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El Dorado

High School
12401 Edgemere Blvd.

El Paso, Texas 79938

(915) – 937 – 3200

(915) – 851 – 7820 (fax)

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Faculty and Staff Handbook

Equal Opportunity

SISD condemns harassment of an individual on any basis prohibited by law, including that individual’s race, color, creed, age, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, ancestry, citizenship, military status, or mental/physical disability. It is the policy of SISD to maintain a working and learning environment that is free from harassment.

Administration Extensions

Nora Paugh Principal 937-3200

Vacant Assistant Principal 937-3555

Derrick Brown Assistant Principal 937-3222

Bridgett Valenzuela Assistant Principal 937-3303

Carolyn Wilson Assistant Principal 937-3207

Edgar Rincon Assistant Principal 937-3246

David Pena Assistant Principal 937-3204

Counselors Student Assignments Extensions

Mary Golden A- Cheung 937-3228

Alma Barrios Childress - Glazebrook. 937-3439

Sylvia Gonzalez Gomez - Machorro 937-3229

Marvin Hickman Macias - Palacios 937-3309

Sonia Ugarte-Gil (Head Counselor) Palma - Salazar 937-3424

Martin Sanchez Salcido-Z 937-3312

Attendance Student Assignments Extensions

Rosa Miranda A-F 937-3217

Nora Urquidi G-N 937-3314

Nancy Baca O-Z 937-3216

Estella Barrera PEIMS Coding 937-3220
Police Services Campus Security Extension: 937-3266

Student Resource Officer- Jason Durden Campus Security- William Huereca

Campus Security- Derrick Delgado

Student Resource Officer- Angel Sanchez Campus Security- Javier Estrada

Attendance Officer – Carlos Moreno



The purpose of this handbook is to make you aware of the campus procedures to which we must adhere to in order to provide the best educational program for the students at El Dorado High School. Although we have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible in outlining building policies and procedures, we cannot anticipate every situation that might arise during a school year. If at any time you have a question or need clarification, please see an administrator.

It is the responsibility of all employees to set a positive example for our students. These policies and procedures are to be followed by all personnel and are considered a campus addition to the district-wide handbook provided to each employee. Grading policy, absence policy, grievance, governmental regulations and so forth will be found in this handbook. Due to numerous changes enacted by recent legislation, it is recommended each staff member read this material carefully.
Mission Statement

El Dorado High School will champion each student to become a multi-cultural, independent lifelong learner achieving at the highest level of excellence in a 21st Century global society.


Daily announcement will be made at 10:04 a.m. Please require your class to listen. If you have information to be announced, please send an email message by noon to Theresa Maya.

Attendance Policy for Students

The state law requires that students age 6-17 be in attendance 90% of the time per semester in order to receive credit. In order for the absence to be excused, the parent or guardian must call the attendance office (937- 3200) the day of the absence. If a student is absent three consecutive days, a doctor's note from a U.S. licensed physician is required upon return to school. Any student who has been absent from school for five consecutive days without notifying the school will be automatically withdrawn. If the student returns following a withdrawal, the student must bring a parent or guardian. Students who do not comply with the 90% attendance law may be allowed to attend tutoring to regain credit. Credit must be granted by the attendance committee.

Absences/ Tardies

When a student is absent or tardy from any period during the school day, a rapid notification message will be sent to parents.

It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to clear absences by the third day. What can the student do to correct the absences?

  • The parent can call the attendance office

  • The student can bring in a Dr.’s note or a note from their parent

  • The teacher can submit an absence correction form if an error was noted in the recording of attendance.

Excused Absences for Students

An excused absence is one resulting from:

1. Personal illness, doctor's appointment, death in the immediate family, weather which makes travel dangerous, or approved school-sponsored activities.

2. Religious, holy days when a parent submits a written request in advance.

3. Other excused absences must be approved by the principal in advance of the absence.
One day for make-up work will be given for each day absent. Zeros will be given for work not made up.

Unexcused Absences/Tardies

Students whose parents do not call the attendance office within 3 days of the absence will receive an unexcused absence.

