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I.S.Wright Militaria


Ph: (03) 5333 3476 Fax: (03) 5331 6426
Postal Bid Sale No. 630

Closes 16th September 2009














































































































Specialists and Contacts for this auction
Proprietor: Stewart Wright Militaria Describers: Ben Smith - Medals & Militaria

Mark Broemmer - Militaria

Manager: Ben Smith Derek Brosnan - German Militaria

Lauren Hustwaite - Militaria

Office Administrator: Philip Ryrie Jason Palmer - Aeronautical Specialist
Ebay Administrator: Adam Weary
Email : ballarat@iswright.com.au
Phone: ( 03 ) 5333 3476 Fax: ( 03 ) 5331 6426

Terms and Conditions
By submitting bids in this auction the bidder signifies acceptance of the conditions of the auction.

  1. The prices listed are estimates only. You may bid at, above or below the estimate, however low bids are rarely successful. 80% of estimate is the lowest bid acceptable; any bids lower than this amount will automatically be increased to 80% of the estimate.

  1. All estimates are in Australian Dollars.

  1. Please bid only the highest amount you are prepared to pay ( Not including P&P or insurance ). As lots are sold at 5% above the second highest bid “sliding” bids are not necessary All bids must be in whole dollar amounts. Anything less will be rounded up.

  1. Lots receiving an equal high bid figure by two or more bidders will be sold to the bidder with earliest bid received.

  1. Whilst bids will be taken and instructions will be executed with the utmost care, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions on the bidders part. Please check your bid sheet carefully as lots bid on in error cannot be returned for that reason.

  1. All lots are sold as genuine, unless otherwise specified, and as described. Lots incorrectly described may be returned within seven days for a full refund; however, no lot can be rejected if the buyer has inspected the lot prior to the sale. Items described as having faults cannot be returned because of that fault.

  1. We reserve the right to withdraw any lot or refuse any bid as required.

  1. Lots are available for viewing at the above address, providing twenty four hours notice is given. Anyone needing to view lots at any of our other outlets is responsible for insured postage both ways. Photos are available of lots with an estimate price greater than $20. Only one photo per item, more than that it is $3.00 and photo’s emailed are $2.00 (This charge will be refunded if you are the successful bidder )

  1. At no time prior to the closing date of the sale will the progression of bids be available. Final results of the sale will be available after one full week from the closing date, please do not enquire prior to this As this prolongs the finalisation

  1. Agents bidding on behalf of clients are responsible both for payment and safe delivery of purchases.

  1. Customers wishing to use Mastercard or Visa will be subject to a 2% incl GST merchant fee and must supply the card number and expiry date with their bids. Unless a credit card is used, all invoices are pro-forma, due and payable seven days after receipt. Any invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days from the invoice date will incur a service fee of 2.5% per month.

  1. Those wishing to lay-by sold lots need to inform our administration department within 3 days of receiving an invoice. Lay-by is only available on payment of 25% deposit and the full amount owing must be paid in full within three months or monies paid will be forfeit. ( Unless prior arrangement is made with management.) or lot(s) will be returned to stock.

  1. All dealings in relation to this Postal Bids Sale are with Ballarat head office only.

  1. If you are running late we welcome bids by phone (A.H. 5333 3476) or fax until midnight (Aust EST)of the closing day. In the event of a postal strike, closing date will be extended until all mail is cleared.

15. All purchases will be subject to postal and insurance fees unless being collected from the Ballarat office.


  1. Items submitted for return after purchase through the Postal Bids Sale must be sent back within 7 days of receipt.

  2. You must include a detailed letter explaining the reason for return along with the original paperwork or your customer and lot number.

  3. The item(s) must be returned in the original box or packing. The customer is responsible for the postage and insurance costs of returned item(s).( Unless prior arrangement has been made )

  4. The item(s) must be returned in its original state. Items that have been altered in any way will be deemed sold and returned to you at your expense.

  5. After the 7 day period has expired, the item(s) will be deemed sold and return will not be accepted.

Please note: Domestic catalogue subscription is $20 AUD per annum and overseas is $50 AUD per annum. Remember, however, subscriptions are not payable by successful bidders.



