If you think you are in good health but do not understand the principles of true freedom, the difference between right and wrong, you are not actually in good health

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If you think you are in good health but do not understand the principles of true freedom, the difference between right and wrong, you are not actually in good health. The electrochemical processes of your brain are not working properly, conscience is lacking, there is internal confusion about what is right and what is wrong. Your state of being is damaged.

the point is that people think they are good but they are not good people. You can ask your family member if they are a good person. They will say yes they are a good person, they are moral, they know the difference between right and wrong so they say. But they are actually full of shit. They are not good people, they are bad human beings without even being consciously aware of it. They do not actually know the difference between right and wrong which is what makes a person good or bad. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is what allows you to either the due the work of good or to do the work of evil and keep supporting the work of evil because they are so unknowledgeable and ignorant and uninformed. They are not paying attention to what is real and true. They have no obligation to what is true in their life. They don't care about what is true. All they give a shit about is themselves. And they think this will lead to prosperity. This is actually the path directly into the cage that we are in and will continue to be in until we get our heads out of our asses and realize we can just care about ourselves. We have to care about what is true, what is right and what is taking place in the world that is going against what is right, good, true, morality and rights.

We need to get involved, share the truth, speak it too people. We need to speak the truth everywhere we walk. This is the great work. People are loath to do it because they are worried about what the family members will say, this other person, your friends. What does any of that matter when you are already living in a prison and will be living in it worse prison in the future if things don't change. Get out of that fear. Do whatever you need to to get yourself out of that fear consciousness. The fear will leave automatically when you start speaking the truth.
Once morality leaves the people, freedom falls shortly afterwards.
Feed people endless entertainment and frivolous trivia, and this government will keep people from knowledge that can free us, from knowing the objective difference between right and wrong. Once you do know that, you will stand up against what is wrong because you understand that control and authority is an illusion and all it creates is slavery.
If you think you understand morality, right and wrong, the importance of truth, natural law, and then think that your good and you don't need to do anything or learn anymore, you are mistaken. Until you can understand it so deeply that you can actually teach it to someone else, you are not good and you have not gone all the way.
Most people not only tell you that they think they are a good person, but if you try to tell them that they really do not understand the difference between right and wrong, good/bad, most of them will tell you that they do not care

** or they will say that there is no right or wrong, but then this contradicts their assertion that they are good themselves **

As the exercise of morality or conscience increases, so does freedom increase. As the exercise of conscience or morality decreases, so does freedom decrease.

Believing that we are good while we support is violence and slavery. This is what all people in government are. If you believe in authority, but you support is violence and slavery. If you believe that government is inherently legitimate, you are a person, whether you understand it or not, regardless of your perception of it, perception is not reality. What is, the truth, what is real, is that your perception that you are a good person is inaccurate, it is not true, and it’s erroneous. The very reason that you support government which is based in violence, based in the usurpation of free will of other people and turning them into someone who must obey, is called slavery. A claim of ownership on others. You do not have conscience and common sense truly raised in you. What you're ultimately still supporting his violence and slavery, and this does not make you a good person if you support violence and slavery.

Understand the nonaggression principle is to understand the illegitimacy of any state/government is to understand moral behavior. This is a right because it does not cause harm, and this is a wrong because it does cause harm to others.
The point is people think they are good, but they are not good people.
The definition of a bad person is someone who doesn't truly know the difference between right and wrong. That's what makes a bad person a bad person, that's what makes them apt to do the work of evil and keep supporting the work of evil because they are so ignorant, and uninformed, they are not paying attention to what is real and what is true, they have no obligation to what is real and what is true.
Image 1

The lotus position of stereotypical new age image on mediation. The problem of thinking mediation and no action will get you to change things in the world.

“new” age in quotes because its not new, its same old dichotomy for left-brain dominance/imbalance or right-brain dominance/imbalance.

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The brain and heart are a vehicle for the expression of consciousness, it is not consciousness itself.
Consciousness is the ability to recognize patterns both within the self and in the realm in which the self operates.