1. Cutting any class.

2. Absences from school, even if ill, if the parent is not aware of the absence.

3. Leaving campus during the day without a pass from the attendance office.

4. Misuse of a pass from a teacher. Any student given a pass by a teacher who is found to be in noncompliance with the provisions of that pass will be considered truant.

5. Truancy is defined as student absence from school without the permission of the parent or guardian, or absence from classes without the permission of the administration.

6. Truancies will be considered a severe discipline offense.

El Dorado High School

Principal’s Attendance Plan of Action
Based on FEC Local, a student loses credit when attendance drops below 90%, whether the absences are excused or unexcused.

When attendance drops below 90% but remains at least above 75% an assistant principal will meet with the student to issue a loss of credit contract to regain credit:

  • A student will be issued a loss of credit contract with a completion date. Students must attend tutoring, intersession or participate in another approved instructional program to regain credit. Credit will be awarded with a completed Loss of Credit contract.

  • The student must complete 45 minutes of instruction outside of the school day for every absence that exceeds the 90% attendance rule.

Only the attendance committee or the Principal can determine if extenuating circumstances are a factor in Loss of Credit.

If a student does not agree with the loss of credit contract, they may appeal the terms of the contract with the campus attendance committee. If a student is denied credit, then the student may appeal the decision to the District Attendance Committee. If credit denied is upheld by the District Attendance Committee, then the student may appeal to the SISD Board of Trustees.

  • Documentation regarding student absences must be provided by parent/guardian so that a decision may be rendered by the attendance committee.

When attendance drops below 75%, the attendance committee will review the student’s entire attendance record and issue a Loss of Credit Contract

2014-2015 Attendance Committee Members:

David Pena – Assistant Principal Yuzaleth Perez – CIS Program Coordinator

Martin Sanchez – Counselor Stephen Scallorn – Teacher

Sergio Mendez – Teacher Etta Cornett– Military Family Liaison

Rodolfo Troncoso – Teacher

Leaving Campus during the Day - Students

All students must check out with the attendance office before leaving campus for any reason, other than at lunch time. Leaving school without proper permission is considered an unexcused absence or truancy. Students who are ill must be sent home by the nurse. Leaving campus without going to the nurse will be unexcused.


What happens if a student is caught ditching/skipping class or the student has too many unexcused absences?

  • The student will get a referral

  • The student will go to SAC

  • The parents will receive a warning letter. This letter states that if the student continues to have unexcused absences the student and parent will GO TO COURT!

Truancy Court

A student may be sent to court for the following reasons:

  • If student has 3 or more unexcused period absences within a 4 week period

  • If student has 10 or more unexcused period absences within a 6 month period

Tardy Policy

Students will be allowed only five tardies per nine weeks. Students will receive a PLASCOTRAC ticket each time they are tardy. On the sixth and subsequent tardy, the ticket will indicate when the student will serve Community service or afterschool detention. Afterschool detention will begin at 4:00 pm till 5:30 p.m. The student must complete Afterschool detention.

1ST tardy: PLASCOTRAC Ticket and reminder of tardy policy
2nd tardy: PLASCOTRAC Ticket and reminder of tardy policy
3rd tardy: PLASCOTRAC Ticket and reminder of tardy policy
4th tardy: PLASCOTRAC Ticket and reminder of tardy policy
5th tardy: PLASCOTRAC Ticket and reminder of tardy policy
6th tardy: Afterschool detention
Tardies will clear at the end of the nine weeks.

If students do not serve Community Service or Afterschool Detention for any reason, students will be administered further disciplinary consequences.

Absence Procedures for Faculty and Staff

In the event of an absence, please do the following:

  1. Call the Aesop before 6:00 AM ( 937-1231) or go online at www.sisd.net

  2. Although sick days are provided by the state and district, these days should not be abused. Because the substitute budget will be placed at the campus level, we do not want to have to supplement this fund with other monies due to excessive absences. Remember all sick days accumulate and carry over as personal days. THE BEST INSTRUCTION IS DELIVERED BY THE CLASSROOM TEACHER.

  3. All personal days must be signed and approved by immediate supervisor prior to the event. Forms are located in the administrative offices next to the copier.

