Indonesia franciscan Service Center for Refugees from East Timor an active concern

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INDONESIA -- Franciscan Service Center for Refugees from East Timor - AN ACTIVE CONCERN

125,000 refugees from East Timor are living in camps in Atambua, West Timor, Indonesia. For many reasons they are reluctant to return to their homes in East Timor and so remain in camps in a West Timor area bordering on East Timor.

Because of the political tension in East Timor their entire lives have been disrupted. The adults lack employment and a means of livelihood and support for their families. Youth lack educational opportunities for wholesome activity. More than 2000 children especially suffer the effects of malnutrition and the lack hygiene with the resulting diseases of malaria. diarrhea, worms, influenza, and coughs. Many of the refugees are tense, frustrated, angry, resentful and vindictive. They mistrustful of outsiders - even those who come to help. More than all else there is a need for pastoral care to experience mutual support and encouragement, to discover meaning in suffering and to open oneself to reconciliation and peace..

Seeing the situation of the OFM Province of Saint Michael the Archangel in Indonesia has proposed a special intense year long service to the refugees at the camps in Atambua. (See OFM Website "News from the Order: East Timor Call for Help" )

Since February two Indonesian Friars, Fr. Peter C. Aman and Fr. Stefanus Suprobo have been living and working in the camps. They have been joined by 20 volunteers, sharing the Franciscan vision of the project and trained by UNICEF to work with refugees and especially with children and youth in the camps. The Diocesan Clergy and other religious communities are offering a hand. Their principle activities include

  • winning acceptance by the people and preparing them for dialogue and other activities which will open them to reconciliation and peace

  • registering 1282 children from 6 to 13 years of age for tent schools and then equipping the schools with materials needed for learning to read and write and for play activities and group dynamics

  • accompanying youth in finding work and wholesome activities, and in learning necessary job skills

  • registering 1500 children from 0 to 5 years of age for nutrition and hygiene services - including at least one substantial meal a week and bathing necessities.

  • enlisting the services of the Catholic Physicians Union of Indonesia to provide basic health care: diagnosis,: medicine, inoculations, treatments for skin and respiratory diseases, etc.

The monthly budget for the program with all its components in $ 7,500. Help is desperately needed.

[From a letter by Fr. Peter C. Aman, OFM, Coordinator for JPIC in saint Michael Province - March 19. 2001 - Jakarta]


  • by check payable to Curia Generalizia Sviluppo Francescano

  • by bank transfer to Istituto per le Opere di Religione, 00120 Citta del Vaticano

_____ Account LIT 27505-021 or _____Account US$ 27505-022

Frati Minori C. G. - F/ Sviluppo

In any transfer please indicate East Timor Refugees and inform L'Ufficio per lo Sviluppo - Curia Generalizia dei Frati Minori - Via Santa Maria Mediatrice, 25 - 00165 Roma, Italia fax 39 06 638-0292 -- e-mail

  • by bank transfer to ABN-AMRO BANK (Swift code "Chips Quid 059 391)

Account Number 13.21.218 Jl.Ir.H. Juanda 23-24 KWI Kantor Wali Gereja Indonesia

JL. Kramat V/10 Jakarta 10430 Indonesia

Indicate for Peter Aman OFM East Timor Refugees

[Endorsed by the OFM General Curia Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and by the Office for Franciscan International Development]

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