Hospice of Davidson County Honorarium and Memorial Donors For August 2008 Honor Dr. Robert Team

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Hospice of Davidson County

Honorarium and Memorial Donors

For August 2008


Dr. Robert Team

Ms. Mildred Ann C. Raper

Dr. David Williams

Thomasville Pediatrics


Neal Clifton Allred

John Hatcher Realty

Ledford High School Class of 1966

Ms. Nelle Bailey

Harley and Jo Cecil

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Corn

Mrs. Lorene Corns

Ms. Mary Cridlebaugh

Ms. Mary Gibson

Robert and JoAnn Green

Ms. Teresa Harden

Mr. Bryan Hayworth

Roger and Elizabeth Hayworth

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Janssen

Ms. Ruth S. Kennerly, Ivy Hall

Ms. Mary Ellen Koonts

Mr. Dewey Livengood

Ms. Frances McGee

The Sam Moore Family

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Moore

Ms. Julia Paris

John and Jane Rierson

Ms. Margaret Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Richard Yocum

Vernell Bailey

Johnny and Sammie Hodges

Ms. Vickie Kinney, Ms. Shirley Britt, Ms. Barbara Everhart, Ms. Fern Warner

Mr. and Mrs.Victor Kirkman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Templeton

Wendell Barker

Doug Leonard and Family

Jerry and Faye Leonard

Ms. Peggy Leonard

Terry Leonard and Family

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Jimmy Barnes

Sheets Memorial Baptist Church – Couples for Christ Sunday School Class

Ms. June Butts

Gallimore Exteriors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Holmes

Ms. Jody Sink

Ms. Renee Sink

Ms. Teri Sink

Ms. Connie Velez

Thomas Ira Bean

Jay and Margaret Buie

O. Herman Beasley

VFW Post 3074

Marilyn Beck

Ms. Peggy Charles

Bernie Boniar

Betty and Harold Tucker

William Smith (Bill) Briggs

Mrs. Peggy Briggs

Ms. Brenda Hepler

John Byerly

The Wayne Tysinger Family

Kenneth Dermont Byerly

Guilford Fabricators, Inc.

Ms. Reba Berrier

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Payne

Ms. Vickie Starr and Family

Nancy Craven

Mr. Walter M. Hilton

Miles Croom

City of Lexington, Mayor, City Council, City Manager and City Employees

Ms. Theresa Anderson

Jeff, Catherine, Sarah and Allyson Bowers

Mike and Janet Brown

Ms. Carolyn J. Davis

Hubert and Cateen Olive

Elizabeth H. and Harold Osborne

Larry and Diane Stone

Robert Disher

Ms. Ramona Carrick

Mrs. Lora Disher Younts

Sharon Easter

Ronnie and Sharon Walser

Olin Eddinger

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

Wayne, Carol, Gary and Greg Embler

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Reece

Mrs. Betty Waisner

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Patty Faulk

Bojangles Breakfast Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Poole

Joann Gay

The Masons and The Newtons

W. Lee Gilliland

Ms. Vickie Mabe, Emily and Kristen

Doris Holshouser Gordon

Fair Grove High School Class of 1951

Jimmy Haire

The Grover Weaver Family

Kenny Hall

Ms. Leigh Ann Hall

Hazel Morris Hartley

Ruth and Leon Hedrick

Ruth Johnson Hedgecock

Jerry and Dorcas Weavil

Lois Heitman

Stoners Grove Baptist Church

Arthur (Buddy) Hill

Stewart and Billie McGuire

Clarence Hulin

Phillip and Rita Steed

Minepa Izic

Ms. Mattie Myers

Celeste Kennodle

Ms. Carolyn McCarn

Gert Kepley

Harold Myers Family

James Don Kepley

Ms. Peggy Charles

Sherri Kepley

Ruth and Leon Hedrick

Oma Weatherman Light

Ravon and Ozelle Michael

Jerry Livengood

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brooks

Mr. Richard Sumner

Sheila Hedrick Looper

Mrs. Betty Pope

Mrs. Lora Disher Younts

Robert Martin Lorenz

Bob and Ann Cole

Ron and Kathy Oakley

Keith and Teresa Sink

Mrs. Joan Wallace

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Lois Miller

Ms. Debbie Blackerby

Ms. Doris Cranford

Mr. Tom Osborne

Ms. Colleen Prevette

Mr. Mark Prevette

Ms. Colleen Stewart

Fred (Bill) Myers

Sun Gard Trust Systems

Mrs. Barbara Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carson

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Crowell Jr.

