I (Your Name) agree to adhere to the following

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Volunteer Disclaimer:
I ______________________(Your Name) agree to adhere to the following:
Please read and tick each statement if you agree...

[ ] I agree to offers my services as a volunteer for ______________________(Organization) at Flappers Comedy Club LLC.

[ ] I have adequate Medical Insurance to cover me whilst volunteering at Flappers Comedy Club.
[ ] I agree to volunteer fully at my own risk. I understand that Flappers Comedy Club shall not accept liability for any loss, damage or injury to any property, other person or my own personal being and Flappers Comedy Club and its employees are not in any way responsible for any illness, accidents or events during the Volunteer Work which may result in injury, loss or fatality to me.
[ ] Flappers Comedy Club is a safe, secure and insured environment, but it does not accept any responsibility for your safety of security of Volunteers. You are responsible for keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure.
[ ] I respect the confidentiality of the information I gain whilst volunteering at Flappers Comedy Club and understand I agree not to publish reports or information without explicit written permission from Flappers Comedy Club Managers.
[ ] I agree to uphold the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviours at all times. I will adhere to Flappers Comedy Club guidance on appropriate cultural behaviour and dress during my time at Flappers Comedy Club and I understand that failure to do so may lead me to having my Volunteer Placement at Flappers Comedy Club terminated.
[ ] I confirm that my general state of health and fitness is good and I take full responsibility for my health and wellbeing whist at Flappers Comedy Club.
[ ] I have read and understand the above Volunteer Guidelines and I will comply with them.
______________________________ ________________________________

Signed and Dated Flappers Comedy Club Dated

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