I am pleased to reprint the article that appeared in the Autum 2001 issue of the Hull Family Association Journal Volume 12, Number 3

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I am pleased to reprint the article that appeared in the Autum 2001 issue of the Hull Family Association Journal Volume 12, Number 3. It is presented here with the permission of Bob Sollars and the Hull Family Association. The format has been modified to fit the MyFamily.com screen. It is copyrighted 2001 by the Hull Family Association. ***************************************************************************************** Featured Family The Ezekiel Hull and Mary (Denton) Hull and The Platt Hull and Susanna (Sollars) Hull Families Of Fairfield County, Connecticut; Ulster County, New York Washington (now Smyth) County, Virginia Ross (now Pickaway) County, Ohio; and Moultrie County, Illinois by Robert Sollars With additions by HFA members #1115 Stephen L. Pearson, #1172 William F. Price, Jr., and Phyllis J. Hughes Part I Editor's Note: In our Vol. 11, #1, Spring 2000 issue of The Hull Family Association Journal, we published the Bible Record for the above Platt Hull family (please see two Corrections to Bible Record on page 119, this issue. With this issue, we are pleased to bring you a detailed article on Platt Hull and his parents, Ezekiel and Mary (Denton) Hull. These Hulls descend from the George Hull, immigrant line; however, the Platt Hull family was not carried down in The Hull Family in America, published 1913. Robert E. Hull did extend the line, including seven of Platt Hull's children, in his 1994 update of the George Hull line. We have nine members of the Hull Family Association who descend from Ezekiel Hull and Mary Denton: #167 Richard Lewis Hull, #494 Mable M. Booker, #541 Vickie Booker Binder (inactive), #699 Karen N. Rhodes, #894 Verah J. Peel Peddicord, #1115 Stephen L. Pearson, #1141 Teri D. Sharp, and #1172 William F. Price, Jr. and #1278 Joy Kimsey. Seven members from the above listing also descend from Platt Hull and Susanna Sollars: #494 Mable M. Booker, #541Vickie Booker Binder (inactive), #699 Karen N. Rhodes, #1115 Stephen L. Pearson, #1141 Teri D. Sharp, and #1278 Joy Kimsey. Our thanks to #1115 Stephen L. Pearson for putting us in touch with Robert Sollars, who has given us permission to publish this article; and many thanks to Mr. Sollars for contributing his fine account of these George Hull descendants. Ezekiel Hull was born January 15, 1765 at Redding, Fairfield County, Connecticut, a son of Nathaniel Hull Jr. and Abigail (Platt) Hull. Nathaniel Hull Jr. was born February 20 1726/27, probably at Hull Farm's in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, to Nathaniel Hull Sr. and Elizabeth (Burr) Hull. His wife, Abigail Platt, was born in 1736, to Timothy Platt and Margery (Smith) Platt. The Hulls resided first in Fairfield and later in Redding, both in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This family descended from George Hull, the early 1630s immigrant, so several preceding generations had inhabited Fairfield, Connecticut. By the time of the Revolutionary War, Nathaniel Jr. and Abigail (Platt) Hull had migrated to Ulster County, New York. Ezekiel Hull was ten years old at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He may have served toward the end of the war, along with his older brother, Nathaniel Hull. There are official records that they enlisted in Ulster County, New York, but it is not verified that Ezekiel ever saw actual service. Another brother, Samuel Hull, also participated in militias from Ulster County. A Nathaniel Hull is on record as having served on the Ulster County Safety Committee. This Nathaniel was most likely the father of the brothers Ezekiel, Nathaniel Jr., and Samuel Hull but his identity has not been completely documented as yet. Ezekiel Hull was twenty-one years of age when he married Mary Denton in Connecticut, November 12, 1786, the day before her twenty-first birthday. Mary was born, November 13, 1765, in Goshen, Orange County, New York, a daughter of Daniel & Martha (Purdy) Denton. By at least 1789, the Nathaniel Hull Jr. and Ezekiel Hull families had migrated to Washington County, Virginia, in the area that became Smyth County in 1832. The Washington County, Virginia land records, Deed Book #1, page 513, show that on February 21, 1797, an indenture was drawn up between Ezekiel's parents "Nathaniel and Abigail Hull, of the first part, and Ezekiel Hull of the other part." This indenture shows that, for the sum of 100� current money of Virginia, Ezekiel received 187 acres of land which was part of a larger tract of 400 acres originally patented May 7, 1787. The survey of Ezekiel's 187 acres traces a 1ane running along one boundary, a creek branch along another, and names his neighbors Samuel Hull, his oldest brother, and a Cole and Ashbrook family. Today, Washington County and Smyth County are situated side-by-side in southwestern Virginia, on and near the Tennessee line. Ezekiel Hull and his family were some of the early settlers of Ohio, where they had moved in about 1805. The family settled in that part of Deerfield Township, Ross County, Ohio, which, in 1810, became part of Pickaway County. Ezekiel Hull is listed on the 1810 Tax List in Ross County. Ezekiel Hull, died on his land there, November 12, 1810, aged 45 years, 9 months, 27 days. His widow, Mary, never married again. She survived her late husband thirty-four years, dying November 21, 1844 also in Pick-away County, Ohio, aged 79 years, 8 days. The Will of Ezekiel Hull, was dated October 17, 1810, Ross County, Ohio. It names his wife, Mary, and his son, Platt, the eldest of ten children, as joint executors: In the name of God, Amen. I, Ezekiel Hull of the county of Ross and State of Ohio, being weak of body, but of sound memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner following, to wit, First I give my soul to God that gave it, and my body I wish buried in a decent manner by my Executors hereafter named. And secondly I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary the use of all my real and Personal Estate, until my children all come of age after all my just Debts be paid by my Executors out of my Estate, and then after my children all come of age, the Widow to have her third of all my real and personal Estate and then out of the balance of my real and Personal Estate I give and bequeath unto my beloved Son Platt Hull fifteen acres of land, to be taken off of the lower and adjoining the House he now lives in. And I give and bequeath unto my daughter Deborah, and son-in-law, Josiah Baker the sum of one Dollar, and then the balance that remains, I give and bequeath to my Son Denton Hull the bay colt under two years old, And I give and bequeath to my son Nathaniel Hull the Last Spring colt of a bay colour, and I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha at her marriage one cow and one bed, and spinning wheel, then the balance after all my children come of age to be equally divided between my children namely Denton, Nathaniel, Daniel, Cornelius, Luff Smith, Samuel and James Hull, and I do hereby revoke all other wills by me heretofore made, and I do by these presents appoint my Wife Mary Hull executrix, and my son Platt Hull Executor of this my last Will and Testament, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of 0ctober 1810. Interlined before signed Ezekiel Hull (seal) Signed, sealed and acknowledged as his last Will and Testament in presence of us. his Eli [X] Goddard, Peter Jackson Mark Children of Ezekiel and Mary (Denton) Hull +1. i. Platt Hull ii. Deborah Hull, born 25 May 1789; married March ? , 1804, Washington County, Virginia, Josiah Baker. iii. David Denton Hull, born 06 May 1791, New York; married 07 September 1817, Lydia Hornbeck; resided: Marion, Smyth County, Virginia; Pickaway County, Ohio; and Pike County, Illinois. iv. Nathaniel Hull, born 04 October 1793; died 14 November 1868; married 01 January 1818, Nancy M. Wyatt; resided: Marion, Smyth County, Virginia, and Marion County, Ohio. v. Martha Hull, born 1795; married 09 September 1813, Ross County, Ohio (1) Joseph Crow, married (2) Joseph Longfellow