Ms. Penelope Davis

Wendy and Bob Dawson

Mr. Charles Lambeth

Ms. Nancy Leonard and Mr. David Sweitzer

Mrs. Anne Sessoms

Ms. Mary Anne Smith

Ms. Ann Taylor

Edward Peacock

Ms. Mary Caldwell

Hubert & Grace Philpott

Ms. Kathy Philpott

Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson

Don Pope

Ms. Mae R. Myers

Tom and Kay Myers

Inez Powell

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Templeton

Donna Roberts

Ms. Lois Brown

Wessie Skeen

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Elliott

Dr. Amos Smith

Ms. Doris Cranford

Paul and Kathryn Geniec

Joe and Bonnie Hedrick

MW and Mildred Hedrick Family

Mrs. Frank W. Johnson

Ms. Jean Sherron

Margaret Smith

Julia and Robert Leonard

Mrs. Margaret Morgan

Mrs. Betty Pope

Ms. Jean Sherron
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Archie Snider

Danny and Kathy Snider

Isette Stewart

Ms. Elaine Stutts

Leone Stone

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy

Lucille Strickland

Midway School Road Baptist Church

June Tharp

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Peters

Tiffany Lynn Walser

Mr. Philip Lohr

Kathleen Ward

Ms. Linda Berrier

Ms. Pat Disher Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Koontz

Mrs. Lois K. Murphy

Ms. Carol Russell

Mark Whicker

Shelley and Betsy York

Hospice of Davidson County


For August 2008
Mr. David Alderman

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Allred

Ms. Lucinda Amos

Mr. Tom Angell

Mrs. Ava Badgett

Mr. Oscar Bailey Jr.

Ms. Tammy Barton

Mr. Bill Bates and Beth Bunce

Ms. JoAnn Bean

Hoy and Debbie Beck

L.C. Beck

Larry and Sue Beck

Ms. Carolyn Berrier

Roy and Anne Bevan


Jerry and Bonnie Blackwelder

Steve and Joan Blevins

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Briggs

Jack and Joan Briggs

Ms. Sandy Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bullington

James and Gayle Burke

Mr. Tommy Burney

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Byrnes

Mr. John Byrum

Marc and Emy Calderone

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Cates

Shannon Caylor

Central Carolina Civitan Club

Ms. Robin Champion

Mrs. Dale-Manning Chesson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Childress

Mrs. Cindy L. Hicks-Chisenhall

Mrs. Jean Clark

Mr. and Mrs. David Clifton

Mrs. Cathy Coles

Mr. Steven M. Comer

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Conner

Mr. Cory Cooper - Signworks

Mr. Ronnie Covington

Page 2
Ms. Elizabeth Cowan

Mr. Ned Cowan

Mrs. Betty Crowell

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Cunningham

Mr. Charles Holton Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Bill E. DeLapp

Denton Amvets Post 240

Denton Ladies Civitan Club

Mr. Jim Dillon

Dr. Dirk Dixon

Mr. Jerry Dockham

Towers and Sally Dodd

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Drass

The Dempsey Essick Gallery

Mr. Jimmy L. Everhart

Debbie and Mike Fanary

First Bank - Denton

Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald

Mr. Walter Ford

Freedom Missionary Baptist Church

Jane and Tom Freeman

Chuck and Dr. Sarah Frye

Hoyle and Evelyn Fulbright

Rodney and Donna Fulton

Mr. Larry Furr – Mitchell Oil Co.

Mr. William Gaffney Jr.

