Homosexuality: The Debate of Our Generation #1: Homosexuality and Christianity: What’s the Big Deal?

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Homosexuality: The Debate of Our Generation

#1: Homosexuality and Christianity: What’s the Big Deal?

  1. The Challenge of the Homosexuality Issue: Why is Homosexuality So Difficult for Us to Deal With?

  1. We Live in a Post-Christian Culture and Don’t Realize It

  • We are witnessing the effects of relativism/postmodernism

  • Western culture used to have Christian principles even though many were not Christians

  1. We’ve Lost the Moral High Ground

  1. We Are Afraid of Persecution and Marginalization

  • Consequences are severe if we speak up for truth

  • Examples?

  1. The Importance of the Homosexuality Issue: What is at Stake in this Debate?

  1. The credibility of the Church—For 2000 years, its position on homosexuality has been consistent

  1. The authority of Scripture—the Bible is clear in its teachings about homosexuality

  1. The health of our Culture—Some sins have greater impact than others

  1. The Glory of Christ—Sexuality and marriage are a picture of Christ and the Church

  1. The World’s Critiques of the Way Christians Have Handled the Homosexual Issue

  1. Christians Have Targeted Homosexuality More Than Other Sins

  1. Christians Are Trying to Make America a Christian Nation When it is Not

  1. Christians are too combative, always telling everyone they are wrong—they need more love

  1. Christians Have done a lousy job addressing believers who have Same-Sex Attraction

**Key Principle: We Cannot Measure Success by the Culture’s Reaction to Us





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