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Armstrong, Launcelot...3

Arnold, Jonathan...16

Barret, Mary...9

Barry, George...28

Beckly, Joseph...15

Belsches, Patrick...53

Bibb, Thomas...47

Bickley, Charles...35

Boswell, William...16

Brechin, Sarah...20

Brooks, David...stapled to inside cover

Bucknet, Philip...51

Clark, Christopher...25

Cobbs, Samuel...39

Cosby, Davis...118

Cosby, John...80

Dickenson, Nathaniel...24

Dowel, John...44

Dyher, William...43

Flanagan, James...19

Fleming, Daniel...28

Fleming, Robert...58

Gipson, Gilbert...72

Goodall, James...14, 79

Gray, Alexander...52

Greason, Thomas...42

Harris, Benjamin...66

Henson, John...3

Johnson, Benjamin...26

Johnson, John...78

Key, Elizabeth...49

Kimbrow, John...64

Kimbrow, William...63

Lea, Frances...76

Mackalester, William...60

McCormick, William...24

Merewether, Thomas...31

Meriwether, Elizabeth...49

Moorman, Elizabeth...62

Moorman, Charles...29

Morris, Silvanius...6

Moss, John...36

Nichols, Jeremial...34

Odeneal, Timothy...78

Parris, Samuel...41

Poindexter, John...21


Posey, Belain...14

Ratherford, Adam...47

Roberts, Joseph...11

Robinson, James...13

Spencer, Benjamin...17

Steuart, Garret...19

Steward, Catherine...48

Sumter, William...20

Syms, Robert...72

Terrell, Richmond...67

Terry, Champness...15, 36

Thomson, Samuel...23

Waddy, Samuel...57

Wells, Robert...17

Whitlock, James...13

Whittall, Francis...18

Winston, Samuel...38

Yancey, Archelaus...57

Yancy, Robert...8

The following will was stapled to the inside cover of this Will Book.


I David Brooks, of Stokes County, North Carolina being of a sound mind and disposing memory, do make and ordain this My Last Will and Testament, in Manner and form following.

First, I will that all my just debts be paid out of my personal Estate.---Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Sarah Brooks, all my estate of every kind and nature, during her Widowhood, but in case she should Marry, my Will is that all said Estate be taken out of her hands, and applied to use of my Children

Thirdly, I give unto my son Jesse, the Land whereon I now reside, containing two hundred acres, be the same more or less, with all the priveleges thereunto belonging, and all my farm-ing Utensils, which my son Jesse is to have at the death or Marriage of his Mother, both the Land and property aforesaid, to him & his heirs forever----Also he is to have my waggon & Harness.

Fourthly, And altho I have manumitted a Negroe Man, named Harry, Yet being well acquainted with his abilities, I leave him under the care of my two sons, John and Jesse, and if he should be reduced to a state of want, that they, my said sons shall provide and allow him suitable maintenance in lieu of the Land and Property I have given them----Fifthly, All the residue of my Estate of every kind and nature I give and bequeath unto my seven children Nancy, Elizabeth, John, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Jesse and Martha, which Estate I will to be sold at the Marriage or Death of their Mother, and the Monies arising from such sale equally divided among my said Children, part and part alike----

Lastly, I do make, ordain, and appoint my two sons John and Jesse executors to this my Last Will & Testament, Utterly revoking and disanulling all other Will or Wills by me heretofore made or intended----Ratifying this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament:---

In Witness where of I have here to set my hand & seal in the presence of the Witnesse's here under subscribed, this Nineteenth day of the Eleventh month, One Thousand eight hundred and eight--- David Brooks

Signed Sealed & Deliv'd

In the presence of us, who heard

the Testator here of, David Brooks,

acknowledge that this was and is his

Last and only Will and Testament

John Rttes

Elijah Johnson a Hersant


David Brooks was son of Matthew & Elizabeth (Warren?) Brooks, last of Frederick Co., Va.(This was added at bottom of second page)

W. B. 1 P. 3


of this my last will and testament and I do hereby ? and ---- and testament by me heretofore made In Witness ---- to this my last will and testament, have set my hand --- of June one thousand Seven hundred forty and five John H

? Over Harris

H. William Brown

Benj:a Henson

At a court held for Louisa County on Tuesday the 25-- This will was this day proved in open court by the oaths of ---- and William Brown two of the witnesses therefos; and by the ----Record & is recorded. ? James Littlepage CL Cur