Mr. Jeffrey Gallimore

Mrs. Bonnie Garner

Mr. Zane Garner

Mr. Albert Gobble

Mr. Lester Goforth

Mr. Robert Green

Mrs. Edwina Hardee, Mr. Brad Hedrick, Ms. Mindy Nobles

Mr. Jerry Hardee

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Harris

Mrs. Lisa Hathaway

Ms. Amy Hedrick

Ms. Michelle Hedrick

Mrs. Windy Cole Hedrick

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Herrick

Kathy and Earl Hester

Mrs. Faye P. Hill

Jon and Tia Hill

Vikki and Steve Hodges

Ms. Angela Holland, Ms. Sue Barringer, Mr. Ray Lane, Ms. Kathy Hardin, Ms. Julia Mickey, Mr. Joe Jeffery

Mr. Stephen C. Holton

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Ms. Laurie Honaker

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Honeycutt

Mr. Roger Dean Hoover

Mr. Peter Huestis

Mr. Randy Huff

Mr. Norman Hunt

Ms. Holly Innis

Mrs. Gail Isley

Mrs. Doris S. Jacobs

Dorothy and Terrance Johns

Mr. Ed Kearns

Ms. Sandra B. King

Mrs. Emily Lambeth

Mrs. Sally Lang

Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Lanier

Don and Gale Lanning

Mrs. Jean Leatherman

Ms. Dianne Leonard

Mr. Jim Leonard

Julia and Robert Leonard

Mr. Matt Leonard

Mr. Tim Loftin

Love of God Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lowe

Dr. Florita Mangundayao

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff March

Mr. Bert May

Mrs. Kathy McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Randy McGinnis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff McKinney – Jacob’s Creek Stone Co., Inc.

Ms. Nancy McKinney

Lee and Sue McPhatter

Edwin and Sara Messer

Mr. Jeff Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell

Mr. Henry Mitchum

Mr. Owen Moore

Mrs. Margaret Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan

Ms. Fran Morton

Mrs. Ann Myers

Mr. Bruce Myers

Mrs. Mary Alice Myers

Page 4
Jim and Paula Noonan

Oak Forest United Methodist Women

Brad and Laura Owen

Mr. Rodney Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Mac Parrott – Parrott Insurance

Mrs. Tammy Patterson

Paul's Chapel United Church of Christ

Mr. Rick Perryman

Mr. and Mrs. Don Phelps

Robert and Ramona Phelps

Mrs. Carolyn Phillips

Mr. Douglas Phillips

Mrs. Lisa Pierce

Pilgrim Reformed Church

Pine Ridge Auto Sales

Dr. and Mrs. Sundara Rajan

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Ratton

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reynolds

Dr. Cathy Riggan

Jim and Mary Rittling

Leon and Laurie Rives II

Mr. W. Leon Rives

Ms. Stephanie Saintsing

Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Sharpe

Crystal and Jeff Shoaf

John and Marilyn Silk

Silver Eagle, LLC

Irvin and Doris Sink

Ms. Jean Sink

Ms. Teresa Slate

Mr. Boyd Smith

Guy and Melinda Smith

Kelly and Gail Smith – Rick’s Restaurant

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Martha Ellen and R. B. Smith

Mr. Norbert Snider

Ms. Donna Spry

Edgar Ray and Mary Sue Stallings

Mr. Larry Stone

Julia and Ray Strader

Burr and Rebecca Sullivan

SunTrust Denton Branch Employees

Mr. Casey Swicegood

Mr. Charles Swing

Larry and Jo Swing

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Mr. and Mrs. Adam C. Team

Robin and Katherine Team

Mrs. June Tharp

Thomasville Pediatrics

Ms. Lauren Thompson

Daniel and Ashley Timberlake

Teen and Tim Timberlake


Triangle United Way

Troutman's BBQ

Mike and Paula Turlington

United Way of Davidson County

United Way of Greater Greensboro

Mrs. Pat Wagoner

Mrs. Margot B. Walser

Mrs. Glenda Walters

Ms. Donna Ward

Ms. Linda Warfford

Ms. Catherine Warren

Mr. Thomas Waterhouse

Ms. Donna Weisner

Ms. Theresa White

Bill and Jane Whitehurst

Cheryl and John Wicker

Ms. Kathy Wiley

Cathy and Ed Wilkerson

Ms. Pam Willard

Dr. and Mrs. Rob Williams

Dr. and Mrs. David Williams

Wilson Carter Building Supply

Mr. Bob Wood

Ms. Beryl Yelton

Ms. Tonya York

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