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conscience is born through a balanced brain. What they want is to keep people in schism, in mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual schism. It's a polarity on all levels. It is abbreviated to a mental schism because as the brain goes to hold being goes. As whether such an attack on us and chemicals in food, water and the air. They want to destabilize the brain because that is how they keep their control system going. Healthy people with a healthy brain are not going to be controlled because both parts of the brain, the parts that govern compassion and right action and self-defense are going to be working together. You will have a moral person that is going to take action up to her/his necessary defensive use of force.
This has to do with truth about what is and what is going on within us and around us and that can be known. This is not always worth pursuing. But his no is most worth pursuing, knowledge of self and knowledge of the realm in which the self operates. If we don't know that and we don't know much to begin. All other pursuits are secondary, knowledge of self has to come first such as understanding how the brain functions based on what we have come to understand about.
94m on looking past fear of reality
Atheism is a belief system that there is nothing other than man, that we are the best and brightest, where the highest source of intelligence and all of creation. Atheists don't believe in natural law, there is nothing to believe in natural law, they reject the notion that there is an intelligent guiding force not only created the universe but is actually governing the decisions that we are being given the results of the free will choices that we make by this dynamic governing intelligent force. They don't want to accept that because man can just do whatever it wants unchallenged, right and wrong are just constructs of man's mind. It is sick left brain and balanced thinking of someone that is ill without knowing that they are ill. There is a force that sets things in motion such as galaxies, there is a force that sets the planets and stars in motion, not force the same force that ultimately governs the consequences of behavior, and people think that they are separate from these laws? That there are laws governing everything in creation except for them? Everything is governed by law, except for man, man can make up whatever he wants whether it is right or wrong, do it and there are no consequences… Good luck with that! And this is what many atheists think.
These left brain dominant ideologies that don't have a bearing in truth leads to authoritarianism, because there is no power higher than man then man can do whatever he wants. We can get to make up morality which is a construct that doesn't exist in nature which is what most people think.
If you ask people whether right and wrong when exists if the third planet from the sun everyone on it were removed from existence, most people would respond no, that's right and wrong are dependent on man. This concept of moral relativism is what has led to the current police state. For some reason people love to be pets, they want a police state which is the most amazing thing about this, people don't want to be free. They may welcome the police state but they have no right to have this way of life forced upon others.
We have free will, we just don't have free will without consequence. You have to exercise free will, make a choice and then act. If you chose the right action, then the consequence will not be suffering. If you chose the wrong action because you know the difference between right and wrong than the consequence will be suffering. Natural law is the deterministic component of creation, like gravity. It is operating and you will not stop it from operating, you are bound by no matter if you believe in or not or whether you know about it or not. It is very impersonal. Natural law does not care about you. You will want to think that the boundary conditions of this universe are so loving and caring, but they are not, they are impersonal forces that the creator set into motion and then does not interfere with because they're the perfect boundary conditions for the acceleration of our evolutionary development. Once you recognize that they exist and that we are bound by them, they are not prison conditions, they are there to help and guide us.
The deterministic component creation is natural law. The randomness aspect of creation is free will which we are gifted with because the creator does not interfere with our choices, we have free will to act as we will. But it is governed by the deterministic aspect of creation called natural law which is the governing dynamic of behavior.

Free will is part of us, cant give away personal responsibility

New Age movement is infinitely more dangerous than Satanism people when people are lured in by Lafayette, Satanism or other schools and ideologies that are similar, it is a very dangerous ideology but at least Satanists do not think they are slaves, they want to be masters. Not that that is right, but if everyone thought that there were masters of themselves and didn't want their rights trampled on, the world might get a little more ugly but it wouldn't be as bad as having the super form of right brain imbalance or you won't stand up for your rights or don't think you have any.

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when these two fronts the man come together, not as one the true all seeing eye is ignited, the blazing Star, the true spark of the divine is within us. Born of true intelligence and conscience, the mind uniting with the heart, intelligence and conscience. This is bringing all the different aspects of the human together as a whole, we are not divided anymore. Becoming a true individual means your whole, individuated, not divided, undivided, not separated, and become one with a higher aspect, and only one we do this doing fully activate the heart as well as the mind.

