In my opinion, September 11

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  1. In my opinion, September 11th is a current event, people are still very angry over this event, even after ten years later. The emotions are still raw

  2. When our home and country is attack that accounts for most of our resiliency. When we feel threatened is when we feel pride for our country and want to defend it like Pearl Harbor. There were more American flags, we celebrate it and we honor it.

  3. The boat owners took people to safety,

  4. When the general public does not feel safe. I think that it makes people feel safer when the military step in, even though some people say we have too much government involvement. People can sleep better at night knowing there is a big army just to protect them.

  5. The United States has almost always been number one. It nice to be number one, but I do not think we need to be number one. We just need enough world powers to get respect from other countries and help then out when we can, but we also need to take care of the United States first.

  6. No I do not think that the United States was justified to create the Patriot Act. The Patriot act basically gave the government unrestricted excess to telephone, emails, medical and finical records. I think former president Bush overdid it with this act. In my opinion, that does not make citizens feel safer, it just makes them think they are always watching. This act may stop a terrorist attack, but it also stopped the citizens from thinking that the government is here just to protect us, instead they think they are spying on them.

  7. The bush doctrine signals a radical break from previous national security strategies and fundamentally changes the way the United States may act toward the rest of the world.

  8. I think it was a wake-up call for all Americans. Americans felt like we were untouchable and no one could stop us. It was a sad event in history but I think we need to move on. A lot of people died during that event but we need to put it passed us and look to the future. When I first heard what happened I was in second grade and I thought to myself why is everyone making a big deal about two towers? Now that I am a little more mature I realize what an impact that had on a lot of Americans. That was a major attack on our own soil. I am not saying forget but, I am saying we need to move past this one event in history and try to grow from it.


I think that this image will stay with most people the rest of their lives. I bet that anytime anyone looks at this picture they will stop and think about what they were doing and how they felt when this image first appeared on their TV screens. I see this picture and I think this is what started everything. After this, we sent troops overseas, after this the government can listen to our phone calls or read our emails, after this we stopped feeling safe. Just thinking about the major effects this had on our country makes this picture very powerful.

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