Hundred years war

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During the Late Middle Ages, Western Europe was torn apart by political as well as religious disputes. For centuries, England’s monarchs had ruled areas of France. France’s kings, however, wanted to unite these lands with their kingdom.
Complete the following web quest to find out more about the Hundred Years’ War, Joan of Arc, and Henry V. Click on each link and use the information provided to answer the questions:
1. paragraph 1- Who fought during the Hundred Years’ War?____________________________

2. paragraph 2- Why was the English army repeatedly victorious over the much larger French forces? (1-2 sent)
3.How did the Hundred Year’s War start? (3-4 sent)
4.How did the war end? Who was successful? (2 sentences)

5.Early Years-What was Joan’s early life like? (2-3 sent)
6. Early Years-What happened to Joan that lead her to seek an audience with the (Dauphin) French Prince Charles? ( 1 sent)

7. Journey to Orleans- What did Joan promise Charles?  (1 sent)

8. Siege of Orleans Broken May 8th-What happened at the Siege of Orleans? (3-4 sent)

9. Was Joan of Arc successful in her promise to Charles VII?________________________________

10.Joan of Arc burned at the stake-Where was Joan of Arc when CHARLES VII was crowned king of France?

11. How did Joan die? (1 sent)_______________________________________________________________


12. Who was Henry V? Give a brief biography in 2-3 sentences

For the remainder of the wksht,use TB pages 300-301. Read over ALL information and then answer the questions!

13. Who wrote the play Henry V?__________________________________________________________

14. What is the play about? (1-2 sent)
15. What is Henry V most famous for? (1-2 sent)
16. What is the purpose of King Henry’s speech to his soldier’s? What words show his purpose?-use direct quotes (2-3sent)
17. What does the king mean when he says, “For he to-day that sheds his blood with me/ Shall be my brother;…? (2-3 sent)
18. Would the king’s speech persuade men to face death in battle? Why or why not? (2-3 sent)

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