W.B. 1 P.3


In the Name of God---Armstrong of the parish of Fredericksvole and County----perfect health and Memory thanks be to God Almighty----calling to mind the uncertainty of this mortality of ---think it incumbent on me to make this my last ---which I do in manners and form following ---I recommend my Soul to God that gave ---of our Lord and Saviour I shall receive a Glorious ---eternal life, and my body I commit to the earth to --- at the discretion of Exectors heretofore named, and --- estate, Wherewith it hath pleased God to ? me --- in manner following ? I give and bequ --- Armstrong one hundred and fifty acres of Land to --- whereon I now live to him his heirs and assignes for --- to my Son Lancelot Armstrong Seventy Seven acres --- the land I purchased of John Blalok to him his heirs ---- Item I give to m daughtor Sarah Armstrong for ---- of the said land upon Edward Harrisses Line ---- Item I give to my son Thomas Armstrong his heir ---- One hundred acres of Land on both sides the br ---- to the Lines of George Dabney, David Hamilton ---- Item I give to my Son William Armstrong his ---- for over One hundred acres of Land joyning ---Dabney, Edward Trice, and David Harris --- of Land granted to me by patent in the --- hundred acres of Land part of the --- divided between my two Daughters --- and to their heirs Lawfully begotten and --- my Will and desire that my case --- Thomas Armstrong should happen to --- age of twenty one years or are ? --- a Wife who shall have a child born --- of my two sons John and Thomas shall --- brother's part of Land in the said --- hold his own land and likewise my --- Son William should die before --- ? Land my Son Lancelot shall possess; as he possess --- likewise if my Son Lancelot should die leaving --- wife or child, that then his brother William should --- his Land as he possesses his own And if either of my two --- Mary or Susanna should die leaving no child lawfu--- or a husband then the other shall possess her Land as ---un, or in case that my Daughter Sarah should die leaving ---hild ? husband then my son Lancelot shall possess it as --- ? her Land and in case all my four Sons should --- with or wife nor child, then my three daughters --- possess their Land they their heirs and assignes for --- Give and bequeath to my Loving Wife during --- widowhood all my personal estate of what nature or ---soever will full priviledge to Live on the plantation --- I now live and to make what use she shall think --- all the Land, I am now possessed with without any --- of my Sons or Daughters but in case she shall --- my death then my will is that she shall only --- part of my Personal estate and only the use --- ndred acres of Land including the Plantation --- live and likewise I do appoint my Loving Wife --- So long as she shall continue a widow,---

---of this my last will and testament ---marry after my death, that then all --- Authorities to Here granted by this will --- ? and be void to intents and pur: --- and I do hereby nominate ? and --- Dumas and Am--- Joshua Smith

--- and truly fullfilled, in all respects And --- and disanul all will or wills by me formerly made --- ledge this to be my last will and testament --- I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this eighth --- November One Thousand Seven hundred and --- Lancelot

Signed Seald and ?


Benj.a Harris (The word Sarah in dine, the ---

Benj:a Dumas from the top of the first side ---

David Dumas Benj:a Dumas David Dum---

At a courthouse held for Louisa County on Tue--- of September 1745

This will was this day proved in open Court --- of Benjamin Harris Benjamin Dumas --- (?uakers) Witnesses thereto and admited to ---Teste James


Since the making and assigning the above --- Armstrong land conditionally sold that --- Seventeen acres of Land I purchased of --- and above is willed to my Son Lanclot --- Then it is my will that if the said Hur --- conditionally Sold the Land to do --- and all the articles of that contract that --- and his heirs be for ever Seized of the --- that the money arissing from that --- Proportions divided as the Land --- this to be part of my Last Will A--- 25th day of February 1744 Lan

Benj:a Dumas

Austin ?

---held for Louisa County on Tuesday the 24 --- September 1745

---it was this day proved by the oaths of Austin ---ars & David Hambleton; witnesses thereto & admitted --- Record and is Recorded. Teste James Littlepage Cl: Cur

W. B. 1 P. 6

--- the name of God Amen this --- Sept ? m y year of our Lord God One thousand Seven hundred ---ty five & Silvanius Morris Gent. of Louisa County in Virg:a --- Sick and weak of body but of perfect and Sound Mind and --- ?ry for w:ch I praise the almight God considering the uncer:--- of life and certainty of a departure out of this life I have --- to make Ordain constitue & declare this my last ---ment in ? and ? provoking ---ing me & void by those present all & Eveny ?

