I. Introduction and Background Information

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Explorer Report Outline:

Directions: Pick an Explorer you would like to learn more about, use the outline below to write your essay.

I.        Introduction and Background Information
A.      Personal Information on Explorer – birth, place of
          birth, death, information pertinent to the reasons he  
          became an explorer.
B.      What country sponsored the explorer’s explorations?
          Why?  Who was involved?  Was anyone else interested
          in exploring this region?

II.        Areas Explored
A.       What regions did this explorer explore?  Describe the
B.       When did the explorer explore the region?
C.       Who occupied this land before the explorers came to the
           region?  What were they like?
D.       Why was the explorer exploring this region?
E.        What did the explorer hope to find?
F.        What were the conditions of the time that lead to the
           exploration of this region?

III.        Effects of the Exploration
A.       Why is this exploration significant in history?  Were any
           major discoveries made in the exploration?
B.       What were the economic effects of this explorer’s discoveries and
           explorations in Europe, America, or around the world?  

C.        What were the effects of the explorer’s explorations on
           the native peoples already in the region?
D.        Are there any lasting effects of this explorer’s
           explorations in our time?

IV. Conclusion (Reflection)

  1. If you could explore any part of the world where would you go?

  2. What things have you learned from the explorer you research that you would definitely do and what things would you not do.

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