Industrial Revolution Inventions Project

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Industrial Revolution Inventions Project
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As we have learned in class new technology and inventions during the Industrial Revolution have changed the lives of Americans. You are being asked to research an invention and think about the following: How have inventions changed our world? Why did some inventions earn fame while others are forgotten? How have early inventions changed through time?

All students will be assigned an invention to research. They will need to find the following information about their invention and describe each of the following aspects in detail.

Who (10 points)

  • Who is responsible for inventing the invention?

  • What was the background of the person or people who invented the device?

  • Did more than one person claim to be the inventor of the device?

  • If a group of people invented the device, what can you find out about each of the people, or institutions credited with the invention?

Why and What (20 points)
** Some inventions will allow you to separate these into two sections because the original purpose of the invention is different from what it actually is used for today. You may keep these two sections separate or blend the two.

  • Why did the inventor invent this device/ what was its purpose?

  • What events led to the invention?

  • Has the intended purpose of the invention changed since it was originally invented? If so how has the purpose of the invention changed?

  • What was the invention used for?

  • Is the invention still being used today?

  • How has the invention changed over time?

  • What impact did the invention have on other industries?

Where (10 points)

When (10 points)

  • When was the invention invented?

  • Was the development a long process of did it happen at one time?

  • What year or years was a patent issued/ renewed?

How (25 points)

  • How has this invention had an impact on your life and society?

Replica (15 points)

At least one hand drawn labeled diagram of your invention must be included as part of your project.

**A 3D replica of your invention will be accepted for bonus points**

Creativity & Neatness (10 points)

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