Hsuan Ning, Chen(Tina) Feb 19,2012 Wells International School

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Taoism influence Chinese Culture

Hsuan Ning, Chen(Tina)

Feb 19,2012

Wells International School

Mr. Mark Jacobson


This research paper basically talk about the how Taoism influence the Chinese society and culture. Taoism do not believe in any god but they believe in Tao, which means nature. Taoism believed in nature, they believe to practice the religious ritual can turn people’s life from disharmony to harmony and live peaceful with the nature. Taoism influenced Chinese society in many difference ways, example as philosophy, art, literature, and medicine. Taoism also influenced the society by the religious rituals.

Taoism influence Chinese Culture

Taoism is an ancient religion, philosophy and scholars believe that first begin found in China 2,500 years ago and around the time of Confucianism. The word ‘Tao’ means the path, the way and principle.Tao is a force. It's not a God, it's not some sentient being controlling the universe. It just IS. It's everywhere, all at once. It flows through the entire world, and we're all affected by it, even if we don't realize it. Taoism simply believed in living a good and harmony live with the nature and universe.
Taoism claimed themselves as high level than Confucianism, but in fact they still sharing many similar values. Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism deeply influenced each other. Taoism slowly faded away due to many reasons such as the political strife in the country and revolution, they found it hard and hard to practice their religious but Taoism this practice are still being taught today, both in China and some countries around the world. Their ritual influenced the culture of China and many countries societies.
They have influence Chinese culture in many difference ways, example as philosophy, art, literature, and medicine. Taoism believed in freedom, nature, cosmology, self-cultivation from social life and search for the immortality. Taoism claim themselves as both religious and philosophy. Some believers think they should separate into two kind of Taoism, one is focused on philosophical and aesthetical and other one just has to focus on religious practices. Taoism had a great political and social influence in China over the past hundred years.

Taoism influence Chinese culture and society. Firstly, they teach people to believe in nature. Secondly, the religious rituals influenced the culture and societies in China. Lastly, many Taoism created the material arts to help people living in healthy world. Therefore, Taoism can be the source of Chinese society.

Firstly, the Taoism influenced Chinese culture and societies by teaching people to be one with nature people should take away from the government and society and be with natural.

Chinese culture used to be control by Taoist by natural until Buddhism took it over. It’s changed politics for china. The way find peace was by allowing the natural patters to happen and allowing yourself to flow within them rather than trying to structure and control the world to you own needs and desires. That's the brief and mildly misleading version of the story. Taoism’s philosophies and religion strongly influence
the Chinese way of living and thinking about health and health care. Unlike Buddhism, Daoists do not believe that life is suffering. Daoism believes that life is generally happy but that it should be lived with balance and virtue. The two religions often butted heads when both vied to become the official religion of the Imperial Court. Daoism did become the official religion of the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD), but in later dynasties it was supplanted by Buddhism.

Secondly, the Taoism influenced the daily life of Chinese people in many different ways. Chinese people pray to the god every single morning, pour tea and serve fruits to the god. This is a tradition but not all people do that. It is not as strict as other religions, such as, Islam. However, Taoism has it's limits. It's a very different culture and it's traditions are different because Taoism believes in nature and being one with the nature. This is why if you follow Taoism, you will be taught to go away from the government and respect the natural values and ideas and learn humanity's relationship with the natural world.

Lastly, Taoism influenced the Chinese society by given birth to material arts such as Tai Chi and Qi qong. Taoism saw material arts as something far more important than simple means. They considered material arts as a gateway enter to spiritual world. Taoist martial art is Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is noteable because it is performed incredibly slowly, almost like a dance. The movements are calculated and graceful, but hidden in each step lies a potent defensive posture. Used as a tool to calm the mind and slow the breathing, Tai Chi has numerous health benefits for both the long time practitioner and the newcomer.” The practice of martial arts has improve your improve your physical benefits, but the Taoists added spiritual benefits by incorporating their philosophy as well.

Taoism influenced the Chinese society by telling people to become vegetarianism because they believed in non-violence and respect for all forms life. Taoism believed all the living things are considered as forms of life that created by the nature god we should give the same respect. They also believe eating meals make you more violence. Many Taoists regard their diet as extremely important to their physical, mental and spiritual health in one way or another, especially where the amount of qi in the food is concerned.

The ideas of Taoism’s alchemy helped Chinese developed the gun powers, which made their government stronger. Taoist believed ‘Live life and discover who you are’ and the nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead learn acceptance of your nature. Taoism also believed in five elements theory. Taoism have five element chart such as fire, wood, earth, water, and metal. They believe if the five humanity's relationship with the natural worldelements of system are in balance, the cycles of the generation are in balance too, because they react to each other.

The Tao and Chinese Medicine have been influenced each other from the ancient beginnings of Chinese culture. The earliest practitioners of healing were the Wu, shamanic practitioners who were usually women. Their methods involved exorcism and trance states that were used to formulate healing ceremonies and rituals. Speculation exists that the exorcism methods of shaking spears and burning incense and aromatic woods formed the basis for the later development.


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