Hillcrest High school, we were warming up in our blue, gold, and white uniforms. Standing on the opposite side of the football field are the Hillcrest Huskies. That day was the perfect day to play football. The sun was high, the sky was blue, and the wind wasn’t present.

Standing on the thirty yard line, waiting for the ball to be kicked, the crowd is going wild. Football players jumping around like a bunch of little kids that just got off of recess to keep their legs warm and loose. As the referee blows his whistle, we shoot down the field to make a mean tackle. As the ball carrier is brought down, the referee blows his whistle so we can get ready for the next play. It was time for defense and the game has started. Later, after hearing the buzzer for the end of first quarter, it was a tragedy for both teams. We both couldn’t score in the first quarter, so we had to use a different game plan. We had to play smart.

Hillcrest saw a weakness in our defense in the second quarter so they decided to put in a fast quarterback. The quarterback kept getting yards. He seemed unstoppable. My coach made and adjustment in our defense so the quarter back would be stopped on the run. After making that adjustment, the quarterback tried running again, and the person that was supposed to go and get him was me. Every time the quarterback would run, I would sell out and throw my body into him to make the tackle. The quarterback always got up slowly. I had to hit him so hard, so he can think twice about running it again.

On one run, our defense broke down. I was reading my guard so I can make a big play. As our defense broke down, their quarterback saw an opening right where one of my teammates should’ve been. My teammate was trying his hardest to get to the quarterback so he decided to do his own thing because he saw that the coach’s way wasn’t working. The other teams coach had seen that there was an opening in our defense, so he set up a play that would work just right. He made quarterback run to the left and turn on the jets. I was right about to hit the quarterback when, WHAM! I was hit out of nowhere.

I couldn’t see this kid that hit coming so it was worse than what it was supposed to be. After falling to the ground, I tried getting up right away. I couldn’t breathe because the kid hit his head right into my stomach. I kept trying to breath, but it just wouldn’t help. I lie down and take my helmet off. Lying on my back, I looked to my right as my team came running yelling, “JARRON! JARRON!” I looked up into the sky and then blacked out. It felt as if I was falling asleep. Well, as I was knocked out, all I could see were a bunch of colors. I heard loud, but soft music in my head.

After minutes of being knocked out, I felt a hand squeezing mine and I could hear someone calling my name. I opened my eyes and saw three guys that I didn’t know. Going through my head was, “Where is my coach.” Then, I look off to the right and my coach is approaching me. The guys that were with me at that time were trainers. They knew what they were doing so I responded to them when they would as questions. The trainer asked, “What is your name?”

Exhaling weirdly, I answered, “Jarron!”

“Ok Jarron. How many fingers am I holding up?”


“Ok good, Jarron.”

“What is today?”


“Where are you at?”

In a disrespectable way, I said, “I am at a football game.”

“I think he’ll be ok.” The trainer said as he turned looking at my coaches. They carry me off of the field and the trainer came to the sideline to test me on my balance and my strength. I had a bad chest feeling as if someone was standing on my chest. The trainer gave me papers to fill out and then he went off to help that kid that hit me. The kid that hit me got a concussion. I turned to the stands looking for my family and my brother came down to take the papers. My rugby coach was in the stands. He came down to me and giggled saying, “This isn’t rugby, so keep your head on the swivel next time.”

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