Instructions and form for the submission of written testimony concerning a tax expenditure authorized by the state of louisiana

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Information is being requested from parties who wish to provide written testimony to the House Committee on Ways and Means concerning a specific tax expenditure policy. This format is to be used for the submission of written testimony with regard to any tax type.

All testimony must comply with the following requirements:
- A testimony submission shall be no longer than four pages in length - those that exceed four pages will not be accepted.
- There shall be no more than one testimony submission accepted from each person with regard to a specific tax expenditure.
- Written testimony shall be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, single spaced type in 12 point font with one inch margins, single-sided printing. Your cooperation in using Microsoft Word software would be appreciated.
- Written testimony shall be submitted using both of the following methods no later than May 7, 2016:
1. Email: Attach the form to an email with the subject line "Written testimony - (TAX TYPE and NAME OF EXPENDITURE)" and send to
2. Mail: House Committee on Ways and Means

Testimony - RE: Tax Expenditure

P.O. Box 44486

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

- Questions should be addressed to the House Committee on Ways and Means staff:
Elise Read (225) 342-2303 and Alison Pryor (225) 342-8357

This format shall be used by any interested party for purposes of submitting written testimony on their own behalf or on that of a client with respect to a specific tax expenditure.
Tax Type: Sales and Use ___ Individual Income ___ Severance ___ Tobacco ___
Corporation Income ___ Corporation Franchise ____ Petroleum Products ____
Alcoholic Beverages ___ Public Utilities and Carriers ___
Sales of Telecommunication Services ___ Tax Incentives and Exemption Contracts ____
Name of tax expenditure per Tax Exemption Budget: ________________________________________
Name of person submitting the testimony: _________________________________________________
Person or organization on whose behalf the testimony is being submitted: ________________________
* * * * * *
Written testimony shall be provided in the form of responses to the following questions using up to 4 pages, in addition to this page. Any additional testimony will be accepted at the time of a committee hearing when the specific tax expenditure is being considered. Where appropriate, include within each response the methodology, assumptions and data sources utilized in its confection:
1. Is your testimony in support of continuation, change, reduction, or elimination of the tax expenditure? If a change is recommended, please include a description of proposed change and include any data sources which may be used to support the new policy.
2. Describe any beneficial or detrimental economic or other activity specifically resulting from the tax expenditure, including any specific evidence supporting your statement.
3. What are the specific interests and parties which would be directly impacted by any change in this tax expenditure?
4. Do you have recommendations relative to any specific data, model or other form of measurement which would aid in the analysis of the efficacy of the tax expenditure?
5. Do neighboring states (TX, AR, MS, and AL) grant this tax expenditure? If so, how does their policy compare with that of Louisiana?

***Please use this page as a cover page for your submission.***

(It won't count against your 4-page limit.)

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