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Eras in Fashion

Kalli Bale

Hour 3

Hutchinson Middle School 8

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” said CoCo Chanel

The fashion of 1920 is different than today’s fashion. Back in 1920 women are dressing like boys. They had outfits for the afternoon, and evening. Not just for women, the men were doing that too. But the 1920s were a big change for women. They began to vote that year and of course fashion also changed. They could wear dresses above their knee. The fashion in 1920 was very interesting and different.

The most popular designers in 1920 were Jean Patou, CoCo Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Andre Pervgia. CoCo and Jean made sportswear fashionable.(The Finer Times) Jeanne had a big impact in fashion.(The Finer Times) Jeanne brought into style the elaborate decorations and embroideries.(The Finer Times) In 1920s wearing hats with short hair was popular. The straight-line chemise topped by the close-fitting cloche hat became the uniform of the day. Women "bobbed," or cut, their hair short to fit under the popular hats. Low-waisted dresses with fullness at the hemline allowed women to kick up their feet, literally in new dances like the Charleston.

The clothing style in 1920 was very interesting. 1920 was a big change for women. Women were able to vote that year.(Ehow) Women were also able to join the workforce.(Ehow) With all these abilities, women started feeling equal to men. The women felt like it was okay to dress like men.(Fabulous fashion of the 1920s by Felicia Lowenstrin) People also became fascinated with all things Egyptian.(Fashion of a decade The 1920s by Jacqueline Herald) The clothes and shoes had hieroglyphics. The women whore Cleopatra earrings, snake bracelets, and scarab-shaped jewelry.(Fashion of a decade The 1920s by Jacqueline Herald) There were even “mummy” powder compacts. The most popular fashion in 1920s was “step-in” undergarments. Instead of a corset woman have a step in undergarment. It was much easier for women, they would wear step-in undergarments by itself or with something over it. Another popular fashion was the dress in an hour. Dress in an hour is when a woman sews a dress together and gets done within an hour. This design was also much easier for women because they could just make their dresses instead of picking one out for hours. The last popular fashion was the raccoon coats. The raccoon coat was whore mainly by the people who had the money to get it. The raccoon fur was the cheapest fur there was but very popular.

The attitudes about 1920s fashion were not really bad. Everybody pretty much just went along with it. Women would dress like men. 1920 women would get haircuts like men. Women started wearing suit dresses. Women would design a dress below the waist line to make it look like they have a long torso. The suit dresses would make women shoulders look broad. Today we don’t wear low waist line dresses. The women today do not dress like men. Women also do not get their hair cut like boys. They also do not wear suit dresses with a long torso. 1919 felt like 1920 women shouldn’t be so baggy.(The Finer Times) They should have dresses that fit women.(The Finer Times) 1919 people did not think girls should look like men. When that fashion came out, people didn’t really do anything. All the women liked that look. So one girl dressed like a man so the rest followed.

The fashion in 1920 is very interesting and different. 1920 is a lot different than today. In 1920 you could see someone famous walking down the street of your town. 1920 was very interesting. There were a lot of changes going on. Mostly the changes were for women. The women seemed confident and independent when this fashion came out.

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