Inferno Questions

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Inferno Questions

Canto IV

  1. 7-12 Where is Dante looking and what does he see, what does he not see?

  2. 13-21What does Dante see in Virgil that worries him and what explanation does Virgil give?

  3. 28 What is meant by “untormented sadness”?

  4. 31-33 Virgil notices that Dante does not ask what?

  5. 40-42 What is the one affliction of those in Limbo?

  6. How does Dante describe his feelings after hearing this?

  7. 46-51 What question does Dante ask Virgil?

  8. 52-63What is the “Harrowing of Hell”?

  9. How does Dante describe the group he sees?

  10. 70-72 What does Dante see in the distance, and what does Dante sense?

  11. 73-75 “…whose merit lights their way” – what does this mean?

  12. 79-81 How does the voice refer to Virgil?

  13. 91-93What does Virgil tell Dante about the four?

  14. 97-102When they welcome Dante, what is the author of this poem saying about himself?

  15. 103-105 Why does Dante not go into detail?

  16. 106-111What could the brook represent, and how do they cross the brook?

  17. 115-117 Why do the six move locations?

  18. 130-132 Whom does Dante see as the center of philosophy?

  19. 136-144 You should recognize someone here – a writer. What did he write that we have read?

  20. What do the last 4 lines mean?

Canto V

  1. Name the circle, sin, and punishment for Canto V. Why is the punishment appropriate to the sin?

  2. Who sits on the edge of the circle and what is his job?

  3. Describe what happens as the souls approach him.

  4. What warning does he give Dante, and what are the literal and symbolic meanings of the warning?

  5. What simile or metaphor would you use to describe what Dante sees and hears in lines 28-33?

  6. “Betrayed reason to their appetite …” What does this mean?

  7. To what two birds are the souls compared?

  8. Reread lines 54-57. What do you think these lines mean?

  9. Why does Dante choose to speak to Paolo and Francesca?

  10. Why are they willing to pray for Dante?

  11. Interpret lines 97-99.

  12. How does their situation make Dante feel?

  13. How does Francesca’s story differ from the story in the notes?

  14. What happens to Dante at the end of the Canto?

Canto VI

  1. Name the circle, the punishment, and state why the punishment is appropriate.

  2. Describe Cerberus.

  3. What happens when Dante and Virgil step on a soul? What happened when they stepped on the brook in Canto V? Why do you think there is a difference?

  4. How does Dante react to “Ciacco the Hog”?

  5. What statements is Dante making about the politics of his day?

  6. Where are the “good guys” whom Dante asks about?

  7. According to Virgil, when will “the hog” speak again?

  8. What will ultimately happen to the souls of this circle?

  9. Who is Plutus?

Canto VII

  1. Paraphrase what Virgil says to Plutus.

  2. What effect does this have on Plutus?

  3. What is the sin and what is the punishment for the fourth circle?

  4. Why is their punishment appropriate?

  5. Why would Dante think the souls here are of the clergy?

  6. Why can’t Dante recognize anyone?

  7. Explain lines 55-57.

  8. According to Virgil, what did God do for man and what role does Dame Fortune play?

  9. Who does Dante see in the marsh called Styx and what are they doing?

  10. How do the punishments in Circle five fit the sins?

  11. How does Dante feel at the end of Canto VII?

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