I have Lived a thousand Years Vocabulary Study Guide Affirmation

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I Have Lived A Thousand Years Vocabulary Study Guide
Affirmation a positive statement or declaration of the truth

Bedraggled disheveled, messy, scruffily, grubby

Cacophony unpleasant noise, harsh sounds all together

Chagrin feeling of humiliation, embarrassment

Deftly skillfully, nimbly, cleverly

Delusion a false belief, illusion, fantasy, hallucination

Deport force to leave a country, expel, banish,

Diffuse spread throughout something else, scatter, disperse

Discordant disagreement or incompatible

Drab lacking color or brightness, dull, dreary

Endearment expression of affections, kind word, compliment

Extricate extract, to get out or remove something

Feign pretend, or make a show, fake,

Furor Hitler

Imminent about to happen, coming up

Incessant continuing for a long time without stopping

Inhabit to live in a place or occupy, make one’s home

Liquidation the removal of, expulsion,

Monolithic colossal, constructed using massive stones, huge

Obliterate destroy completely, wipe out in a destructive manner

Prohibit not allow

Providence God’s wisdom of care, destiny

Pungent strong smelling or tasting, bitter, overpowering

Stipulate specify, instruct,

Taut stretched tightly

Tumultuous turbulent, confused, chaotic, noisy

Ungainly lacking grace, awkward, clumsy

Valiant courageous, strong, brave, heroic

Voracious very hungry or especially eager or enthusiastic

Woe grief, a serious misfortune or affliction, sadness

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