It’s a Matter of Pride

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South Kitsap School District No. 402 Principal Jerry Holsten

2013-2014 A.P. Senior Literature Film Permission Slip
To the parent(s)/guardian(s) of _______________________________________:
In A.P. senior literature, students have the opportunity to read and discuss and analyze a wide variety of literature that has come to become known as the established Western Tradition Literary “Canon,” and the A.P. administrators, the College Board, use these authors and texts as the basis for the A.P. tests and curricula throughout the United States and beyond. This course is rigorous and we use a wide breadth of works to try and expose students to the canon in preparation for the test each year and to develop students’ reading and writing skills, and finally to send students off to college as well-rounded and as well-read as possible upon their exit from SKHS.
Because a great deal of analysis of the meaning of texts begins with dialogue, participation in class discussions constitutes a significant portion of class time and student work. Students develop deeper analytical skills when they become adept at asserting their own personal insights and then defending and exploring those insights with peers, just as other students benefit equally from challenging and exploring their peers’ insights. These class discussions take place as a whole class, as small groups, and online using the class discussion forum.
One major area of discussion students always enjoy exploring and an area of discussion which sheds alternative views and layers of complexity to discussions and students’ understanding of texts is the comparisons and contrasts students draw between texts and other texts, and between texts and media. These discussions range from music, to current events in the news, to films, to television, and articles and information students come across on the Internet. The ability to compare and contrast is regarded as one of the higher-level thinking and analytical skills all students need to be successful after high school and colleges today encourage students to be competent with media beyond book work.
For these reasons, each year students request opportunities to view film adaptations of texts we read and as well as films which explore related themes and concepts to the texts we use. However, we will not be using class time to view or discuss films (besides play adaptations). There is not enough time to use school time for such activities, and even more importantly students are better served studying the texts and analyzing them in preparation for the A.P. test according to the College Board curriculum.
However, students do have the opportunity to view any and all films they wish to see on their own outside of class individually or as groups of peers. But, students request the time and space to be able to set up their own A.P. movie nights using the school facilities with myself as a chaperone/discussion leader outside of school hours. I am happy to oblige each year as such activities are beneficial for the reasons listed above as well as general fun and a way to build camaraderie and relationships in what always tends to be a tight-knit class of high-minded and hard working students.
You are receiving this permission slip to authorize your student to:

  • Attend A.P. Literature movie nights on school grounds outside of school hours with myself, Mr. Alex Chertok, in attendance as chaperone

  • View one or more films which are not approved by South Kitsap High School or the South Kitsap School District

  • Your student will provide his/her own transportation to and from the event

  • Students must adhere to all SKHS rules or parents/guardians will be notified

Past films have included:

  • The Road

  • Apocalypse Now

  • Gandhi

  • Atonement

  • Never Let Me Go

  • Rushmore

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

  • The Life Aquatic

  • The Seventh Seal

  • Seven Samurai

  • The Tree of Life

  • The Kite Runner

  • Garden State

  • The Dark Knight

  • The Matrix

  • Equilibrium

  • Gattaca

  • 1984

  • Frankenstein

  • Jane Eyre

  • A Tale of Two Cities

  • Pride and Prejudice

This list is not exhaustive, but the point is to show a brief representation of the fact that some of these films are not school-approved and some are R-rated and include adult language, imagery, violence, and sexuality.

Many A.P. seniors are 18, but because students are using the school and because I am supervising the movie night, we use the permission slip approval process before any student is allowed to attend. This permission slip applies for the entire 2014-2015 school year. Because this is an optional and permission-required event, students do not receive credit or extra credit for attendance and participation.
Student signature: _____________________________________________________
Parent(s)/guardian(s) signature: __________________________________________
Thank you,

Alex Chertok, Senior A.P. Literature Instructor

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