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Department of Music and Arts Technology

Course Offerings

Summer II 2014

Undergraduate Music Courses

E241 Introduction to Music Fundamentals (3 cr.)

Learn the basics of music reading, rhythm games, singing, keyboard skills, children’s songs, and use of classroom instruments. Designed for—but not limited to—education majors and others interested in using music as a learning tool.

6855* ARR WEB

*Above section is taught over the web using OnCourse (

L100 Guitar Elective/Secondary (2 cr.)

Private guitar lessons; time is scheduled with instructor. Additional applied fee included. Student must supply instrument. Call 278-3264 for authorization information.

4141 ARR

L101 Beginning Guitar Class (2 cr.)

Fundamentals of contemporary guitar playing with emphasis on simple songs and chords. Acoustic guitar required for class and practice.

4144 Tuesday/Thursday 10:00am – 12:15pm IT 057
M174 Music for the Listener (3 cr.)

A survey course covering traditional and modern music styles of the last 1,000 years. Learn how to listen to music, instruments, and musical forms. No prior music experience required. Offered on campus and through the Web. Open to all students.

4146 Monday/Wednesday 9:00am – 12:15pm IT 073

4479 ARR WEB

*Above section is taught over the web using OnCourse (
M394 Survey of African American Music (3 cr.)

A survey and exploration of Black music from its African origins to the present with special emphasis on its social, economic, and political impact.

6852 ARR WEB
P100 Piano Elective/Secondary (2 cr.)

Private piano lessons; time scheduled with instructor. Additional applied fee. Call (317) 278-3264 for authorization information.

4573 ARR
P110 Beginning Piano Class 1 for Non-Music Majors (2 cr.)

Learn keyboard and music reading skills. No prior music experience needed.
14574 Monday/Wednesday 3:30pm – 5:45pm IT 365

6856 Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm – 3:15pm IT 365

V100 Voice Elective/Secondary (2 cr.)

Private voice lessons; time scheduled with instructor. Additional applied fee. Call (317) 278-3264 for authorization information.

4155 ARR

W110 Flute/Piccolo Elective/Secondary (2 cr.)

Private lessons; times scheduled with instructor. Additional applied fee. Interview/audition is required. Call (317) 278-3264 for authorization information.

4157 ARR
Z201 History of Rock and Roll Music (3 cr.)

Survey of major trends, styles, and genres of rock music of the 1950s and 1960s, focusing on the work of artists and groups who have proved to have the most enduring significance.

Online/video class. Students will need regular access to a computer and the internet. Broadcasts air 12:00pm-1:00pm, Monday through Friday, beginning 6/24/13/ ending 8/5/13 in Marion County only on Bright House Channel 98 or Comcast Channel 13. You can make your own tapes from the broadcasts. Students can also view the video on IMDS at the IUPUI University Library. You can buy an entire set of DVDs from the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore. The syllabus and broadcast schedule are available online (
Z320 American Popular Music (3 cr.)

This is a variable topics class in popular music. A general description includes, but is not limited to, the following: This class examines the cultural content of music by defining “popular” and by examining various decades of music in America from the 1600s to the present day.

Z320 Global Music Journeys (3 cr.)

Explore the diversity of musical traditions found throughout the world by studying the various means of transmission, musical instruments, musical meaning, musical sound, as well as the rituals and myths commonly associated with an assortment of music cultures. Previous musical training is not required. Pre-requisite M174.


Z320 History of Electronic Music (3 cr)

This course will give students an understanding of the history of electronic and experimental music and how it relates to the music of today. Students will learn the most significant works realized through computers and other electronic devices from the middle of this century through the present. The purpose of this course is to give an introduction to the history, styles, techniques, and composers of the genre. Topics will include musique concrete, MIDI, tape compositions, synthesizers, waveforms, electronic musical instruments and devices, electronic musical genres, and computer music.

Z320 Women Musicians (3 cr.)

This class studies the lives and music of representative women composers and performers from the Medieval period to the 21st Century.

Z320 Website Design for Musicians (3 cr.)

Individuals will learn the techniques of creating their own music website.

14569 1:00-4:15pm Monday/Wednesday IT 059
Z374 Contemporary Broadway Musicals (3 cr.)

An exploration of the Broadway musical with a focus on contemporary trends. American rock musicals, revivals, and British and European productions. Study of contemporary producers, composers, lyricists, choreographers, and directors.

15621 1:00pm-4:15pm Monday/Wednesday IT 073
Z393 History of Jazz (3 cr.)

Jazz was America’s first worldwide popular music. This course emphasizes Jazz as a means to better understand the history and culture of America through examining the influences, styles and major performers, and composers from Armstrong and Ellington to Coltrane and Marsalis.

6112 Monday/Wednesday 1:00pm – 3:15pm IT 077
Z401 Music of The Beatles (3 cr.)

An in-depth, song-by-song look at the music, lives, and times of The Beatles. The course focuses on the music and is aimed at heightening student listening skills as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for The Beatles’ recordings.

5324 Monday/Wednesday 6:00pm – 9:15pm IT 077

Graduate Music Courses

All graduate classes require permission of the department.

MSMT students should contact their advisor; everyone else should call (317) 274-7088 for authorization.

E536 Special Workshop in Music Education: Special Workshop in Music Education (1-3 cr.)
4140 ARR
E536 Website Design for Musicians (3 cr.)

Individuals will learn the techniques of creating their own music website.

14567 Monday/Wednesday 1:00pm – 4:15pm IT 059

14568* Monday/Wednesday 1:00pm – 4:15pm WEB

* Above section is offered via the web using live video streaming.
E536 Creative Programming for Music and Motion (3 cr.)

This course presents essential computer programming and scripting techniques in the context of creating music and visual art. Topics include introductory scripting and programming, automated music analysis, generative algorithms, systems design, data representation for music and art, and real-time interactive systems. Students will gain knowledge of computer architectures, software design, and software development as related to music and visual graphics programming. Prior experience with scripting will be helpful but not required. 

15468 Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm – 4:15pm IT 059

156148* Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm – 4:15pm WEB

* Above section is offered via the web using live video streaming

N518 Arts Technology Major Projects (3 cr.)

Students create and orally present a multimedia teaching/training project that combines one or more of several elements of music technology including CD-ROM, videodisc, digital audio and video, and MIDI. Requirements include technology project proposal development, oral presentation of proposal, research and development of project, project final report, and oral and media presentation of project.

4150* ARR WEB

4151 ARR

* Above section is taught over the web using OnCourse (
N521 Research Methods in Music and Multimedia (3 cr.)

Introduction to the underlying principles and concepts of technology-based studies in the arts. Emphasis on the integration of scientific methodology, descriptive and inferential techniques, and multimedia instrumentation in project development.

14565 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:15pm – 8:30pm IT 059

14566* Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:15pm – 8:30pm WEB

* Above section is offered via the web using live video streaming.

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