Inter-War Period Quiz Study Guide What was the period of economic crisis that began in 1929? Great Depression

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Inter-War Period Quiz Study Guide
1. What was the period of economic crisis that began in 1929?

Great Depression

2. What was Adolph Hitler’s political party called?

Nazi Party

3. What is Fascism?

Obedience to leader and loyalty to country

4. What was the League of Nations? What was it responsible for? Why was it unlikely to be successful?

International Peacekeeping Group/It had no army to enforce its laws

5. Who did the Nazi’s blame for the economic collapse?


6. What is the term for when the value of money goes down but prices go up


7. What is anti-Semitism?

Hatred of the Jews

8. What was the financial state of most European countries after WWI? How were the U.S. and Japan after WWI?

Depression. The U.S. and Japan’s economy boomed

9. What was the period from 1919-1939 called?

The Interwar Period

10. What happened on October 29, 1929? Why did this occur?

Stock Market Crash

11. The alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan was known as what?

Axis Powers

12. What was the name of the Nazi secret police?


13. What is the word for the use of the mass media in order to influence public opinion known as?


14. What is appeasement?

Giving in to an aggressive nation

15. What nation did not raise taxes during the war, leading to them printing more money to pay for it? What was their solution for paying off their war debt (how did they do it?)

Germany, they printed more money.

16. What was signed between the Soviet Union and Germany? What was the agreement?

Non-Aggression Pact

17. What three things went wrong with the American economy that led to the Great Depression?

Overproduction, High Tariffs, and over speculation (buying stock on margin)

18. What was the name of the democratic government in Germany after WWI?

Weimar Republic

19. What did Mussolini want to do for Italy? (What civilization did he want to bring back?)

Roman Empire

20. What nation did Italy invade under Mussolini in the 1930s? What nations did Japan invade in the 1930s?

22. What policy did the U.S. adopt in 1935 in response to the depression and the desire not to get involved in another war? What does it mean?
21. What were the 5 causes of WWII? Explain how each one led to the war.
Who’s Who:

Adolph Hitler





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