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the Neo cortex is mostly the executive command center of the brain where we are supposed to be guiding our actions from. When there is a specific form of brain imbalance, one of the other two complexes within the brain exerts executive control. In other words, this other complex in the brain sort of takes over and becomes the ruler of the individual. These particular parts of the brain are supposed to be in balance with each other, and when one of side of the Neo cortex goes into imbalance then the other parts of the brain become chronically dominated amongst the whole triune complexes of the brain which are the reptile brain, mammal brain and human brain. These are all necessary for functioning in our existence in the physical form. It's not about destroying any of these complexes of the brain but about using them in their proper aspect, in their proper role.
This is the Temple, the so-called Temple of Solomon, this is why you always see three stages to any initiatory mystery traditions, is reflection of these three parts. It is reflection the three aspects of consciousness, thought, emotion, action. Thought governed in the higher-order human thinking of the brain, emotions largely governed in the limbic system, the mammalian brain, and then action, survival instinct and is governed by the R complex. These are all necessary components to function and express consciousness. The two lower parts of the brain should not become chronically dominant. They have an important function but they should not be ruling the house, the house needs to be ruled by the human brain in a higher state of balance, by the neocortical brain.
When the left side of the brain is in a state of chronic imbalance, what happens is the limbic brain, the mammalian brain, brain that governs emotions, is shut down. That is why the dominator does not have any compassion or emotions. The part of the brain that actually sends out chemicals and neuropeptides that enables us to experience emotions in our physiology is not working properly. It is largely shut down, it has become suppressed. Chronically left brain or masculine dominance creates suppression of emotion and eventually roots us into the reptile brain. The executive command function of the center of the brain stops being a higher brain, was command functions get rerouted and now we are being ruled by the R-complex or the reptile brain. Not as ordered dominator becomes like, a reptile. Instinct, action only, survival, my way, hoarding, authority, I'm going to do what I want because I can earn this is someone who is sick in the left brain, they are trapped in the left brain, then fire walled off from the other aspect of themselves, the sacred feminine component. They have been cut off from their feminine qualities as the actual limbic brain is damaged and is not functioning properly like a computer whose logic board is broken.
If the right brain hemispheres chronically dominant what happens in these three brain structures? This is a simplification but it holds true because it explains how the brain operates in a general way to most people. When the right hemispheres chronically dominant, the Neo cortex stops functioning as the executive command center of the brain just as the left brain imbalance, but they R- complex is the one loses its power, that is what become suppressed. The survival instinct is suppressed. The person won't stand up for themselves or their rights. The executive function of the brain gets shunted to the mammalian limbic emotional part of the brain where the person is ruled by fear and their emotions. The type of person I will take offense to everything you tell them, the they get scared easily at anything that is unpleasant, person and does not want look at the unpleasantries in the world, then he believes in the New Age notion that looking at the negative in the world is that of power over you. Chronic right brain dominance, the sun side of the brain, creates the suppression of our survival ends and it eventually roots us in the mammalian brain in which we are ruled by our emotions.
If we are ruled in either one of these complexes of the brain, either the reptile or the limbic brains, what are we largely incapable of doing? Thinking clearly with a higher part of the brain that governs higher order thinking. You'll be less likely to understand patterns that are taking place and less likely to understand what is going on in you because part of you is broken and needs healing that you can't even see physically.

