In the final chapter of

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Anthem shares the story of how the individual is swallowed by the collective, identifying how it can happen, and displaying the ideas that must be accepted for a totalitarian society to take hold. Anthem is also a story of the triumph of the independent spirit of the individual who successfully rejects the ideas of collectivism.
Now is your chance to explore the book and give your take. You assignment is to choose one of the following topics and create a well-developed essay using the book, class discussions, and outside materials. This will require you to “go beyond” what has been given to you in the classroom.
This essay needs to state the question and your focus. It is important that you support your focus and elaborate on it. Be sure your ideas are organized in a cohesive clear manner and there’s a relationship between the ideas. You paper needs to be between one and a half and two and a half pages. You are required to type your page and double space it. Please refer to the rubric for grading criteria. This is worth 100 points. It is due Tuesday, October 23, at the beginning of the class period. If I receive the paper after the start of the class period (for example, if you need to email it to me due to printer issues) points will be deducted.
Option 1

Why did Ayn Rand name her main characters “Prometheus” and “Gaea”? Compare the historical myths of Prometheus and Gaea to the lives of these two characters.

Option 2

Equality reaches the important realization that “To be free, a man must be free of his brothers”. Explain what Equality means by this, citing examples from Anthem

Option 3

In the final chapter of Anthem, Prometheus writes that he now understands “why the best in me had been my sins and my transgressions; and why I had never felt guilt in my sins.” What has Prometheus come to understand about himself? Why does his society regard the “best in him” as sinful?

Option 4

Equality understands that his invention will benefit mankind greatly; however, this was not his main motivation in conducting his experiments, and it is not the primary source of the great joy he experiences. Discuss.






Support information is related to and supportive of the thesis

Support information has minor weaknesses in relation to and/or support of the thesis

Support information has major weaknesses in relation to and/or support of the thesis.

An attempt has been made to add support information, but it was unrelated or confusing.


Elaboration consists of specific, developed details.

Elaboration consists of some specific details.

Elaboration consists of general and/or undeveloped details, which may be presented in a list-like fashion.

Elaboration is sparse; almost no details.


Organizational structure establishes relationship between ideas. There is a logical progression of ideas/events and is unified and complete.

Organizational structure establishes relationships between ideas, although minor lapses may be present. There is a logical progression of ideas and is reasonably complete, although minor lapses may be present.

Organizational structure establishes some relationship between some of the ideas. The structure is minimally complete. One or more major lapses in the logical progression of ideas is evident.

Organizational structure does not establish connection between ideas. The overall structure is incomplete or confusing. Ideas are presented in a random fashion.


Thesis is clear, though it may/may not be explicitly stated. Maintains focus on thesis throughout response.

Thesis is generally clear though it may not be explicitly stated. May exhibit minor lapses in focus on thesis.

Thesis may be vague. May lose focus or may exhibit major lapses in focus on thesis

Thesis is unclear or confusing.


Paper is correctly formatted and meets the length criteria. It is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Paper either does not meet the length or format requirement. It has few errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Paper does not meet neither the length nor the format requirement. It has many errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Paper was not thoroughly proofread. It has a substantial amount of errors.

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