Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site Teacher’s Guide One Hour Ranger Guided Tour audience

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Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

Teacher’s Guide
One Hour Ranger Guided Tour
AUDIENCE K through 12th Grade

This one hour Ranger guided tour gives students an overview of the work performed at Hopewell Furnace. Students will learn the history and operations of a 19th century iron furnace as well as preservation techniques used to maintain and preserve Hopewell Furnace NHS. At the Visitor Center, the park’s orientation film is shown and the Ranger will provide an introduction to the site and the tour. The Ranger will then guide the students into the village. This tour is offered Wednesday through Friday.


Class size for this tour will be kept to a total of 40 students and chaperones. It is required to have one chaperone per 10 students. Students must be made aware of the positive behavior that is expected during the tour. Teachers and chaperones are required to maintain the attention of the students; the Ranger is

not responsible for discipline.

Hopewell Furnace represents the entrance of America into the Industrial Age, leading to its emergence as the world’s greatest industrial power. The community at Hopewell Furnace mirrors the dramatic evolution in the culture and lifestyle of the American people.

The community that supported the operations of Hopewell Furnace offers insights into life at this rural industrial location and insights into our lives today. Successive generations of Hopewell Furnace workers have used the natural and cultural resources to improve their lives.

1. Visitors/students will understand the history of this 19th century iron plantation.

2. Visitors/students will understand many of the occupations that were important to the

iron-making success of Hopewell.

3. Visitors/students will understand some aspects of the daily life of the workforce at Hopewell.

4. Visitors/students will understand how early American iron-making influences our modern lifestyles.

1. Students will learn about a community of long ago.

2. Students will be able to identify a local historic landmark in their immediate area.

4. Students will learn about industry after the American Revolution.

7. Students will learn about the iron-making process.

3. Students will learn about some of the skills needed by early Americans to do certain jobs.

11. Students will learn about occupations of the past.

13. Students will compare tools from different time periods.

9. Students will understand some of the occupational hardships of the 19th century.

10. Students will understand the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

12. Students will learn about the value and dignity in working.

14. Students will understand the need for both natural and human resources in a community.

15. Students will learn some basic history about an iron-making plantation.

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