  4. ALL TEACHERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE 5 DAYS OF EMERGENCY LESSON PLANS ON FILE WITH YOUR DEPT CHAIRS. Teachers must complete a Trip Request (TR) form and/or a Request for School Business/Staff Dev Days form if an absence is school business. When filling out the Request for School Business form (blue form), please get the dept. chair’s initials before giving to your administrator/supervisor for final signature. This form should be returned to Rene Saucedo. Any school absence that is not approved by the school administration will be charged to the employee.

Leaving Early

All employees who leave more than one hour early or who arrive more than one hour late, will be charged with a half day absence. Any employee leaving campus must sign out in the office with the receptionist. Any employee requesting early leave or late arrival must have permission from their supervisor prior to leaving campus. (Conference periods are considered part of the instructional day).

Attendance Accounting Procedures

Attendance accounting will be maintained on computer by the office. Please follow these procedures:

  1. Report absences at the beginning of each class period via the Tyler SIS. Attendance is to be taken by the teachers only (Students are not allowed access to this center). Teachers are to take attendance within the first 20 minutes of class.

  1. Keep a hard copy of your attendance. It will be picked up at the end of the year.

  1. The “Daily Teacher Report” is to be filled out by each teacher to indicate that the information placed in the computer via Tyler SIS is correct. Once a teacher signs their name, he/she is saying that the information is already correct or that a correction is being made on the “Daily Teacher Report. The report sheet MUST be signed DAILY and returned to the Attendance Office. All signatures must be in black ink. Please do not keep these sheets in your room or throw them away. A teacher signature is required to indicate that all necessary changes have been made. Substitutes are not to sign these reports unless they are long-term subs. If a teacher is absent, he/she will need to take care of that report upon his/her return to work.

  1. Students will be allowed a maximum of ten class absences for school business. These absences will be coded “S” in the computer if they are UIL related or “9” if they are school related but not dealing with UIL competition. These will not show up as absences for accounting purposes.

  1. Instruction is important in all classes; release students when the bell rings and do not keep them from attending another class. If students are to see the importance of attending class regularly, teachers must set the example.

AV Equipment

All audiovisual equipment must be checked out of the library. Once it is checked out, it becomes the responsibility of the teacher and must be locked away each night. Items that need to be locked up are cassette players and AV equipment. AV equipment is not to be taken home without the express written permission of the principal. AV equipment should be check regularly to be sure that it functions properly. If it needs repair, be sure to notify the librarian. Do not allow students to view films for which you did not sign up. Teachers are not to use personal VCR or DVD players in their classroom.

Bell Schedules for 2014-15 School Year

Regular Bell Schedule (#1): Classes are 45 min., transition is 6 min. and lunch is 35 min.

First Lunch Second Lunch

8:40 First Bell 8:40 First Bell

8:43 Warning Bell 8:43 Warning Bell

8:45 - 9:30 1st Period 8:45 - 9:30 1st Period

9: 34 Warning Bell 9: 34 Warning Bell

9:36 – 10:21 2nd Period (45 min) 9:36 – 10:21 2nd Period (45 min)

10:25 Warning Bell 10:25 Warning Bell

10:27- 11:12 3rd Period (45 min) 10:27 – 11:12 3rd Period (45 min)

11:16 Warning Bell 11:16 Warning Bell

11:18- 12:03 4th Period (45 min) 11:18- 12:03 4th Period (45 min)

12:03- 12:38 LUNCH (35 minutes) 12:07 Warning Bell

12:42 Warning Bell 12:09- 12:54 5th Period (45 min)

12:44- 1:29 5th Period (45 min) 12:54- 1:29 LUNCH (35 minutes)

1:33 Warning Bell 1:33 Warning Bell

1:35- 2:20 6th Period (45 min) 1:35- 2:20 6th Period (45 min)

2:24 Warning Bell 2:24 Warning Bell

2:26- 3:11 7th Period (45 min) 2:26- 3:11 7th Period (45 min)

3:15 Warning Bell 3:15 Warning Bell

3:17- 4:02 8th Period (45 min) 3:17- 4:02 8th Period (45 min)
Lunch Release Schedule:

Lunch is determined by what class you have 5th Period.

If you have 5th Period in:

B100, B200, D100, D200, M building, and Portables go to first lunch.

