International History Bee and Bowl 2014 Australian Division Set Bee Round Two – high school

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International History Bee and Bowl

2014 Australian Division Set

Bee Round Two – HIGH SCHOOL
1. One ruler of this kingdom employed the Potsdam Giants as his personal guard. This kingdom was formed after the formation of a personal union with the Margrave of Brandenburg. In one war, this kingdom’s most famous ruler violated the pragmatic sanction and invaded Silesia. That ruler was Frederick the Great. For the point, name this kingdom that united Germany and was known for its skilled army.
ANSWER: Prussia
2. Violin and Candlestick were painted by this art movement’s Georges Braque, who co-founded it with the painter of Massacre in Korea and Three Musicians. That painter depicted horrors inflicted on the title Basque town in the Spanish Civil War. For the point, name this artistic movement which featured the artist of Les Demoiselles D’Avignon (pr. lay dem-wah-sells dav-een-YON) and Guernica, Pablo Picasso.
ANSWER: Cubism
3. This region’s native saint is Saint David, and colonists from this region have notably settled Patagonia and Pennsylvania. This region is home to the greatest number of speakers of a Celtic language. A battleship named for a prince of this region was sunk by the Japanese in World War 2, and the current prince of this region is Prince Charles. For the point, name this region that together with Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England, makes up the United Kingdom.
4. This man led the Rectification Movement and the failed Autumn Harvest Uprising. One of his policies that called for liberal and open criticism of his government was the Hundred Flowers Campaign. He spearheaded an escape from Kuomintang persecution called the Long March and led his nation’s Cultural Revolution. His quotations are collected in the Little Red Book. For the point, name this communist revolutionary who founded the People’s Republic of China.
ANSWER: Chairman Mao Zedong [or Chairman MaoTse-tung]

5. This position was held during the Cuban Missile Crisis by U Thant of Burma. The only other Asian to hold this position is the man who currently holds it and is from South Korea. Other people to hold this position include Kurt Waldheim of Austria and Trygve Lie (pr. Lee) of Norway, who was the first to hold it. For the point, name this political position, which is the most powerful position within the United Nations.

ANSWER: UN Secretary-General
6. This predominantly Muslim country's leading political party is the Awami League and it was the site of the Bengali Language Movement. In 1971, this country declared independence, which resulted in a bloody war, as it split away from Pakistan. For ten points, name this South Asian country, vulnerable to cyclones, with a capital at Dhaka.
ANSWER: Bangladesh

7. This civilization included the rich city of Veii (pr. VAY-ee). Hiero of Syracuse and Aristodemus defended Cumae from this civilization. The Villanovan people preceded this civilization. By the year 500 B.C., this civilization had lost most of its power over a certain peninsula. For the point, identify this ancient Italian civilization that was gradually assimilated into Rome.

ANSWER: Etruscan civilization
8. Australia first took part in this event in 1974, and did again so in 2006 and 2010. The only time it was held in Asia was in 2002 when Japan and South Korea split hosting it and South Korea made the semifinals. Mario Goetze helped determine the most recent winner of this event, which saw Australia play the Netherlands. For the point, name this tournament which puts 32 nations together to determine the world champion of a sport.
9. In 2014, Mungo MacCallum released a new biography of this man, titled for his "mob." This man once resigned as party leader in an attempt to force the seating of his ally Brian Harradine. This member of the "duumvirate" was replaced by Malcolm Fraser following his dismissal by John Kerr over his failure to secure a budget. For the point, name this Australian Prime Minister at the center of the 1975 constitutional crisis.

ANSWER: Gough Whitlam

10. This nation’s last emperor, Pedro II, signed the Golden Law outlawing slavery in this nation. This country’s monarchs came from the House of Braganza. Dilma Rousseff is the current President of this country, and she followed Luiz “Lula” da Silva. For the point, name this large Portuguese-speaking country, which makes up roughly half of South America.
ANSWER: Brazil

11. This country abolished its monarchy in the wake of a mass shooting of its royal family in 2001 by the Crown Prince. It’s not China, but it has faced a recent Maoist insurgency from bases in the Himalayas. One environmental issue that has developed in this country deals with garbage that climbers are leaving on the slopes of Mount Everest. For the point, name this country between India and China with capital at Kathmandu.

12. This work coined the term “body politique”, and it refers to the Catholic Church as the “confederacy of deceivers.” This work attacks the Pope in its section “The Kingdom of Darkness”, and its cover depicts a king made up of his people’s faces, holding a sword and a torch. One part of this work discusses “war of all against all.” For the point name this work which proposes the social contract theory by Thomas Hobbes.
ANSWER: The Leviathan
13. This director helmed the failed 1990 attempt to popularize French comedian Gérard Depardieu in the English-speaking world, called Green Card. He directed Harrison Ford as a detective protecting an Amish child in Witness and Russell Crowe as popular literary character Captain Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander. For the point, name this Australian director of Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dead Poets Society, and The Truman Show.