Will & Wills heretofore by me made & declared --- word or by writeing and this to be taken only for my --- ? & no other Imprini? & bequeath --- the hands of God that Gave it from whom through --- mediation of Jesus Christ, I hope for full pardon --- of all my Sins and my boddy to be buried in ---tian burial according to the discression of my Exocu: --- my corporal state of ? Lands Goods & Chattles ---sed God to bestow upon me I do order give & disposs--- & form following ?: aft.r all my just --- charges are paid & discharged I give and --- three Sons William John & Richard Morris --- Louisa County to be equally divided between --- heirs for ever, but if either of them --- heirs of their body Lawfully begotten then it is my desire that his part of y:e s:d land shal--- between two surviving brothers Item --- three sons William John & Richard Morris --- Scippio, George, Cesar, Lucy, Sara, Betty, Beck, --- to be equally divided between them to them, and --- over Item it is my will & desire that if my --- : any John & Richard Morris should dye wi--- body Lawfully begotten that then all the Estate --- real & personal be equally devided between Sil? --- Prince William Prince and Rebecca Prince, wh--- & Give to them & their heirs forever. I ? --- wife Catharine Morris all my Estate both --- as long as she remains my Widow but if --- then it is my will & desire she be put to what --- her. Item my will & desire is that the debt --- my father and all my other debts & money's --- shall be desposed of in manner & form following --- moneys be laid --- purchasing of ---debt --- on --- Sons --- Give to them for the same use --- it is my desire that my --- it is my will and desire that --- :tained & Educated as well as my estate --- I give to my good friend Mr. Richard --- and a ring of twenty shillings value --- value to my good friend Mr. Jen? --- to my friend George --- I give to William Holly --- rent for Smit? ---my Execut--- testament my Loving wife Catherine Morris Mr. --- Mr. Rob.t Jennings my Exectors. In --- whereof I have here unto set my Hand & Seal --- Silu:s Morris


---resence of

--- Moore




---ourt Held for Louisa County on Tuesday the 22.d day ---

was this day proved in open court by the affirmation--- ?oore & Charles Mooreman Jun Quakers two of the --- ?ereto & admitted to record & is recorded

Teste Jame

Littlepage Cl. Cur

---urt held for Louisa County the 25th of June 1751 This day in open court the --- will of Silv Morris was fully proved by the affermation of Charles --- (Quaker)

Tester James Littlepage Cl. Curt.

W. B. 1 P. 8
Robert ---ing in perfect health and memory --- thanks --- make and ordain this --- and testa:--- prinsiblely I recomend my --- the hands ---od hoping through the merits death and pashon of --- Cherish to receive remission for all my sins and --- lasting life, first I will that all my dets be discharged. --- I commit to that ground to be desently buried at the --- after named Item I give and ---emperance Yancey my negroe ---to my daughter ---ghter Martha --- & her heirs forever --- ? will her increase to ---Item I Give to my Son Robert one --- now dwell to him and his heirs or assig--- Give twenty pounds to my Son Charles of the money --- Item I give to my Son Robert ten pound, Item I --- pound to be laid out in the best manner, to school --- Item I Give to my wife all my personal effets ---ing life then to the children Lastly I will that --- with their estates be left with my wife tell they be --- and their estates to be delivered at the age of eigh--- this Last at the discretion of my Executors and --- Richard Yancey and James Yancey Sole Execu--- Will and testament Rober

Benj:a Harris

At a Court held for Louisa County on Tues--- of April 1746

This Will was this day in open Court proved by the --- Benjamin Harris the witness thereto & admitted for ---Teste James Little

W. B. 1 P.9

? Then by these presents tha--- Martins parish in Hanover County being in my pa--- uncertainty of human life, have thought fit make --- making void all former wills whatsoever Im--- bequeath to my Son Charles Barret and his heirs fo--- Diz.l Rill, Cesar, Tony, and Betty and all my other --- is given in this will after mentioned Item I will ---Son Robert Barret ten pounds and halfe my cattle I ---bequeath to my Daughter Anne Dabney for her life ---Lucy, Mary, Benjamin, Judith, John and Gorge, and --- disposal at her death of three of the abo--- mentioned --- will is the said negroes go to the heirs --- bequeath to my said daughters all my wearing ---parys of goods designed for my wearing that shale ---fore my death also halfe y:e goods that shal--- rwe of y:e ---milys use Item I will and bequeath to m--- ond Son ---abney after my daughters death one negro name --- John to him ---rs forever Item i will and bequeath to my grand Daughter Mary ---ey after my daughters decease one negro named Judith and her increa--- and her heirs for ever. Item I will and bequeath to my grand son --- Dabney after my Daughters decease one negro named Gorge to him and --- for ever Item i make constitute and appoint my Son Charles --- Executor of this my last will and testament as Witness my hand & --- 3rd day of December 1745 Mary Barret

Sealed & delivered



--- King

---Court held for Louisa County on Tuesday the 24th of Feb:ry 1746 ---le was this day in open Court proved by the oath of Esther Chiswele --- witnesses thereto; and admitted to record and is recorded.

