Imperialism Test Study Guide

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Imperialism Test Study Guide

12.1 ws & 12.4/12.5 ws & Philippine-American War

  1. What is imperialism?

  2. What was the only Southern Asian nation to remain independent?

  3. What were some of the justifications and motivations for imperialism?

  4. What was quinine? The maxim gun?

  5. What were the causes and results of the Opium Wars?

  6. What was the Boxer rebellion? Why was it fought?

  7. What were spheres of influence? What country was split into spheres of influence?

  8. What were the causes and results of the Philippine-American War?

  9. What were Sepoys? What caused them to revolt? What does Indian historian Amaresh Misra claim happened in response to the revolt?

  10. What was China’s last dynasty?

12.2 ws & Confessions of Faith

  1. Who was Cecil Rhodes? Study questions 1-3 on Confessions of Faith.

  2. What was the battle of Omdurman?

  3. What was the Scramble for Africa?

  4. What conference led to the Scramble for Africa?

  5. Who was King Leopold II?

  6. What were the only two African nations to remain independent?

  7. What was the Battle of Isandhlwana?

  8. What was the Anglo-Boer war?

Latin America ws

  1. What was the first nation in Latin America to gain its independence? Why did the US refuse to recognize them as an independent nation?

  2. Who was Miguel Hidalgo?

  3. What two men are known as the liberators of South America?

White Man’s Burden, Things Fall Apart, & Exterminate All The Brutes

  1. Summarize the poem the White Man’s Burden. What was the “white man’s burden”? What were the positives and negatives of European rule? Why did European’s want to colonize other nations?

  2. In Things Fall Apart, what changes did the white man bring to Umuofia? What can we learn from the differences between Achebe’s title “Things Fall Apart” and the European commissioner’s book title?

  3. What is Linqvuist’s thesis in Exterminate All The Brutes? (Put this answer in your own words). What are some examples of past genocides he mentions to help support his argument?

  4. Find four ways that Things Fall Apart can be considered a response to White Man’s Burden.

Benefits of British Rule

  1. Study questions 1 and 2 on the worksheet.

Hong Xiuquan & the Taiping Rebellion

  1. Who was Hong Xiuquan? Why did people follow him?

  2. What were the goals and promises of the Taiping?

  3. How was the government finally able to end the rebellion?

  4. How many people died as a result of the rebellion?

  5. Who was Li Xiucheng?

Japan Quiz Study Guide

  1. Study Japan Notes.

  2. On the Asia map, know who colonized which nations. Who was independent? (p. 431).

  3. On the Africa map, know who colonized what nations. Who was independent? (p. 395)

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