ANSWER: Peter Weir

14. This country is home to a series of business conglomerates known as chaebol which came to dominate its economy in the 20th century. Electronics manufacturer LG is a business that has recently flourished here, though its northern neighbor is impoverished and economically dependent on Chinese support. For the point, name this Asian nation where Samsung and Hyundai have grown into world beating companies with headquarters in Seoul.
ANSWER: South Korea
15. This man put down a rebellion in Poitou in his youth while serving his father, and was married to Berengaria. This ruler built the fortress Chateau Gaillard and fought the siege of Acre and the battle of Arsuf against his nemesis, Saladin. For the point, name this English king who fought in the Third Crusade and was the first of three kings to have this name.

ANSWER: Richard I (accept Richard the Lionhearted)

16. This term, which originally described a trade route, was used to refer to a website that was shut down by American authorities in 2013 for its use in narcotics trafficking. The trade route this term refers to connected the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of China. For the point, name this fabled route across Central Asia that was named for a luxury fabric.
ANSWER: Silk Road
17. This country is home to the BAM railway which was built at great expense in the 1980’s. A different railway in this country was built in the 19th century and encountered construction difficulties near Lake Baikal. For the point, name this country which has recently built an expensive train station connecting the ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana to the city of Sochi, and which is also home to the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
ANSWER: Russia
18. This city learned in 2013, that like another finalist, Madrid, it had NOT been selected to host the 2020 Olympics. Rioting broke out here in 2013 after a plan to turn a city park into a building complex was announced. A recent tunnel here connects Europe and Asia and is open to public transit. For the point name this city on the Bosporus, formerly known as Constantinople.
ANSWER: Istanbul
19. One man with this surname defeated John Jay in a New York gubernatorial election. Another man with this last name was a driving force behind the construction of the Erie Canal. A more recent man with this surname dealt with the Whitewater scandal and was Governor of Arkansas before becoming US president from 1993-2001. For the point, give this surname of American politicians Hillary and Bill.
ANSWER: Clinton
20. This country was profiled in the book Black Hawk Down, about a 1990’s American military invention here that ended badly. This nation is home to the Islamic Courts Union which has imposed Sharia law, as well as the Shabaab terrorist group. Pirates operating out of this nation have made the horn of Africa one of the most dangerous parts of the world for shipping. For the point, name this poor African nation with a capital at Mogadishu.
ANSWER: Somalia

21. This man came up with a strategy of using poison gas before a battle but only harmless smoke in the battle itself. This author of the manual 100 Hints for Company Commanders replaced William Birdwood and advocated the "peaceful penetration" tactic. For the point, name this commander at Hamel Hill and Hargicourt, the leader of Australian forces in World War I.

ANSWER: John Monash
22. During one of these events, a certain figure sailed across the sea in a golden cup belonging to Helios, while during another of these events, that same figure shot down many Stymphalian birds with his bow. The first of these events involved strangling a foe with impenetrable hide, while the last of these had the hero drag a three-headed dog out of the underworld. For the point, identify these 12 tasks given to a certain Greek hero.
ANSWER: twelve labors of Hercules
23. This nation was the site of a volcano that disrupted Trans-Atlantic air travel in 2010. It was likely originally discovered by Irish monks, though settlement increased under a people who developed the Althingi parliament here. For the point, name this island nation, which despite its name, is greener than the island to its northwest, Greenland.

ANSWER: Iceland

24. One successful European player in this sport became a tabloid fixture by marrying the American actress Eva Longoria. Lithuania and Croatia won medals in this sport at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, though they were overshadowed, literally and figuratively, by the American dream team. For the point, name this sport which the German player Dirk Nowitzki competes in for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA.

ANSWER: Basketball

25. One member of this group of people later sang the song “It Don’t Come Easy” with his All Starr Band. A different member of this group grew up on the street Penny Lane and first played in a band known as The Quarrymen. Later, this group became famous for the albums Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. For the point, name this British rock group whose surviving members are Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney
ANSWER: The Beatles

26. This country’s forces were defeated at the 1525 Battle of Pavia, and the Fronde Rebellion occurred in this country. This country was once ruled by the Committee of Public Safety and more recently was led by Jacques Chirac, who opposed the Iraq War. For the point, name this Western European country which is now led by Francois Hollande.

ANSWER: France

27. This conflict was begun at the request of Alexius I Komnenos. Godfrey of Bouillon and Raymond, Count of Toulouse were leaders of the Christian forces in this conflict, which established four namesake “states” in the Middle East and recaptured Jerusalem in 1099. For the point, name this religious conflict, the first in its series of conflicts.

ANSWER: First Crusade (s)

28. Operation Musketeer was one attempt to capture this structure whose northern terminus is Port Said. The nationalization of the structure by Gamal Nasser lead to its namesake “Crisis” in 1956. For the point, identify this waterway constructed in the 19th century that connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

ANSWER: Suez Canal

29. The Halifax Gibbet was one precursor to this device that replaced the breaking wheel. Notably employed during the Reign of Terror, this device consists of a heavy wooden frame and curved blade. For the point, identify this method of execution that results in decapitation and was used in France until the 1970’s.

ANSWER: guillotine

30. Recent political violence in Thailand has been committed by members of factions known for yellow and red types of this object. People who belonged to the paramilitary SA organization in Germany in the 1930’s were known by a brown type of this object, an article of clothing. For the point, name this object, worn in polo and rugby varieties.

ANSWER: shirt

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