Teste James Littlepage Cl. Cu.

---EAS in my Will before mentioned I have given to my Son Charles --- ?rgess part of my estate in consideration of disburstments of mony & ---sarys made by him for my use; but if my said son after my disease ---uce an account or bring a charge against my estate for y:e aforesaid ---uhs, then my will is the y:e part of my estate given to him by this --- the legacy given in this my will to my son Robert Barret be --- & on my son Charles Barret's proving his account is be satisfied --- out of this estate & that what shale remain be equally divided between --- Son's & my son Robert Barret is appointed Executor of this will my with my ---rles Barret Witness my hand & Seal this 3rd day of Discember

Mary Barret

---and Delivered

---ce of ....


---urt held for Louisa County on Tuesday the XXIC:

---ary 1746

---ll was this day proved by the oaths of Esther Chiswoll one of the --- hereto; and admitted to record and is recorded.

Teste James Littlepage Cl. Curt.

---llowing is a codicil which I desire may be ? & to my Will --- as I am at this time Sick of body but in perfect sence and memory ---nd bequeathe to my grand daughter Mary Dabney one negroe girl --- Betty which I give to her and her heirs and whereas the said negro --- child of my my negros Woman Lucy, which she has born since ---king my last will and testament, by which will the said negro Woman --- and her increase are devised to my daughter Anne Dabney and as --- negro girl ---lty is not in my last will and testament specifically --- ? ---ake this Codicil Witness whereof ? set my hand and Seal this ninth day of April 1746 Mary Barret

Esther Chiswell

Henry + Callehan

At a Court held for Louisa County on Tuesda--- February 1746

This Codicil was this day proved by the oath of Esther Chiswell ? --- thereto; and admitted to record and is recorded.

Teste James Littlepage Cl.

W. B. 1 P. 11


In the Name of God Amen the fifth --- the year of our Lord 1747 I Joseph robeds in Louisa County being very --- body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God. Therefore know --- of man is appointed for all once to die, constitute make and --- last will & testament that is to say first and principally I give and re--- the hands of God that gave it nothing doubling but at y:e general re--- again received y:e Same by y:e mighty power of God and as for my --- burial in a desent and christian like manner at y:e discretion of my --- touching Luck worlely estate wherewilh it hath pleased God to ble--- life I give devise & ? of y:e Same in y:e manner and forme follow--- I give unto my daughter Anne roberts a Serhie Tract of land lying --- John Keys ? old Mill in Albemarle County; and also I give --- colt allmost black; and also i give unto her a young cow named --- Item i give unto my daughter Dorothy ? Hobards two hundred --- which I bought of Richard Hancock in this County; also I give --- colt which now Sucks; allso I give into her one ? --- my youngist daughter Elisabeth Roberts this track of land --- on and allso the remandere part of y:e tract of land which I ga--- Martha for my daughter Elisabeth y:e forty Seaven acres, joyning --- I give her the fifth colt that y:e bay mare brings also I give her ---Item I desire that my Stock and crop may be sold into --- the remander part of it and my honsel st? I lend into -- wife during her widow hood, and allso two horses; and one --- widow whhod; and allso I lend my beloved wife one negro Wo--- child during her widow hood and afterwards to be equally de--- my three children when as I do desier and leave my beloved wi--- hole and Sole Executore Execut:r of this my last will and testame--- :annulling & revokeing all others for imer

Segor Sise Wills and --- Joseph Rob

Signed, Sealed pronounced & delivered

by y:e ? Joseph Roberts ?

Dau: le Holeaday

John Key

Agness Holladay

At a Court held for Louisa County on T--- XXO: day of August 1747

This will was this day in open court proved by the oath --- Holladay an John Key two of the witnesses thereto and --- record and is recorded.

Teste James Littlepage

W. B. 1 P. 12


---the name of God Amen I Rob:t Siyms of Louisa County being ---nd weak but in perfect mind a memory I commend my Soul and body --- hands of Almighty God and his Son my beloved Saviour Jesus Christ It:m --- Land & desire they may divided as the Lines be between my Son ---l and James Siyms my two Sons It:m I bequeath to my Susannah --- ther Goods and all the furniture theare belonging with all my other --- during her life, and after her decease to my youngest children ---ng my Son Robert Syms head Sole and Executor, this being my last ---nd testament this 10 day of April 1748

Robt Siyms

---Sealed in the

---ce of us ....