If you have 5th Period in:

C100, C200, E100, E200, Gyms, F, and L go to second lunch.

*If your class is in the Computer Lab or the Library please release as if you were in your classroom.

Early Release Bell Schedule (#2): Classes are 23 min, transition is 6 min., and there is a sack lunch available

8:40 First Bell

8:43 Warning Bell

8:45 – 9:08 1st Period (23 min)

9:12 Warning Bell

9:14 -9:37 2nd Periods (23 min)

9:41 Warning Bell

9:43 – 10:05 3rd Period (23 min)

10:09 Warning Bell

10:11 -10:34 4th Periods (23 min)

10:38 Warning Bell

10:40- 11:03 5th Periods (23 min)

11:07 Warning Bell

11:09-11:32 6th Period (23 min)

11:36 Warning Bell

11:38- 12:01 7th Period (23 min)

12:05 Warning Bell

12:07 – 12:30 8th Period (23 min)

Sack Lunch Available

(Buses depart at 1:00 PM)

Pep Rally Bell Schedule (#3): Classes are 36 min, transition is 6 min and lunch is 35 min.

First Lunch Second Lunch

8:40 First Bell 8:40 First Bell

8:43 Warning Bell 8:43 Warning Bell

8:45 – 9:21 1st Period (36 min) 8:45 – 9:21 1st Period (36 min)

9:25 Warning Bell 9:25 Warning Bell

9:27 – 10:03 2nd Period (36 min) 9:27 – 10:03 2nd Period (36 min)

10:07 Warning Bell 10:07 Warning Bell

10:09 - 10:45 3rd Period (36 min) 10:09- 10:45 3rd Period (36 min)

10:49 Warning Bell 10:49 Warning Bell

10:51- 11:27 4th Period (36 min) 10:51- 11:27 4th Period (36 min)

11:27- 12:02 LUNCH (35 minutes) 11:31 Warning Bell

12:06 Warning Bell 11:33- 12:08 5th Period (36 min)

12:08- 12:43 5th Period (36 min) 12:08- 12:43 LUNCH (35 minutes)

12:47 Warning Bell 12:47 Warning Bell

12:49- 1:25 6th Period (36 min) 12:49- 1:25 6th Period (36 min)

1:29 Warning Bell 1:29 Warning Bell

1:31- 2:05 7th Period (36 min) 1:31- 2:05 7th Period (36 min)

2:09 Warning Bell 2:09 Warning Bell

2:11- 2:47 8th Period (36 min) 2:11- 2:47 8th Period (36 min)

2:47 Intercom Release 2:47 Intercom release

3:00 – 4:00 Pep Rally 3:00 – 4:00 Pep Rally

Lunch Release Schedule: Release is the same as regular bell schedule
Inclement Weather Bell Schedule (#4) (2 hour delay) Please tune in to your local TV or radio station for more information regarding possible closing of schools or a delayed start time due to inclement weather.

Classes are 35 min., transition is 6 min., and lunch is 30 min.

10:08 First Bell

10:12 Warning Bell

10:15 -10:50 1st Period (35 min)

10:55 -11:30 2nd Periods (35 min)

11:35- 12:10 3rd Period (35 min)

12:15 -12:50 4th Periods (35 min)

12:50- 1:20 Lunch (30min)

1:25-2:00 5th Period (35 min)

2:05- 2:40 6th Period (35 min)

2:45- 3:20 7th Period (35 min)

3:25- 4:00 8th Period (35 min)
Intersession/Summer School Bell Schedule (#5):

8:25 First Bell

8:27 Warning Bell

8:30 – 11:30 Session I (3 hours)

11:30 – 11:55 Lunch

11:55 Warning Bell

12:00 – 3:00 Session II (3 hours)
9 Weeks Exam Bell Schedule (#6): Classes are 93 min., transition is 6 min., and lunch is 45 min.