3 level of initiation

3 states of consciousness, thought, emotion, action

3 parts of the brain


Willing slave, someone who will not stand up for their rights
Real spirituality is true freedom, sovereignty, balance between the two hemispheres, intellect and intuition,
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they left right brain imbalance is the goal and dream of the dark occultists
130 min.

military as dogs who eat when told to eat, sleep when they are told to sleep, wake up when they're told to wake up, and do what they're told to do

image 08-09

dialectics and the illusion of free choice in those set ups


child to eat one vegetable or another

forcing someone to choose between 3 alcoholic drinks, when they only want water
A lot of people are trapped in the New Age religion and they don't even understand it is a trap. They have bought these notions and they are tied to them. This is their belief system and it doesn't matter if evidence can be shown that it is not true, they are tied to it and it doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't have to be practical in the real world. Is a belief that they're sticking with and that's it.
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there are two main mind control dialectics, government and religion

Government is the first dialectics and works through the left brain by binding away the right ring. Is all about being the dominator and maintain control of other people, compassion and creativity does not enter into this. Government exerts control through violence over people who disobey, whether what they are commanding is morally right or wrong it does not matter to them, it is called my way or the highway if you don't obey how violence is done. Anybody who does not recognize this you are wrong and not perceiving things properly, there's something wrong with your mind.
Government is also a religion, it is based on the erroneous and dogmatic belief. The whole problem is belief and religion. This is what they did to people in the past, they dissuaded them from looking into the truth and convince them that the truth doesn't even exist and you can never know it, solipsism in general. Opinion unbelief is worth they hold onto when it's all religion. We throw away opinions and beliefs, the only belief we need is to know the truth can be discovered and then go out and do because it is there and it is staring us in the face and we are ignoring it, and as a result of this ignorance we are in a cage and headed to the slaughterhouse.
The dogmatic religious belief that there is such a thing as authority vested in certain human beings, which gives these certain human beings special rights which others do not possess. Other certain people have rights that others do not have. You can justify your belief in government however you want but it comes down to believing that some have rights that others don't
The left brain imbalance eventually creates psychopathic tendencies, secondary psychopathic tendencies. This leads some to believe that they have a right to rule over others through violence, that they can do violence on the cost of, unchallenged, because they have special rights that other people do not have. I can do this and not be punished whereas other people do it and are punished or jailed. Psychopathic thugs assaulting others for using free speech because they think this way. Just because you have abides it doesn't give you a right that doesn't exist for someone else. To believe that claim is a form of insanity.
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religion is the opposite dynamic in the mind from government. Government is a religion but it works through the left brain. Religion itself works for the right brain. People in government are imbalance towards both sides. People who work within the capacities of government are really imbalance towards both sides of the brain because they believe they have rights that other people don't and also believe in the religion of government and its legitimacy which could not happen if you were not also imbalance towards the right hemisphere of the brain. The more you look at the dynamic you see that most people accept some form of a religion or control system, which is what religion is about, accepting control. Not knowing that you are sovereign.

Religion works through the right brain and left brain out-of-the-way. With religion you want blind faith and naïveté just what everyone in government accepts: this claim of authority. If we give up our free will and personal responsibility to perform right action, some deity, government, group, e.t. race, or mystical force will save us from ourselves.
Right brain imbalance creates blind acceptance and collectivist groupthink, leading to a condition in which willing followers will readily submit to authority. Swear they need to keep the population, and to save a right brain imbalance common religions like the government and New Age.
Image 14

when you put both of these things together, government with religion, now you have a totally imbalanced mind, the psyche is totally imbalanced towards the left hemisphere with its masculine form of thinking when left unchecked and right hemisphere in a chronic state of balance with religion in the night whichever child with blind acceptance going into slave think. This leaves the brain all chained and locked up, and the key lies in the balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. The key to unlocking that is balancing the two brain hemispheres and not falling into either of these two imbalances or both.

Image 15

as each person is reflected in the whole, as more people to come like this the whole world will eventually become an chained and locked up. We are in these chains.

