Iowa Farm Fresh Lamb Producer Directory

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Iowa Farm Fresh Lamb Producer Directory

Lamb, fresh from the farm it was raised on, is a treat you won’t find in the grocery store. This directory

showcases Iowa producers, by county, who have a variety of products available for you. Call a local producer today and enjoy lamb produced by folks just down the road.
Adair County
Clark E. BreDahl 1911

290th St Greenfield, Iowa 50849


Product Available: Locker Lambs, Halves Natural, Antibiotic-free, Religious & Ethnic Preferences on a case-by-case basis.

Locker: Anita Meat Processing - Anita, Iowa
Adams County
Leland Shipley

1254 253rd Street Nodaway, Iowa 50857


Product Available: Locker Lambs, Ethnic customs recognized Locker: Corning Meat Processing - Corning

Bremer County
Crane Creek Enterprises

Stephanie Mitcham

3061 160th Street Sumner, IA

50674 563-578-5665

Live Dorper lambs available. Forage raised, antibiotic free

Oran Locker
Butler County
Paul W Miller

16881 Royal Avenue Clarksville, Iowa 50619


Product Available: Live Lambs, Processed Lambs, Lamb Halves Religious & Ethnic Preferences Accommodated Locker: Orly's Meat Locker - Clarksville

Calhoun County
Three Sisters Farm

Ortrude Dial

3505 Langley Ave Lake City, IA


Live lambs delivered to Story City Locker
Cedar County
Andrew Sauer

2120 Ocean Ave, Wilton, IA 52778


Locker: Tipton, quarters, halves, whole lamb

Carroll County
Curt Clancy

23434 Granite Avenue Halbur, Iowa 51444


Product Available: Live Lambs for Processing Lockers: Customer's choice of local lockers

Dallas County
Dalla Terra Ranch

6400 Westown Parkway  West Des Moines, IA 50266


Certified Organic & antibiotic free herd. Live Lambs & Lambs delivered to Atlantic Locker, consumer ready cuts.

Hedgeapple Farm

Scott & Lorraine Bailey

19344 365th St Earlham, IA 50072

515-834-9191 or 515-306-2463 (cell)

Product Available: Locker Lambs, Halves, Quarters Lockers: Kirkpatrick, Winterset  All natural, grass fed; no hormones.

Decatur County
F. Charles Persall

31131 South Smith Lamoni, IA 50140



Floyd County
D & N Sheep

Dan Schmitt

2333 Ocean Avenue Charles City, Iowa 50616


Product Available: Whole lambs, Halves Locker: Riceville

Franklin County
Boyd & Irene Dohrmann

1152 Indigo Ave Hampton, Iowa 50441


Product Available: Live Lambs, Processed Lambs, Halves & Quarters Locker: Latimer Locker – Latimer

Greene County
Steve Karber


Antibiotic free fresh frozen lamb Specialty Products: Lamb patties Locker: Mingo Locker - Mingo

Hardin County

Mark Hanson

3964 Ziegler Ave Radcliffe, IA 50230


Live lambs & delivered to Story City Locker

Howard County
Pat Riha

8557 Unity Ave Cresco, IA 52136


Live Dorper lambs available

Humboldt County
Maple Crest Farm

Gary M. Erickson

1896 220th St Humbolt, Iowa 50548


Product Available: Live Lambs Religious & Ethnic Preferences Accommodated Specialty Products: smoked product, jerky, antibiotic-free Locker: Thuis West River Meats - Humboldt

Jasper County
Randy & Barb Stewart

4009 Hwy F36 West Newton, Iowa 50208

641 521-7981

Lambs delivered to local locker: whole & half available

Ben & McKenzee Downing

12245 E 84th St S

Reasnor, IA 50232


Live lambs: delivery to Sully Community Locker: whole or halves

Johnson County
Nick Greiner

2822 Eagle Avenue NW Oxford, Iowa 52322


Product Available: Locker Lambs

Jones County
Justin Dix

24682 15th Street Lisbon, Iowa 52253


Product Available: Locker Lambs Lockers: J&D Locker - Mount Vernon, Ruzicka's - Solon

Lee County
Lamb Lane

Ron & Barbara Zumdome

1991 315th Ave Fort Madison, Iowa 52627


Live Lambs, Processed Lambs, Halves & Quarters Ethnic custom available Locker: Denmark Locker - Denmark

Linn County
Peeper Hollow Farm

Dee Heinrich



Bud’s Custom Meats, Riverside, IA
Lyon County
Wes & Esther Moser

2245 West Iowa 9 Lester, Iowa 51242


Product Available: Live lambs for processing, Specific Cuts Lockers: Lyon County Locker - Rock Rapids

Madison County
Smith Prairie View Farm

Jeremy Smith

1636 Quarry Trail, Winterset, IA 50273


Live lambs available, Natural & antibiotic free

Marion County
Les Vander Linden

1785 170th Ave Knoxville, IA 50138


Live lambs available.

Plymouth County
Mark & Lori Loutsch

39639 150th Street LeMars, Iowa 51031


Product Available: Live lambs for processing
Hawkins' Sheep Valley Ranch

Travis and Kaylene Hawkins

19082 K13  Akron, IA 51001


Product available: live lambs for processing, consumer-ready cuts Natural, Antibiotic-free

Locker: Hudson, SD; Ireton, IA

Polk County
Cory's Country Lamb

Tom & Mary Cory 10941 NE 56th St Elkhart, Iowa 50073


Product Available: Live Lambs, Processed Lambs, Halves, Specific Cuts Specialty Products: Jerky & Summer Sausage Lockers: Mingo Locker - Mingo, Midwest Pack - Nevada

Shelby County
West Cyclone Farm

Jerry Sorensen

1148 1100th Harlan, Iowa 51537

712-755-7250 or 712-647-2492

Natural, antibiotic & hormone free. Whole, halves & individual cut Specialty Products: Brats, Smoked Sausage, Semi-boneless Frenched Legs Lockers: Irwin

Iron Horse Farm, Inc

Tom Schechinger

816 Ironwood Ave Harlan, IA 51537



Story County
Doug Wirth

5923 Ontario St  Ames, IA 50014


Product Available: Locker Lambs, Halves Natural, Antibiotic-free 100% Grass or alfalfa finished lambs Lockers: Mingo Locker, Mingo, Iowa and Stanhope Locker, Stanhope, Iowa.

Winneshiek County
Crafts at Bluffton

Marianne Craft Norton

2572 Village Road, Decorah, Iowa 52101

563-735-5533 fax 563-735-5591

Product Available: Live lambs for processing Specialty Products: Naturally grown, Jacob lambs (smaller breed) Locker: Decorah Meat Processing

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