Indian school al wadi al kabir Question Bank. 2014-15 Class: IX. Hitler and Nazism (History)

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Indian school al wadi al kabir

Question Bank.2014-15

Class: IX. Hitler and Nazism (History)

1 mark

1. Nuremberg criminals:-The tribunal set up to prosecute the Nazi war criminals for their crimes

Against peace.

2. Reich stag :-The German parliament

3. November criminals:- The socialists, thecathelics, and the democrats who supports the

Weimar Republic were mockingly called by the conservatives

4. Wall street Exchange:-The biggest stock exchange in U.S.A

5. Hjalmar Schacht :- The Economist who was assigned the responsibility of the economic recovery of Germany

6. Jung volk :-Nazi youth for children below 14 years of age.

3/5 mark

7. Under what circumstances Hitler came in to power in Germany?

(a) Conditions of the Versailles peace treaty:-

> It was harsh and humiliating

> Germany lost all of her glory and honor

(b) Economic crises after the war:-

> There were great economic depressions after the world war

> There were severe unemployment and poverty

> Unemployed youths put placards showing willing to do any jobs

(c) Weakness of the Weimar Republic:-

> Weimar Republican government failed to solve the after war problem in Germany

>Weimar government was weak and fragile and the Germans believed that Weimar government was responsible for all these problems

> The charismatic personality of Hitler

8. Explain the principles of Nazism

(a) Racial superiority:-

>Hitler believed that the Germans were the real Nordic Aryans who were superior race

>He believed in the establishment of a racial state

> He uphold the principle of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer

(b) Against communist and the Jews:-

>Hitler believed that the Jews were the undesirables and forced them to live in specified areas called Ghettos

(c) Militarism:-

>Hitler preached aggressive nationalism and competitive patriotism

>He believed in expansion through aggression

9. Howfar Hitler was responsible for the Second World War

(a) Expansionist policy of Hitler:-

> Believed in the principles of Lebensraum or living space

> Annexed Austria, Rhineland under the slogan One people, One leader, and One empire

(b) Formation of the Tripartite alliance:-

> In Sept: 1940, Hitler signed a military alliance with Italy, and Japan known as Rome, Berlin,

Tokyo - Axis powers

(c) Attack on Russia:- >In June 1941 Hitler moved to achieve his long term aim of conquering

Eastern Europe and attacked Russia

(d) Attack on pearl Harbour:-

> Japan extended its support to Hitler and attacked Pearl Harbor

(e) Attack on Poland:-

>On 1ST sept: 1939 Hitler attacked Poland. This was the immediate cause for the outbreak

Of the Second World War

10. Explain the conditions of the Versailles peace treaty? (Refer page: no: 52)

11. Explain the provisions of the Enabling Act of 1933? (Refer page: no: 58)

12. Explain “Desirable” and “Undesirable”? (Refer page: no: 61-62)

13. Explain what happened in schools under Nazism? (Refer page: no: 66)

14. Explain the Nazi cult of Motherhood? (Refer page: no: 68)

15. Explain Hitler’s views on Jews and how they were treated in Germany?

(Refer page no: 62)

16.”The Nazi regime used language and media with care, and often to great effect”-Explain

(Refer page no: 68)


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