Image 18

authority is a belief based in jurisdiction

from the Latin noun jus, juris: law

in the Latin verb dictere: to speak, to say

Jurisdiction means to say or to speak of the law, the law is what we say it is. We speak the law is what literally means, we say what the law is. This is the notion that man is God and man is the maker of law, we are the authors of law, we are the makers of law. Forget the law inherent in creation called natural law, the laws of morality, no, we make the law because there is no higher force than us, right and wrong are constructs that exist in our minds and we get to determine what they are, not to discover and live in harmony with them but to make those laws because we are lawmakers, we have jurisdiction, we say what the law is and punish anyone who disagrees. It does not matter if our laws out of harmony with natural law.
Once we start thinking we are the makers of law and thinking we are going to write down law bound others to it because we said so that is man saying he is God.
This whole lesson we are experiencing is the creator showing man how much he is not God. The whole lesson right here on Earth at this time in history is that we are not God. You are not God. You may be an individuated unit of consciousness but you are not God itself, you are not the lawmaker.
**Emotional intelligence and honesty and some people being turned away and disliking those who express negative emotions and expressing truth through their emotions
The notion that you have to sugarcoat truth to get people to accept it is the problem. This is what the New Age is trying to promote, this is the problem that people accept this and believe it. The New Age roll call people on their bull ship and tell them that what they are doing and believing in is wrong and hence the wrongdoing goes on unchallenged. They value peace more than the value truth, they don't want to rock the boat, they don't care that the truth is being buried and with it their freedom. No confrontation. And if the truth goes down as a result of no confrontation then so be it.
Image 19-20


An illusion of a diseased psyche based entirely in Violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic Belief that some people are Masters who have the moral right to issues commands, and others are Slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the master.
That is the very definition of slavery. If you cannot conceive that this is what slavery is by definition then there's something wrong with your mind and you need to heal it in order to grasp and understand patterns in reality.
It is a religious dogmatic belief that has no basis in nature, no basis in truth. Because to accept this notion would mean that people are slaves rightfully, that slavery is right and should continue indefinitely. This is what everyone who is a status believes whether they are consciously aware of it or not.
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what everyone who does not acknowledge the government is slavery does not understand and needs to recognize is a sovereign. Everyone who believes in authority does not fully understand this concept. Some people believe that this is a dirty word and frown upon those who claim to be sovereigns because they do not understand the meaning of words, they do not understand where the words they speak came from.
From the Latin adverb super: above

and the Latin noun regnum: rulership; control

one who is above the rulership or control of another

one who is not a subject or slave to another

Not a slave. Sovereign means not a slave.
Ask anyone around you if they are slaves, they will say no because no one is a rightful slave regardless of the conditions that are in place to promote such a condition.

in reality those people in the condition of slavery were never slaves. There is no such thing as the legitimization of slavery. Other people believed in the condition of slavery and held others are slaves. Others can only claim others to be their property. As generations were born within the conditions of slavery of errors so well indoctrinated into their conditions by their masters that they believe themselves to be slave and that slavery was legitimate. Many did not accept this notion but many also did accept that slavery should continue.

When the slaves were officially freed and told to be responsible for their own lives, they faced an issue due to the lack of skills and forced indoctrination into ignorance they have lived in .They almost preferred the familiarity of their chains to the unknown aspect of actually governing their own life. This is a mental mindset that develops when someone is being held in captivity for so long. You identify with your oppressive condition and so-called masters and owners. In their ignorance and conditioning this is what they want to continue. Others were able to break free from their bonds and realize the power they had to live their own lives.
The government provides this assistance to me.

The government provides free education for my children.

It doesn't matter why you are doing it, it is still support of slavery whether you understand it or not. Slavery is always immoral and illegitimate and should be ended. The Slave master wants people to accept that they are better off with their self-imposed master, I take better care of you, you are better off with me, you don't want to be on your own do you? He would have to make hard choices and do other forms of work and you would be totally responsible for your survival, all you have to do here is just listen to commands and obey. Police do this and thinking they can hand over their obligation to think for themselves and give over responsibility for their actions as long as they obey orders.
It is a moral obligation to think for oneself. It is more than just personal responsibility, you have a moral obligation to think for yourself and make judgments about what right and wrong behavior actually are based on knowledge of right and wrong.
When a person wants to be eternally Do someone else's slaver pet wants to do is try to give away that personal responsibility on the to make that free will choice themselves, they want to think that they can hand over to someone else.
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