Imperialism in Southeast Asia 11. 5

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Imperialism in Southeast Asia - 11.5
1. Indonesia (Dutch)

  1. What were the major products from Southeast Asia?

  1. What name did the Dutch give Indonesia?

  1. Describe the society the Dutch created in Indonesia.

2. Malayan Peninsula (British)

A. Why did the British want to establish another trading base?
B. What products did the British desire from the Malayan Peninsula? Who performed the labor?

3. Indochina (French)

A. When did the French become involved in Indochina?

  1. Why did Emperor Napoleon III become involved in Vietnam?

  1. What countries made up Indochina?

D. Describe how the French ruled over their colony.

4. Siam

A. Where is Siam located?

B. How did Siam stay unoccupied?
C. What kinds of changes did King Chulalongkorn call for?

5. Philippines (US)

A. What were the two opinions on imperialism in the US?
B. How did the US acquire the Philippines?
C. What actions did the US take in the Philippines? What was the result?

6. Hawaii (US)

A. How was sugar cane important to Hawaii’s history?

  1. Why was Queen Liliuokalani overthrown? Who came to power after her?

7. Analysis: What about Southeast Asia caused the Europeans and Americans to want to imperialize? What effect did this have on later societies?

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