Human Cloning: What is the Outcome

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Human Cloning: What is the Outcome |

Human Cloning: What is the Outcome?

Tanya Herrera

Eduardo Cardenas

Josh Izquierdo

Jacob Aza

Texas A&M International University


Human cloning is a very controversial subject. Everyone has their different beliefs and ideals on why it should be allowed or if it should not be permitted or banned. Unfortunately, no attempt of a successful human clone has been seen or heard off. The experiments have been fail after fail. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? People argue with one another if they should continue trying or if it is a sign they should stop. A clone, in simple words, is merely a copy; a duplicate. Do they have feelings? Do they think just like the original human? Many think so. A lot of people argue there is no greater being than God and who are they to have that sort of power over humans? The possible benefit of a successful human clone is the possibility of ridding a disease. Everyone has their different opinions and arguments about, not just this subject, but many subjects. But, how would these possible future clones have an impact on society?

Keywords: Human Cloning, beliefs, ideals, God, power, disease, future, society.

Human Cloning: What is the Outcome?

What is Human Cloning? Human cloning refers to the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing or previously existed human being. This wasn’t even thought of until the late 90’s, when a Scottish scientist, Ian Wilmut, successfully cloned a sheep named Dolly. Then immediately, everyone questioned what would be next step to this scientific process. Human cloning, maybe? It rose a worldwide debate between god’s power to create man vs. man’s idea of a potentially new scientific breakthrough. Politicians such as President Clinton took action and passed a bill that prohibited the act of cloning and any funds given to this cause. And while we are given the list of possible reasons why human cloning should be legal, who can predict the possible effects of a human clone towards society?

What is known about Human Cloning


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