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In-Class Cross Examination Activity
The purpose of this assignment is to get you comfortable standing in front of class and defending your claims in a “live” format. As members of the audience, you are expected to “flow” the speakers argument and try to come up with cross examination questions to point out errors in reasoning and logic. This should help you in preparing for your final team debate when you will be required to do this again.
You are each required to bring to class one claim and one piece of data to support that claim. You will read the proposition for the debate to the class, then state your claim and explain how the data you offer the class supports that claim (your warrant). Remember to cite the source of your data with their name, date of publication, and name of publication and any other pertinent credibility info about your source. You need use the proposition that you all agreed upon for your final debate, however, it is up to you what claim you want to use for the activity. HINT: It may not be a good idea to offer your best claim in class as your opponents will also be listening.

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