--- Bickers

--- Burges

---Court held for Louisa County on Tuesday the DCDCiXth day of May ---CCDCLViii

---Will was this day proved in open court by the Oaths of the witnesses --- and by the Court admitted to record and is recorded.

Teste Tho:s Perkins Dep:ty Cl: Cur:

W. B. 1 P. 12


---n the name of God Amen I James Robinson of Freder:---ville parrish and County of Louisa being mindfull of y:e frailty and mortality of ---nane Nature and ? appointed for all men once to die but considering ---ncertainty of y:e line, and now being of sound mind and memory, and also --- understanding. Do therefore make this my last will and testament ---anner and form following, that is today, first and principally commit my --- to the Almighty God who gave it, and my body to the earth from whence --- taken, there to be decently buried according to the discretion of my Executors --- named. imprimis I give and bequeath unto my son W:m --- on Seven hundred acres of Land including in the said Land, the planta: --- here on Sam:l Sutton now lives on, the s:d Land to be laid oft, al y:e top---le between the manner Plantation and the Plantation of y:es Sutton's ---ningSuch courses on the back lines, joyning to M:r Samuel Thompson's ---y include to him y:e: s:d William Robinson, and his heirs forever Seven --- acre's of Land with all the appurtenances thereunto Belonging & ---e unto my son Wm robinson one negro man named Scott to him --- heirs for ever. Also to him y:e: s:d: William Robinson I give and bequeath --- feather bed, I am now possess oft, and good furniture for the u:d Body --- ought out of my Estate Also to him the s:d William Robinson I give and --- eath one iron pott and hooks, the best belonging to me, and I Likewise --- to my son Wm. Robinson four good Cows and Calves, and I also by virtue --- will give and bequeath unto my Son Wm. Robinson the property of --- stock, without ever beig brought to an account for the Same ? ---m I Give and bequeath unto my Son James Robinson Seven hundred --- of Land running from y:e River to hiccory Creek including in the s:d --- hundred acres of land y:e. Plantation I now live on, to him the s:d: James --- son and his heirs for ever. i also give to the s:d James and his heirs --- negro Man named Tom, w:a one iron pott and hooks also one ---er bed and furniture with four Cows and Calves, Item I give and ---eath unto my daughter Margaret Robinson (after Lucy Chambers ---undred acres of Land is laid oft, which s:d land for her the s:d Chamber's ---yn to my Son James Robinson land on hiccory Creek). I give and ---ath the Remainder of all my Lands ?ing on Star? Cranch --- aforesaid Daughter Margaret and her heirs forever, I also give to --- Margaret Robinson negro male w:th increase, Likewise one --- boy named John Josh, the s:d negroes to her y:e ? Margaret and --- forever, I give and bequeath also one feather bed and furniture --- one Pott & hooks, my Gray Horse Bow, and likewise my young Sorrol --- to her y:e s:d Margaret and her heirs forever. My Sorrel horse --- Mare Sewell I give unto my Son Wm. Robinson, my horse ? and Mare Bony I give to my Son ? Robinson I give unto my Son --- Phancy, to be kept by him for a breeder, and do likewise give to him --- Robinson my stallion. Item I give and bequeath un--- Goldsmith Ten pounds courrant money, also all the Goose feathers --- and them that are to come in this year to make her a bed, and my --- may have a good brown linnen ?ick to her for the said Bed out of --- My Will and desire is, the y:e s:d Frances Goldsmith, may have from --- decease, as long as she and my children can agree together, thro--- of cob:o yearly and in Reference to M:rs Goldsmith my Will is, tha--- clothed this year out of my estate in a decently manner, And my Wil--- M:rs Goldsmith may have no power, or Prerogative or Maintaina--- Estate during her life, My Will is, that all my cattle now at Sam--- continue there, as long, as he takes a diligent care of them, and --- on the said Plantation My Will is, that all the Tobacco at home, be --- One of Smiths, and one at the Warehouse, being five in all, that the --- my Debts are paid, be invested ? Son William Item M--- is, that my Son James may have two years Schooling, and the charge --- the s:d Education may be paid out of my Estate; and all my debts, --- from Sen:l ? My Will is, that my Son William collect the --- the property of them in order to buy himself and his bro:er james --- as touching all my ? I desire it may be equally divided b--- three children My Will is, that all other Triffles may be equall ---between my sons, and Daughter AND I do hereby make void --- :fore by me made, and confess the within Will and Testam:t to be my last Will and Testam:te IN WITNESS where ---: unto Set my hand and Seals this Seventh day of September 174--- James Ro

Signed Sealed and acknowledg'd

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