Hundred years war

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1) Who fought each other during the Hundred Years War?

Germany and France

Spain and France

Italy and Spain

France and England

England and Spain

2) How long did the Hundred Years War last?

10 years

100 years

116 years

180 years

250 years

3) What were chevauchees?

French knights that fought in the war

A type of siege weapon

An extra long lance that the English used to defeat the French

Long chain mail cloaks worn by French soldiers

War raids where the army caused havoc and pillaged the land

4) What was the cause of the Hundred Years War?

King Edward III of England claimed to be king of France

Disputes over areas of land around France

Control of the wool trade

All of the above

None of the above

5) Who was the Black Prince?

The son of King Edward III

An invulnerable French knight

Another name for Joan of Arc

A German prince who claimed the French throne

Any knight who wore black armor was called the Black Prince

6) True or False: The Hundred Years War was a constant battle with fierce fighting and no periods of peace.



7) Who was Joan of Arc?

The Queen of France

A female English knight

A French peasant girl who led the army to victory

A nun who tried to establish a peace treaty

A nurse who helped soldiers from both sides on the battlefield

8) How did Joan of Arc die?

She was shot by an arrow

She was poisoned by her own men

She was crushed by her horse

She was burned at the stake

Of old age at home in France

9) What English weapon played a major part in their early victories?






10) Who won the Battle of Agincourt?






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