Injustices to the English English Civil War Gathers Supporters

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Queen Elizabeth Dies & James 1 becomes King

Charles I & his 4 Big Injustices to the English

English Civil War

(Gathers Supporters)

Oliver Cromwell becomes a Dictator!

Divine Right and Absolute Monarch

Declared War, Raised Taxes, Removed Religious Freedom, Disbanded Parliament!

Cavaliers vs. Roundheads

Self-Purification (Was it worth it?)

Bans on Pubs, Dance Halls, Theaters and Christmas!

Charles II

“King of Bling”

King James II

Glorious Revolution

William and Mary

(Direct Action)

English Bill of Rights &

Constitutional Monarchy

Should England become a Monarchy again?

Raised in France. (Catholic) Wanted to reestablish Absolute Monarchy. English Revolted again. Peacefully, this time!

Parliament Sought out another Monarch that suits England better.

Freedom of Speech, Petition, Bear Arms, Reasonable Bail/Trials - 1689

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