1 AUST 2004. "WAR IN WORDS" THE HALSTEAD ARMOURY OF AUSTRALIAN WAR WRITING. With a foreword by General Peter Cosgrove. Wonderful combination of all of Australia's famous War writers and many other relevant stories and prose. S/C. 272 pages. Grade I. $38

2 AUST "With the Volunteers - A Historical diary of the Volunteer Forces of the North West and West Coasts of Tasmania 1886-1986" by Major Douglas Morris Wyatt. 1987 H/C D/J 348pg. Very well illustrated and informative history. Grade II- $150

3 AUST "Diggers - The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven Wars" by George Odgers. 1994 H/C D/J plus Hard Sleeves. Very well written and well illustrated. Short history of the Australian Defence Force. Well known author. Used. Grade II-. $50

4 AUST "100 Years of Australians At War" by George Odgers. 2000 S/C 400pg. Short history of Aussies at war by renowned historian. Grade II- $35

5 AUST "Little by Little - A Centenary History of the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps" by Michael Tyquin. 2003 H/C 684pg. Grade II. $105

6 AUST "The Rehearsal - Australians at war in the Sudan 1885" by K.S. Inglis. 1985 H/C D/J 176pg. Very informative account of Australia's first overseas contingent. Grade II- $70

7 AUST "Through War to Peace" by Ralph Sutton. 1996 S/C 234pg. Compliation of various military historians articles. Grade II- $40

8 AUST "Here is Their Spirit - A History of the Australian War Memorial 1917-1990" by Mickael McKernan. 1991 H/C D/J 388pg. New! Full history of Australia's War Memorial in Canberra. Grade II+. $60

9 AUST 1971 510pgs The Australians In Nine Wars. S/C paperback used. Well written and well researched background into Australias involvement. Grade II- $15

10 AUST 1988 208pgs "AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE HERITAGE" The buildings establishments and sites of our military history that have become part of the national estate. Text by Frank Doak, Illustrated by Jeff Isaacs. H/C D/J used. Grade II- $80

11 AUST 1998 306pgs "THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AUSTRALIA'S BATTLES" S/C new. Very informative book about all of Australia's battles. Grade I $45

12 AUST THE FRAGILE FORTS. THE FIXED DEFENCES OF SYDNEY Harbour 1788-1963. 326pgs. 2004. An illustrated history with line drawings & B/W photos. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $35

13 AUST THE AUSTRALIAN FRONTIER WARS 1788-1838 by John Connor. In depth analysis of early Australian involvement. S/C, 2005, 175 pgs. Grade I. $47

14 AUST "VICTORIAN LAND FORCES 1853-1883". By. George F. Ward 1989. 155 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

15 AUST "DIGGERS - The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven wars. From 1860 to 5 June 1944 by George Odgers. 1994 H/C D/J 272 pg. Excellent history by well known historian. 1 of 2 Volumes. Grade II- $50

16 AUST "VOLUNTEERS AT HEART - The Queensland Defence Forces 1860-1901" by D.H. Johnson. Published 1975, H/C with D/J, 248 pages. Used. Mainly text with a section of B/W photographs. A good reference. Grade II-. $65

17 AUST VICTORIA AND AUSTRALIAS FIRST WAR by MacFarlane & Smith 2005 64 pgs. HM Colonial Steam Sloop Victoria and the First Taranaki War in New Zealand. Includes crew list for 1860-61 SC. New. Grade I. $30

18 AUST "Artists in Action - from the collection of the Aust. War Memorial". 2003 H/C D/J 172pg. Excellent condition. Grade II $65

19 AUST "Boer War Men of the Queanbeyan-Braidwood Region: Adventurers or Patriots?" by John Cope. 2005 S/C 280pg. Area History with details of Boer War Veterans. Brand New Grade I condition. $36

20 AUST AUSTRALIA AT THE FRONT By Frank Wilkinson With portrait 19 illustrations and map. 290pgs with mpas. 1901. A coloni- al view of the Boer War. H/C rebound but scarce. Grade II. $200