First Lunch Second Lunch

8:40 First Bell 8:40 First Bell

8:43 Warning Bell 8:43 Warning Bell

8:45- 10:18 1st/2nd Period (93 min) 8:45- 10:18 1st/2nd Period (93 min)

10:22 Warning Bell 10:22 Warning Bell

10:24 – 11:57 3rd/4th Period (93 min) 10:24 – 11:57 3rd/4th Period (93 min)

11:57 – 12:42 Lunch (45 min) 12:01 Warning Bell

12:46 Warning Bell 12:03 -1:36 5th/6th Period (93 min)

12:48 – 2:21 5th/6th Period (93 min) 1:36- 2:21 Lunch (45 min)

2:25 Warning Bell 2:25 Warning Bell

2:27 - 4:00 7th/8th Period (93 min) 2:27 - 4:00 7th/8th Period (93 min)
Lunch Release Schedule: Release is the same as regular bell schedule
9 Week Exam Bell Schedule and Early Release (# 7): Classes are 112 min., transition is 6 min and there is a sack lunch available.

8:40 First Bell

8:43 Warning Bell

8:45 – 10:37 1st or 3rd

10:41 Warning Bell

10:43- 12:30 5th or 7th

Sack Lunch Available

(Buses depart at 1:00 PM)

Building Use

Edgar Rincon, Assistant Principal, is charged with the responsibility for the use of the building. Campus staff wishing to use the building need to submit a Building Use Request form at least two weeks prior to the event. Building Use Requests must be approved prior to the use of the building including any outdoor athletic facilities. Groups without a form on file will be asked to leave the facility. Security (937-HELP) must be notified prior to anyone entering the building on weekends or holidays. Requests for use of the building from outside organizations or groups must be submitted one month prior to the event in order to receive school board approval. All groups using the school building must pay for security and custodians as needed.

Business Office

All money collected must be turned in on a daily basis to the Business Office so that a written receipt can be provided. Danielle Chavez is the Business Manager. All school club expenditures must have prior approval from the administrator/supervisor and the principal, in writing. Please allow three days for checks to be prepared. The school is under no obligation to pay bills or reimburse individuals for purchases that have not had prior approval from the principal. Anyone violating this rule must personally assume the obligations for payment. Supporting documents (receipts, invoices, and statements) must accompany every expenditure.

Students are required to have their ID’s in order to eat lunch in the cafeteria. The cafeteria will adhere to the guidelines of the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value: Students may bring food from home. They are not allowed to share with classmates. All food consumed at school or at school functions must comply with Texas Department of Agriculture Guidelines. Please refer to the district calendar for allowable treat days. Teachers are welcome to set up a lunch account with the cafeteria. The cafeteria does accept checks.

Campus Calendar

The campus calendar is located in the main lobby. All meetings, field trips, club activities, school activities, etc. must be submitted to Theresa Maya in order to be posted on the board. If it is not on the board it does not happen. These items must be posted ten school days in advance. The Student Activities Director, Theresa Maya will be responsible for updating the board.

Campus News/Parent Newsletter

Campus activities will be posted weekly on the school website. A Parent Newsletter will be posted on the school website every nine weeks. This is the means by which information will be sent to parents to include a schedule of upcoming activities and other pertinent school information. Please submit any information you want to appear in the bulletin to Ms. Gloria Avalos, Librarian. Be sure to check the bulletin boards throughout campus for important school, district, and state information. Teachers, coaches and sponsors are encouraged to submit articles of interest by the end of the first week of each nine weeks period.

Care of Building

It is extremely important that we all take pride in our building and instill in students that same pride. We encourage attractive displays and bulletin boards. All clubs which put up displays in the hallways must remove all tapes and staples when taking displays down. Teachers who share rooms need to see to it that they leave things in order.

Anyone who is going to display a poster must secure approval from Theresa Maya.
For any maintenance needs e-mail Luis Hernandez, Head Custodian and Edgar Rincon, Assistant Principal.
Change of Address

It is important that you fill out and submit a current Employee Information sheet to Rene Saucedo , Campus Secretary. Anytime you change your address or telephone number, you are to notify the campus secretary.

Class Period Transitions

Teachers are to stand by their doors during all transition periods. Your presence is of great help in preventing problems that might occur. It will also speed up the flow of traffic and reduce tardies and loitering. You are responsible for monitoring the halls near your room. Right of way traffic should be enforced.

