Intro: El Dorado Community Foundation 101 Virtual Instructor: Pam Hagen Community Resource Coordinator El Dorado Community Foundation

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Intro: El Dorado Community Foundation 101
Virtual Instructor: Pam Hagen

Community Resource Coordinator

El Dorado Community Foundation
Welcome to our virtual classroom. I hope you will enjoy these four upcoming sessions as I attempt to educate you on who the El Dorado Community Foundation is, who we are not, and the work we have been able to do in this community we all call home.
Let’s see if I can start at the beginning with the following important points.

El Dorado Community Foundation Defined:

A conduit of giving between people who care and people and programs that matter in your community and beyond.

Historical Creation:
Early in 1990, a handful of local citizens met to consider a common concern: What could be done to aid El Dorado County’s nonprofit agencies which provide assistance to the residents of El Dorado County? They agreed that because of declining government funding, these agencies’ ability to provide valuable public services was threatened.
It was their vision to establish an endowment foundation and to use the annual interest from the endowment to offer additional funding to nonprofit agencies, thus assuring their ability to provide continued support, refuge, counseling, sustenance and protection for the people of El Dorado County into perpetuity.
From these early beginnings, the Foundation has grown and now administers over 200 funds, continually building assets as we lead our community into the future. Community support and belief in the work of the Foundation has attracted concerned individuals, businesses, nonprofits and corporations who, together, have allowed the Foundation to grant over $4.5M back to the citizens of El Dorado County since 2001.
Mission Statement:

The El Dorado Community Foundation is dedicated to strengthening our community both now and for future generations.

The Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Encouraging private giving for the public good.

  • Building and maintaining a permanent endowment fund to respond to changing community needs.

  • Providing a flexible tax-exempt vehicle for donors with varied charitable interests and abilities to give.

  • Serving as a catalyst, convener and partner in shaping effective responses to community problems and opportunities.

Suggested Reading:
The 2012-13 Community Voices Community Report of the El Dorado Community Foundation available online after November 10th at . Hard copies are also available by visiting the Foundation Office at 312 Main Street, Suite 201, in Placerville.
Email me - or call Bill Roby, Executive Director of the Foundation at 530-622-5621.
Next Class Topic:

Philanthropy Basics!

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