21 AUST 'ON THE VELDT' a plain narrative of service afield in South Africa, by Major R.C. Lewis, D.S.O. of the 1st Tasmanian Imperial bushmen. (nominal roll). 159pgs 1902. H/c slight wear, Grade II-, quite scarce book. $300

22 AUST ANIMAL ALLIES by R Pearson. 185 pgs 2005. The story of animals, birds & other creatures that helped men to fight centuries of Wars. HC. New. Grade I. $35

23 AUST IN MEMORIAM. Transvaal War 1899 - 1900. 24pgs 1900. A pictorial of those killed from Victoria in the Boer War to 1900. H/C De-luxe edition. Very scarce, spine edge wear Grade III+. $175

24 AUST FALLEN - THE ULTIMATE HEROES. Footballers who never returned from war by Main and Allen. 2002. 358 pgs. H/C D/J. Grade I. $55

25 AUST 2005. "MYTH MAKER". Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett. The Englishman Who Sparked Australia's Gallipoli Legend. By. Fred & Elizabeth Brenchley. With numerous B/W photos. S/C. 285 pages. Grade I. $38

26 AUST "The Great War" by Les Carlyon. 2006 H/C with D/J 863pg. The new release follow up to "Gallipoli". A new perspective on Australia's entry and journey through WWI. Grade I $70

27 AUST "The Last ANZACs - Lest We Forget" by Tony Stephens and Steven Siewert. 1996/2002 S/C 106pg. Many photographs to celebrate the lives of the last ANZACs. Grade I $42

28 AUST "Bush Heroes - A people a place of legend" by Suzanne Welborn. 1982/2002 S/C 240pg. Experience of Aust. Troops analyzed with links to Pioneer Aust. Grade I $42

29 AUST "Somewhere in France - Letters to Home - The War Years of Sgt. Roy Whitelaw 1st A.I.F" by Allan M. Nixon. 1989 H/C D/J 170pg. Very well illustrated history / biographical account. Grade II-. $45

30 AUST "The Gates of Memory - Australian People's Experiences and Memories of Loss and the Great War" by Tanja Luckins. 2004 S/C 304pg. Emotive look at Australian experience at war. Grade I. $42

31 AUST "GALLIPOLI" by Michael Hickey. Published 2000, S/C, 363 Pages. Interesting in-depth look at the reasons of the campaign. Grade I. $60

32 AUST 1918 146pgs The Soldiers Gift Book. H/C used. Initially a fundraiser to provide housing for NSW partially incapacitated soldiers and widows. Grade II- $150

33 AUST 1941, 922pgs, Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol XI Australia During the War by Ernest Scott. H/C used. History of Australia in WWI. Grade II- $100

34 AUST 1922, 90pgs, Australia War Museum. S/C used handbook guide to the exhibits and displays of the "Australian War Museum" (Exhibition Buildings). This was the premier sight before Canberra was chosen to build the Australian War Memorial. Period photos. Wealth of information. Grade II- $40

35 AUST 1912 92pgs The Commonwealth Military Journal. S/C. Periodical small conglomeration of short story findings & reports. Grade II- $95

36 AUST 1912 154pgs The Commonwealth Military Journal. S/C. Periodical pamphlet. Conglomeration of short precis/ academic findings. September 1912. Grade II- $100

37 AUST OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18. Vol X. The Australians at Rabaul by S Mackenzie. 412 pgs 1941. One of the Beans series. HC very worn. Grade III. Usable for research. $25

38 AUST ANZAC - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY 1914-18. Edited by Richard Pelvin. 304 pgs 2004. Large format book with some fantastic shots of Australians and New Zealanders at War. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $40

39 AUST 2005. "RUSSIAN ANZACS IN AUSTRALIAN HISTORY". By. Elena Govor. 310 pages. S/C., New. Grade I. $45

40 AUST "Not Theirs the Shame Who Fight - Edited selections from the WWI diaries, poems and letters of 6080 Private R.C. (Cleve) Potter. A Company 21st Battalion A.I.F." 1999 S/C 210pg. Semi-Autobiography of a WWI Diggers' Experience in WWI. Brand New Grade I Condition. $25