vi. Daniel Hull, born 24 December 1797; died age 74; married (1) Margaret Long, married (2) ? , married (3) ? ; resided Ross and Pickaway County, Ohio; Vermilion County, Illinois; Fountain County, Indiana. vii. Cornelius Hull, born 23 September 1800; may be the Cornelius Hull who married Mary Cory, 12 December 1822, Ross County, Ohio. viii. Luff Smith Hull, born 28 February 1802, Virginia; married Rachel Brundige; resided: Smyth County, Virginia, and Ross and Marion Counties, Ohio. ix. Samuel Hull, born 14 May 1805; died 14 January 1893; married (1) 28 November 1827, Cherissa Wilcox, married (2) 09 April 1876, Mrs. Mary Jane (Richardson) Young; resided: Ross, Delaware, and Marion Counties, Ohio, and Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri. +2. x. James B. Hull, M.D., born 12 May 1808; married 11 September 1828, Delaware County, Ohio, Mary Brundige; resided: Ross County, Ohio; Wabash and Kosciusko Counties, Indiana; Vermilion County, Illinois. Some descendants went to Lake County, Indiana. Platt and Susanna (Sollars) Hull Platt Hull, the oldest child of Ezekiel and Mary (Denton) Hull, was born August 15, 1787 in Ulster County, New York. At the age of nineteen, on February 19, 1807, in Ross County, Ohio, Platt Hull was united in marriage with Susanna Sollars. Susanna Sollars, born June l5, 1792, in Frederick County, Virginia, was the second of seven known children born to Ignatius and Elizabeth Sollars, also early settlers in Ohio. She was not yet fifteen years of age when she married Platt Hull. Platt and Susanna resided in Ross through 1819 where their first six children were born. The "15 acres," referred to in the above will of Ezekiel Hull, adjoining Platt and Susanna Hull's house, was apparently on the county line or remained within Deerfield Township of Ross County when the Pickaway County boundaries were surveyed in 1810. During the War of 1812, Corporal Platt Hull served in Captain Robert Bradshaw's Company of Ross county, Ohio.* In later years he received two land warrants for this service-one for forty acres and another for one hundred acres. * There is also a record of a Platt Hull serving as a Corporal in Renick's Mounted Regiment, Ohio Volunteers and Militia. Most likely at his aging mother's request, sometime after February 1819 and prior to the 1820 census, Platt and Susanna Hull moved their family over the county line into Deer Creek Township, Pickaway County, Ohio, to the Hull family farm. The census lists them on page 183. Susanna's brother-in-law and sister, Jacob and Nancy (Sollars) Ater, were found on the previous page, page 182, which illustrates how closely they lived to Susanna and Platt Hull. Recorded in the 1820 Pickaway County, Ohio, Deer Creek Township, Census, is Platt (male, 30-40), with his wife, Susanna (1 female, 20-30), and their children: Elizabeth (1 female, 5-10), Ezekiel (1 male, 5-10?), Harriet & Nancy (2 females, 0-5). Platt and Susanna (Sollars) Hull eventually had thirteen children, eight of whom reached adulthood. Two sons died prior to 1820: William Hull, who died January 18, 1809, aged 9 days, and Jacob Ater Hull, who died August 26, 1815, aged 20 days. Children of Platt and Susanna (Sollars) Hull i. William Hull, born 09 January 1809, Ross County, Ohio; died 18 January 1809, Ross County, Ohio, aged 9 days. ii. Elizabeth Hull, born 15 October 1810, Ross County, Ohio; died 03 March 1879, Grantville, Jefferson County, Kansas, aged 68 years, 4 months, 18 days; married Barnet Magee Hasting, 06 September 1829, Pickaway County Ohio. iii. Ezekiel Hull, born 12 January 1813, Ross County, Ohio; died 22 May 1884, Moultrie County, Illinois, aged 71 years, 4 months, 10 days; married Susanna Berry, 02 April 1835, in Ohio. iv. Jacob Ater Hull, born 06 August 1815, Ross County, Ohio; died 26 August 1815, Ross County, Ohio, aged 20 days. v. Harriet Hull, born 15 January 1817, Ross County, Ohio, died in Lovington, Moultrie County, Illinois; married Elihu Welton, 27 March 1834, Pickaway, County, Ohio. vi. Nancy Hull, born 26 February l8l9, Ross County, Ohio; died 24 April 1839, Pickaway County, Ohio, aged 20 