How Did African-American Athletes Inspire the Civil Rights Movement?

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How Did African-American Athletes Inspire the Civil Rights Movement?
During the civil rights movement, people wouldn’t just listen to any old leader. The person had to have done something important. When people saw that the African Americans could actually do the things whites could, and do them better, this made some people more respectful. During sports, it didn’t matter if you were white or African American, as long as you won.
I learned that Joe Louis beat Hitler’s boxer, which gave the Americans more hope that they could win the war. I also learned that Joe and Jesse became the idols of many American sports fans. These examples show that during sports, people didn’t care what your race was, as long as you won.
On YouTube, I watched Joe Louis know out Max Schmeling the biggest fight of his life. My teacher also explained how winning against Hitler’s best boxer made America feel more confident during WWII. These examples show that people became a bit less racist after seeing Joe Louis pound Max Schmeling into the ground.

The author wants us to realize how a simple thing like sports can bring people together. Through sports stars like Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson, white people realized that African Americans were just like them.

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