I. Title, Instructional Goals & Performance Objectives. Title

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I. Title, Instructional Goals & Performance Objectives.

Title: African American History Course

Instructional Goals and Performance Objectives:

The general goal of this project is for students to achieve basic competence in African American History. Students will demonstrate their competence by reading text and writing responses to open ended questions in essay form.

Students should be able to meet these specific goals:
• Demonstrate sufficient grammatical control to express basic ideas about important events for African Americans
• Demonstrate basic organizational writing skills such as writing a coherent paragraph with a clear topic sentence to express a thought.
• Use appropriate transitions to express relationships of chronological order, addition, and contrast among sentences.
• Gather and analyze information for a research paper. Analyze a specific person, place, thing, or event.
The focus of the African American History course will be to provide online instruction to students who can’t attend regular classes. The lessons will cover some of the specific content related to African American History but will allow students to demonstrate and further develop the skills needed for effective writing.

Timeline: Project:
The African American History coursework should be fully functional within 2 month of starting the project.

Students are expected to complete all of the required coursework in order to receive full credit which will be added to their transcript.


• The content has been taken from adopted text about African American History.

• The course content has been pre-selected by the client.

Outcomes & Evaluation:

Students are expected to:

• Be able to analyze and describe important events in African American History.
• Enhance technical writing skills.
• Enhance reading comprehension skills.
• Further develop written self expressions.
II. Target Audience
Client's Name:

Dr. Glenn Mitchell

Client Requirements: Provide an African American History course online for students that are enrolled in credit retrieval classes.
Client Description:

My client is Dr. Glen Mitchell, Director of Pupil Services in the Kansas City Missouri School District.


Target Audience Profile:

The target audience is high school students in the KCMSD that need to take African American History as a requirement or elective to fulfill graduation requirements. Students meet with the instructor at before starting the class, any scheduled meetings, and when they are finished with all of the coursework to take the final test. Students have the opportunity to work at their own pace.

III. Evaluation Strategy

• The page layout is consistent.

• Content is logically organized.
• Spelling & grammar are checked.
• Controls are clearly labeled.
• The pages are content-rich and can be improved in the future.

• Navigation map is logical from the client and audience perspectives.

• Each link works properly.
• Links target the correct pages.

IV. Quality of Product & Presentation

Overview of the Project:

This is a client project done by Edward Wilson, Bander Almatari, Chi-Hsun Chiu, and Mansour Al Ghafli, as a required assignment of T&L 731 Designing Instructional Materials, with Dr. Ron Aust, Spring 2007, School of Education, University of Kansas

Academic Skills:

• Students must be able to read on a 8th grade level.

• Students are expected to effectively communicate in writing.
• Students are expected to be familiar with basic computing skills (word processing, e-mail).

Technical Requirements:

• Students need access to a computer to access the online coursework.

• Students have access to the online coursework through any type of Internet connection.
• Students have access to the online coursework from home or school.
• Students do not need a user ID or a password to access the online coursework.
• Any basic Internet explorer can allow students to view the online coursework.
V. Client Evaluation
Success will be measured by:
• Mastery of the course content by the students.
• Feedback from the client and students.
• Satisfying the client's needs by incorporating all of the specification into the project.

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