years, l month, 28 days; married John J. White, 07 September 1837, Pickaway County, Ohio. vii. Azariah Hull, born 07 July 1821, Pickaway County, Ohio; died 14 July 1829, aged 8 years, 7 days; buried Ater Cemetery. viii. Deborah Hull, born 22 June 1823, Pickaway County, Ohio; died 01 August 1823, Pickaway County, Ohio, aged 1 month, 6 days. ix. Ignatius Sollars Hull, born 27 November 1824, Pickaway County, Ohio; died 01 March 1826, Pickaway County Ohio, aged 1 year, 3 months, 2 days. x. Sarah Hull, born 11 December 1826, Pickaway County, Ohio; died 30 March 1863, Moultrie County, Illinois, aged 36 years, 3 months, 19 days; married James Bragg, 30 December 1845, Pickaway, County, Ohio. xi. Silas Hull, born 29 January 1829 [Bible record, or 02 February 1829 from cemetery record], Pickaway County, Ohio; died 23 August 1890, Moultrie County, Illinois, aged 61 years, 6 months, 21 days; married (l) Anna Maria Bragg, 01 January 1852, Pickaway County, Ohio; married (2) Susan Powell, 28 May 1863. xii. James Garrison Hull, born 30 November 1832, Pickaway County, Ohio; died 15 January 1864, aged 31 years, 1 month, 16 days; probably did not marry. xiii. Emily Hull, born 17 September 1839 [Bible record or 17 September 1838 from cemetery record], Pickaway County, Ohio; died 31 July 1907, Moultrie County, Illinois, aged 68 years, 10 months, 14 days; married (l) Francis C. McMullin, 01 April 1860, Moultrie County, Illinois. Francis died in the Civil War. Emily married (2) John S. Riggin. The Ross County, Ohio deed index lists the following: "May 29, 1821, Platt Hull from William Clark and wife, Lot 24 in Clarksburg [Deerfield Township], for $22.00. Recorded June 12, 1837." In 1828 Susanna's parents, Ignatius and Elizabeth Sollars, moved west to Eugene, Vermillion County, Indiana. Their known children, with the exception of Susanna (Sollars) Hull and Nancy (Sollars) Ater, made the move with them or were already in the West. It must have taken some time for Susanna and Nancy to adjust to the fact their parents were no longer nearby. It's almost certain that the two sisters became closer than before for want of family companionship. In 1830, Platt Hull, age 42, and Susanna, age 38 years, had five children living at home: Ezekiel, age 17; Harriet, age 13; Nancy, age 11; Sarah, age 3; Silas, age 1. Their son, Azariah, had died the previous year, July 14, 1829, aged 8 years and 7 days, and daughter, Elizabeth, had married Barnet Magee Hasting, September 6, 1829. On this same Deer Creek Township census, page 97, is recorded Elizabeth's brother-in-law Jacob Ater, aged 40-50, and sister Nancy (Sollars) Ater, also aged 40-50, and their family, as well as two of their married sons, Ignatius Ater, aged 20-30, and Samuel Ater and families. 1830 U.S. Census: Deer Creek Township, Pickaway County, Ohio Page No. 103: Platt Hull Males: 1, 0-5 yrs; 1, 15-20 yrs; 1, 40-50yrs. Females: 1, 0-5 yrs; 2, 10-15 yrs; 1, 30-40yrs. The Platt Hull family also appears in the 1840 Pickaway County, Ohio census in Deer Creek Township. Platt's mother, Mary (Denton) Hull, died November 21, 1844, at age 79 years and 8 days. Two years after her death, Platt and Susanna Hull made the trek west accompanied by all or most of their children. They acquired land in Moultrie County, Illinois. Lovington was the nearest town. Platt enjoyed a fair degree of success farming and raising livestock in Illinois. Granddaughter, Louise Hasting, Barney and Elizabeth (Hull) Hasting's ninth child, was born in July 1849 in Moultrie County, Illinois, and appears to hold the distinction of having been the first of Platt and Susanna's descendants born here. The 1850 U.S. Census of Moultrie County, Illinois lists three children still at home in the Platt Hull household. It appears that one of the children or a neighbor gave the census recorder the required information and made a poor estimate of their parents' ages. Platt was in fact only 62 years old and Susanna was only 58: 1850 U.S. Census, Moultrie County, Illinois Page 386, Dwelling 327, Family 327: Hull, Platt, age 68 [should be 62] m, farmer, born NY Hull, Susanna, age 62 [should be 58] f, Real Estate Value: $1600, born VA Hull, Silas, age 21, m, born OH Hull, James, age 18, m, born OH Hull, Emily, age 10, f, born OH The Hulls of Moultrie County, the Sollars of Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, and the Sollars of Eugene, Vermillion County, Indiana, some 60 miles to the east, kept in contact with each other and exchanged visits over the years. Emanual "Sandy" Sollars, the son of Susanna's brother, Truman, was a good example of this. He worked for a while in Moultrie County in 1861-2, probably on Uncle Platt Hull's farm or perhaps for Barney Hasting. While here he met a Moultrie County girl named Lydia McClung. "Sandy" Sollars and Lydia were married in Moultrie County, January 2, 1862. Soon thereafter "Sandy," accompanied by his new bride, returned to Vermillion County, Indiana. Truman Sollar's son, Azariah, remembered his father speaking of visits to the home of his sister, Susanna (Sollars) Hull, in Moultrie County, as well as to the home of his brother, William, in Springfield. During the Civil War, three of Platt and Susanna's sons-in-law and one grandson served in the Union Army. Their sons-in-law serving were: Barney Hasting, David Massey, and Francis C. McMullin, the latter of whom died in the service. Their grandson, Azariah S. Hasting, also died in the war on May 19, 1865, at Little Rock, Benton County, Arkansas, due to measles and a flagrant lack of medical care. One son, James Garrison Hull, who died January 15, 1864, possibly also served and died in the war. Platt Hull's days on earth came to a close on February 11, 1868, in Moultrie County, Illinois. This was just eight days prior to his and Susanna's 61st wedding anniversary. He was 80 years, 5 months and 27 days of age. Burial was in the Pea Cemetery near Lovington, Moultrie County, Illinois. Some nine years after her husband's death, Susanna, age 85, engaged the Office of Eden and Clark, Attorneys-at-Law in the Opera Building, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois, to assist her in applying for a pension for Platt's War of 1812 military service. The date was Saturday, April 28, 1877. In the letter of inquiry to the Pension Office, Washington, D.C., Attorney John R. Eden wrote: To the Courier of Pensions Sir: Platt Hull was a soldier in the War of 1812. Is now dead. His surviving widow does not remember the company or regiment in which he served or the names of his officers. He has received two land warrants-the first for 40 acres and the second for 120 acres-the latter immediately on the passage of the amendatory law. His applications were made from this, Moultrie County, Illinois. His widow is desirous of making application for pension. Will you please send me the names of his officers and number of his regiment & Co., which can be found in your office. He enlisted from Pickaway or Ross County, Ohio. Yours, John R. Eden Stamped on the back of this two-page hand-written letter was found: "Department of the Interior, May 1, 1877, Pension Office." In all likelihood, Susanna would have received a pension, a probable sum of six or seven dollars a month, but the wheels of government can be slow-moving in such matters. If the process took more than a year and four months from the date stamped on her letter to the Department of the Interior, she never received the pension, due to her death. The official War of 1812 pension records do not reveal that a pension was granted. Susanna (Sollars) Hull survived her late husband, Platt, by nearly eleven years. The cause of her demise was malaria, from which she suffered three days before final peace came at 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 13, 1878, in Sullivan, Illinois. She was 86 years, 2 months and 19 days of age. One day later, September 14, 1878, her remains were buried beside Platt in the Pea Cemetery near Lovington, Illinois. The Register of Deaths, Courthouse, Sullivan, Moultrie County, Illinois reads as follows: No. 79 Date of Report: October 12, 1878 Susanna Hull Female, White, Farmer's Wife Date of Death: Sept. 13, 1878, 6:00 P.M. Widow Nationality: American Born: Virginia Place of Death: Sullivan, Ill. Cause of death: Malarial Fever Duration of disease: Three days Place of Burial: Pea Grave Yard, Sept. 14, 1878 Undertaker: W. B. Riffin Place of Business: House, Lovington S. S. Wallace, Lovington, Ill. References: . A Biographical History of Nodaway and Atchison Counties, Missouri. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Co., 1901, pp. 232-234. . Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion and Edgar Counties, Illinois. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1889, p. 729. . Ross Conty, Ohio Marriages, 1798-1825. No pub. or place, pp. 56, 132. Bell, Carol Willsey. Delaware County, Ohio: Genealogical Abstracts. Columbus, OH: by the author, 1980, p. 44. Hughes, Phyllis J. Pankonin. Hulls in the American Revolution, 1775-1783. A Source Book�Including Some with the Holl, Hohl, Hole, and Huls/Hulls Surnames�. Decorah, IA: Anundsen Publishing Co., 1997, pp. 23, 52-53, 63-64, 91, 96, 97, 98, 106, 111, 112, 122, 125, 128, 130, 131, 133, 135, 138, 142. Hull, Daniel and others. Moses Hull. Wellesley, MA: Maugus Printing Co., 1907, pp. 13-17. Hull, Platt, Family Bible Record; copies of Bible Record depositied at Moultrie County Historical & Genealogical Research Library, Sullivan, IL. Hull, Robert E. The Ancestors and Descendants of George Hull and Thamzen Michell�, Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1994, pp. 335, 498-500. Illinois. Moultrie Co.. Pea Cemetery Records. Illinois. Moultrie Co.. Register of Deaths, No. 79. Illinois. Moultrie Co.. 1850 U.S. Census, p. 386. Obituary of Samuel Hull. The Nodaway Democrat newspaper, Maryville, MO, 17 Jan 1893. "Ohio Migrations to Illinois." Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Vol. II, No. 1, Jan-Mar 1961. Akron, OH: Esther Weygandt Powell, p. 17. Ohio. Pickaway Co., Deer Creek Twp. 1820 U.S. Census, p. 183. Ohio. Pickaway Co., Deer Creek Twp. 1830 U.S. Census, p. 103. Ohio. Pickaway Co., Deer Creek Twp. 1840 U.S. Census, p. 254. Ross Co., Ohio 1810 Tax Lists. Ross Co., Ohio Estate File #2930. Summers, Lewis Preston. Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800. Abingdon, VA: Lewis Preston Summers, 1929, pp. 1304, 1320-21. U.S. Pension Office, Washington, D.C. War of 1812 pension record application for Susanna (Sollars) Hull, widow of Platt Hull. Virginia. Washington Co. Land Records, Bk. 1, p. 513. War of 1812 record for Platt Hull. Weygant, Charles H. The Hull Family in America. Pittsfield, MA: The Hull Family Association, 1913, pp. 44, 66, 67. "Wyatt Bible Records." Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Vol. III, No. 3, Jul-Sep, 1962, pp. 130--131. Akron, OH: Esther Weygandt Powell. Part II: The Ezekiel Hull and Mary (Denton) Hull and The Dr. James Hull and Mary (Brundige) Hull Families will continue in the next issue of the HFA Journal. ***************************************************************************************** 1811 Letter Telling of the Death of Ezekiel Hull in November 1810 The following is an 1811 letter which Deborah (Gerow) Denton wrote to her brother, William Gerow, and her mother Elizabeth (Coutant) Gerow/Giraud. In the course of relating her news, she mentions the death of Ezekiel Hull in November of 1810. Deborah's husband, James Denton, was Mary (Denton) Hull's brother. Mary Denton married Ezekiel Hull. Nathaniel Hull, who wrote the letter for Deborah, is no doubt the son of Ezekiel Hull and brother of Platt Hull. He is the Nathaniel Hull, uncle of Moses Hull, Dr. James Hull's son, whom Daniel Hull, another son of Dr. James Hull, described as being an infidel on page 21 of his 1907 book Moses Hull. Our next issue of The Hull Family Association Journal will contain more information on the Dr. James Hull-Mary Brundige family and his sons Moses and Daniel. The original spelling in the letter has been retained. Words in brackets have been inserted for clarity and do not appear in the original letter. For clarity, the letter has also been separated into paragraph divisions; no particular paragraphing was contained in the original letter. This letter is