How did the Crusades affect trade

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CBA #4 Review

  1. How did the Crusades affect trade?

  2. What happened in America that caused investment in Europe to become a problem?

  3. What affects did the Napoleonic Wars have on European imperialism?

  4. How did the Scientific Revolution change medicine?

  5. What changed during the Neolithic Revolution?

  6. What were the major causes of the decline of ancient civilizations?

  7. Describe feudalism in Medieval Europe.

  8. Explain “Scorched Earth” and why it was used.

  9. Why is Aristotle a well-known scientist?

  10. How did the Triangular Trade affect the areas involved?

  11. What events did the expansion of the Ottoman Empire lead to?

  12. How did the end of WW2 lead to the Cold War?

  13. What ideas caused imperialism to gain popularity?

  14. What affects did the Catholic Church have on Europe during the Middle Ages?

  15. Why were alliances made in Europe before WW1?

  16. What is “national democratic reform?” Give examples.

  17. Which writers affected change during the American Revolution?

  18. What did the Delhi Sultanate do in India?

  19. Explain Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” theory.

  20. What religions were started in the Middle East?

  21. Explain the slogan of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution.

  22. How did the Toltecs of Central America affect later in history, and how?

  23. What did Mao Zedong do in China?

  24. What are the problems with a totalitarianism government?

  25. What events increased the popularity of socialism in Europe?

  26. Why was the Grand Canal in China important?

  27. How did Hammurabi’s Code change legal systems forever?

  28. How was Ghengis Khan different from other rulers of his time?

  29. How did European Colonialism affect Africa?

  30. Describe literature in Europe during the Middle Ages.

  31. What were the effects of the Industrial Revolution?

  32. How did the Great Depression affect all parts of the world?

  33. What important discoveries made during the Scientific Revolution changed the world?

  34. Why did Simon Bolivar lead a revolution in Central America?

  35. What were the main characteristics of Communism?

  36. What allowed civilizations to create advanced art work?

  37. What was the Solidarity Labor Union?

  38. What was Karl Marx’s prediction for the world after the Industrial Revolution?

  39. What inventions and discoveries were credited to the Chinese during the Scientific Revolution?

  40. What were the characteristics of Spartan society?

  41. What did the Gupta Empire do in Ancient China?

  42. What are usually the causes of genocide?

  43. How did trade change after the end of the Medieval Ages?

  44. What were the causes of Japanese imperialism?

  45. How did the Catholic Church use its power during the Middle Ages?

  46. What were the causes of hyperinflation in Germany after WW1?

  47. How did the opening of the Panama Canal affect trade?

  48. What was Chinese Legalism?

  49. Describe how a representative government works.

  50. Why was Adolf Hitler able to take power in Germany?

  51. Why was family extremely important to society in Ancient China?

  52. How was power harnessed at the beginning of the Scientific Revolution?

  53. What are the goals of the United Nations?

  54. What affects did the 95 Thesis have on Europe?

  55. What were the causes of the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe?

  56. Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Great Britain?

  57. Why did River Valley Civilizations prosper near rivers?

  58. How was architecture different during the Medieval Ages?

  59. What did conflicts between Protestants & Catholics in Europe lead to?

  60. Why did many Native Americans die after European colonization?

  61. What affect did the Neolithic Revolution have on the people of the world?

  62. What causes did the American Revolution have in common with the French Revolution?

  63. How did European Colonialism in Africa work?

  64. List the major events of the Cold War in chronological order.

  65. What historical events led to the development of democracy?

  66. What were the effects of the Black Death?

  67. What affect did European exploration have on African people?

  68. How did the Silk Road change the world?

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