41 AUST WHERE ANZACS SLEEP, The Gallipoli Photos of Captain Jack Duffy - 8th Battalion. By Ron Austin. Photo Journal of Officer of famed 8th Battalion AIF, Signed by Author, Limited Edition, 2006, H/C with D/J, New, 96pgs, Grade I $80

42 AUST IN THE LINE OF FIRE, By Rex Sadler and Tom Hayllar, 358pgs, 2005, with some illustrations, s/c new, Grade I. $15

43 AUST ECHOES OF ANZAC. THE VOICES OF AUSTRALIANS AT WAR. 298 pgs 2005. Words from ordinary Australian Soldiers from WW1 to Vietnam. SC. New. Grade I. $15

44 AUST THE COMMANDERS. Very informative quick reference on the great Australian commander. H/C with D/J, 1983, 355pgs, Garde II- $50

45 AUST 1997 316pgs "An Australian Odyssey" from Giza to Gallipoli by G Hutchinson. S/C used! One mans pilgerimage to Aust battlefields of WW1. Grade II $25

46 AUST THE WESTERN FRONT 1916-18 By P Cochrane. 138 pgs 2004. Australias part in the bloody battles over 46,000 killed. Great illustrations. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $25

47 AUST 2001. "WITH GUTS AND BAYONETS". Diggers and Doughboys On The Hindenburg Line 1918. By: Yves Fohlen. 84 pages. S/C. New. Grade I. $28

48 AUST 1917 128pgs "FROM THE AUSTRALIAN FRONT" Photo's of Aust. troops at work and in the frontline. Originally a fundraiser. Grade II- $100

49 AUST VICTORY CELEBRATIONS SIGNING OF PEACE.Sydney New South Wales 1919. 61 pgs. Souvenir Programme. S/C. Soiled Grade II- $15

50 AUST 1934 94pgs. "THE BOOK OF THE ANZAC MEMORIAL NSW. H/C. Very nice used copy of this very hard to find memorial handbook. Short AIF history and photo's complete this wonderful book. Grade II+ $175

51 AUST "The Strength of a Nation - Six years of Australians fighting for the nation and defending the homefront in WWII" by Michael McKernan. 2006 H/C D/J 416pg. Exploring Australian involvement in WW2. Grade I $65

52 AUST "When Good Men Do Nothing" by Griffith Spragg. 2005 H/C 297pg. New book. Memoirs of Veteran, Doctor and Researcher into military health problems. Grade I-. $52

53 AUST "Armed and Ready - The Industrial Development and Defence of Australia 1900-1945" by A.T. Ross. 1995 S/C 436pg. New Condition. An informative look at industry and the way it helped Australia through WW2. Grade I-. $60

54 AUST 1999 160pgs. "THE SECOND WORLD WAR & ITS AUSTRALIAN ARMY BATTLE HONOURS. H/C D/J, new. Great reference of WW2 battle honours. Grade I- $50

55 AUST 1988 68pgs "NORTH QUEENSLAND WWII 1942-1945. S/C, new. General history & map. Grade I $20

56 AUST 2001 86pgs "MILNE BAY RADAR" Unit history of the No.37 Radar station 1942-1945. H/C new. Short history of new technology at war. Grade I $45

57 AUST 2005 326pgs "FORGED BY WAR" Auustralians in combat and back home. S/C used (VGC) various profiles on Aust service personnel and the effects on those at home. Grade II+ $30

58 AUST 1995 300pgs "SALVOS" with the forces. Red shield services during the world wars. S/C used. Interesting insight into work of the Salvation Army during wartime. Grade II- $30

59 AUST 2003 205pgs S/C new. A new aspect of war in print. Very ineresting reading. Grade I $36

60 AUST "THE STRENGTH OF A NATION - Six years of Australians fighting for the nation and defending the homefront in WWII" by Michael McKernan. Published 2006, H/C with D/J, 416pg. New! Interesting views on Australian WW2 involvement. AWM photos. Grade I-. $28
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