now among the Gerow family documents housed at the Huguenot Historical Society Library, New Paltz, NY. Our thanks to HFA member #1115 Stephen L. Pearson for sending us a copy of this letter and also for clarifying some of the complex relationships among the Hulls, Dentons, and Gerows. Mr. Pearson's comments regarding these relationships follow: The relationship between the Hull, Denton and Gerow families begins with Daniel Denton and his wife, Martha Purdy. Of their children, two were married to two Hull siblings. David Denton, brother of Mary Denton, married Abigail Hull, sister of Ezekiel Hull. Mary Denton married Ezekiel Hull. A third sibling, James Denton, married the above Deborah Gerow. Jerow, the son of James Denton and Deborah Gerow, married Mary A. Hull. Mary A. Hull was the daughter of Samuel Hull who was the brother of Ezekiel and Abigail Hull. Rebecca A. Denton, wife of Azariah S. Hasting, was the granddaughter of Johnson Denton, son of Deborah Gerow and James Denton. Johnson was the brother of the Jerow Denton who married Mary A. Hull. Jerow's son, James Denton, may have been the Justice of the Peace who married Rebecca A. Denton's parents, James Denton and Nancy Malinda Estes. Washington County State of Virginia June the 29th Day in the year 1811 Dear angel mother and Brothers and Sisters I embrace this opertunity of writing unto you to let you know that I am well at present and hoping these fiew lines will find you in the same state of helth and I should be verry glad to see you all [if] it was posabel and I want some of you to move out to this cuntry if you can posabel for I am not satisfide in the way I am living for my companion is no comfort to me for he drinks by times verry hard and when he is in drink I see no paece with (?him). DG [may be Deborah (Gerow) Denton's initials inserted here]. Jerow [Denton] is maried and has three childern 2 boys and one girl and he lives in about a mile of us. and David [Denton ] is maried and has one boy and lives some distanc from us and Daniel Denton he lives singen [single] apart and he talks of going with nathaniel hull over the ohio to see his ant and his cosens for Ezekiel hull moved over the Ohio and this last november he died with a gethrin in his hed and runing out of his ear and mary hull is left [a] widow and she has her house full of little childern to take care of. When you rite to us I want you to send my age for I have forgot it, and direct your leter to abingdon post ofes washington County. It aperes Mary Denton has got well of her laimness and she desirs to be remembered to you all speshly to her aunt poly (Suett; probably Shuart) and betsy remembers her love to you all her grany in particklar and I have had six childern, four boys and two girls and five of them is living and the three yongests names is Wiliam and Alias [Elias/"Ely"] and Martha and the childern all remembers ther love to you all. I send this hair that is in the letter to my mother. This hair was cut out of Deborah Dentons hed and I wont to be remembered to you all. We wont you to rite the first opertunity. We had a very hard hail the first of June so as that it cut down fields of grain that had 50 akres in and it was alowed that it done a thousand dollars damage. And so no more at present, but remain your afectnate son and daughter until Death. James and Deborah Denton (Nathaniel Hull his hand) The address side of the above letter contains the following: You must excuse this bad speling and writing. Done with a bad pen and in a hurry. Abington July 7th 1811 [followed by a squiggly mark, commonly used in old documents] 25 To Mr. William Jerow living in a New York, and ?Yorkborough County near pleasant valley [now Dutchess County] June the 30th to be left at guard house. post ofes The following two lines were also written, in different handwriting, on the address side of the letter: The grave that never speaks before Hath found at length a toung to ?cheak [cheek?]. 1 son of Deborah and James Denton 2 son of Deborah and James Denton 3 son of Deborah and James Denton

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