Intro to wwii notes World History 2/28/12 Treaty of Versailles

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Intro to WWII Notes

World History 2/28/12

Treaty of Versailles:

  • Not resolve anything and intensified conflict

  • made everyone want to punish Germany

  • USA not sign and Russia was not asked to be part of

  • Waving the bloody flag at Germans

Important Info about Treaty

1. War guilt

2. War Reparations- Germany has to pay for war, during war 8 to 10 million were killed (1%

were Americans) and 21 million were wounded, lost generation; negative mind

set; and cost $300 billion dollars - LOST MONEY, PEOPLE, and TIME

3. Demilitarize- Want Germany to get rid of army- army is Germany’s life

4. Polish Corridor- Poland gets seaport Danzig and access to Danzig by giving part of

Germany to Poland - it cuts Germany in half

5. Italy was not rewarded for fighting on side of allies. Italy does not like the treaty

6. Boundries- national tensions
*France, Great Britain and USA mad at Russia- creates east v. west
Brest Litovsk- peace treaty between Russia and Central Powers
League of Nations: set up to be a world court and help conflict around world

  • No Army- cannot enforce

  • No USA involvement

  • Does nothing to stop Japan, Italy, Germany - did not want to create more war


Great Depression
BEFORE the Depression: economic cycle

  • The US invests in Germany to make profits

  • Germany owes France and Great Britain

  • Great Britain and France owe US money from the war

  • US invests in Europe and invests dry up


  • plays on emotions and fears

  • Ultra-nationalistic- wanted to be alike

  • Romanticism

  • Anti Communist (big fear) /Democracy

  • Conformity- want everyone to conform to rules and regulations

  • Censorship and Propaganda- towards Nazi

  • Only 1 Political Party: Nazi and state is first

  • Most famous fascism leaders; Mussolini, Hitler, Franco

Mussolini (Italy)

Hitler (Germany)

  • Leader of Nazi

Franco (Spain)

  • Successful fascism leader

Germany Post War

Four Acts of Aggression prior to WWII:

1931- Japan invades Manchuria, League of Nations uses economic sanctions which don’t work
1935- Italy invades Ethiopia
1936- Spanish Civil War- foreshadows of WWII
1936- Hitler invades Rhineland

Rome-Berlin Axis

Mussolini and Hitler- team up


Communism (Russia)
1933- Hitler rearms, builds up military. He breaks the Treaty of Versailles - so Germany is out of the League of Nations
1938- Hitler annexes Austria, it becomes part of Germany
1938- Munich Conference- Great Britain, France, Germany, nothing happens GB & F- appeasement
1939- Hitler invades Czech- causes Great Britain and France to arm themselves
1939- Hitler invades Poland
Was known as Phony War
Blitzkrieg - lightening war
April 4, 1940- Denmark/Norway
April 10, 1940 - Netherlands/ Belgium/ Luxembourg- Magnate Line
June of 1940-Invades France
Battle of Dunkirk- major downfall for Germans
Battle of Britain- another major downfall for Germans
RAF- Royal Air Force, use radar - to be able to go after Germany planes
Luftwaffe- German air force
Vichy France- traitors- French working with Germans
Free France- located in Britain, still willing to fight against the Germans
Operation Barbarossa-
Scorched Earth Policy- Russians destroyed things and rebuilding to keep supplies
Battle of Stalingrad- turning point in WWII, failure for German army
Atomic Bombs:
May 8, 1945- V-E Day US of isolation
Sept 2, 1945= V-J Day
Comintern- world wide revolution- Russia will bring communists across the world
Facts from WWII: 22 million dead, 34 million wounded, 16 million civilian casualties

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