Hr: Hindu Idea of Karma

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Casey Clune

May 1, 2015

Hr: Hindu Idea of Karma

Within twenty-first America today when one thinks of Karma they often think about the effect of one’s actions in read to later actions. If you fail to escort an elderly lady across the street it will be likely that the universe will punish you in some way: you will miss your bus, your coffee will get spilt, your dog with urinate it the house. Within Hindu culture, the original creator of the concept of Karma, the idea is much grander and complicated. Karma is not a social trend, it is a belief that can ultimately free your soul or cause you a life of agony.

Tied into the idea of reincarnation, karma is basically the Hindu idea that actions within this life will be weighed upon the conclusion of this life, and the next life will be determined as a result of this life. For example, if you are a cruel, evil, thieving person in this life, according to Hinduism, you will be reborn into a ore difficult life than your present one. Hindus believe you can be anything that has a soul, which could range from even the smallest insect to the most godly of kings. If one does not wish to return to life as an insect, then they should practice a good life that will ensure an even better next life.

The ultimate goal in regards to karma, is eventually becoming such an enlightened person that the cycle of reincarnation gets broken; the soul is finally free from the binding cycles of life and death and the soul reaches the level of moksha which is basically becoming united with Brahman. This is the ultimate goal within Hinduism. And only by having good karma can any soul ever be able to reach Moksha.

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