We ask that all sponsors observe the following rules:

  1. Club Meetings-Sponsors must be present at club meetings. It is recommended that club meetings be held before school, after school or during lunch.

  2. Fund Raising Projects- The student activities director, Mrs. Theresa Maya is in charge of fund raising. Make an appointment with her to get an application and approval for time and date of fund raising. Before starting a fundraiser, please make sure you have an approved application. Fund raising projects will not be approved until previous projects have been recapped.

  3. Banquets- the club sponsor will get permission from the principal.

  4. Expenditures of Club Funds-No one is permitted to make any purchase or draw on any school account without prior approval from the administrator/supervisor and the principal.

  5. ALL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND MEETINGS MUST BE POSTED ON THE CAMPUS CALENDAR. Information should be provided to Theresa Maya, Student Activities Director.

  6. We encourage club members to join P.T.S.A. (Parent, Teacher, Student Association.

New clubs wishing to form must meet certain guidelines set forth by the district and be approved by the administration. Please submit all forms to Mrs. Maya in the student activities room. All clubs must have an adult sponsor who is present at all meetings. Parent organizations must coordinate through a school-designated sponsor. Organizational meetings must be planned one week in advance if notice is to be placed on the activity calendar and announcements made over the intercom system.

All clubs and performing groups such as the band, choir, cheerleading, and athletic teams must establish rules of conduct and consequences for misbehavior that are more strict than those for students in general. A violation of these additional policies and procedures is also a violation of school rules, the consequences specified by the school shall apply in addition to any consequences specified by the organization. Each student member of a group imposing stricter standards shall be notified in writing of the standards of behavior and of the specific consequences of violating the standards.
Communities in School

To help those El Dorado students requiring additional community resources stay in school, successfully learn and prepare for life. CIS is the largest dropout prevention and intervention program in the nation. For additional information contact Yuzaleth Perez, the Program Coordinator at 937-3253.

Conference Period

Each day teachers will have one 45-Minute conference period. Teachers are required to meet with their subject teams once a week.

Copy Machines / Test Scanning Machines

Core instructional wings will have networked printers in designated areas. Each teacher is allocated a certain number of copies each month (2,500). Codes for the copy machine can be obtained from the dept. chair. Test scanning machines are located in the Department chair’s classroom for your use. Machines may not be operated by students. Test scanning sheets will be the responsibility of each department.


Students who have concerns or would like some help making plans for the future may visit their appropriate counselor. Appointments to see the counselor can be made before school, during lunch, or after school.

Credit Averaging

In accordance with SISD policy (EI Local), if a student fails one semester of a two-semester course but earns a passing grade in one of the semesters that is high enough that when averaged with the other semester is a grade of 70 or above, the student shall earn credit for the course. Credit shall be granted in the following circumstances if the student has met the compulsory attendance laws:

1. Regular courses may be averaged with Pre-AP/Pre-IB courses.

2. A regular course may be averaged with an AP/IB course if there is a corresponding course.

3. Courses may be averaged from one year to another year.

4. Regular courses may be averaged with summer school courses.

5. Approved computer-based instruction taken in the District may be averaged with regular, Pre-AP, Pre-IB, AP, or IB courses.

6. Courses taken in middle school that qualify for high school credit may be credit averaged.

Credit shall not be granted in the following circumstances:

1. Courses taken in the District may not be averaged with courses taken in other districts.

2. Courses taken in other districts may not be credit averaged by the District. CREDIT AVERAGEING IS ONLY ALLOWED FROM OTHER SISD CAMPUSES FOR NEW STUDENTS.


Unless credit is awarded by the Attendance Committee, a student shall not be given credit for a class if the student is not in attendance for 90% of the time. Once a student has exceeded the number of absences to comply with the 90% rule, the student will meet with the designated administrator and/or the Attendance Committee. At that time, a decision will be made regarding tutoring to make up for class time. Tutoring will be before and/or after school.

Loss of Credit

A student will lose credit for any class/period:

  • If the student is absent more than 9 times in the first semester and more than 10 times the second semester.

  • If the student’s absences are excused or unexcused

Excessive absences must be reviewed by the attendance committee.
Custodial Services and Concerns

All custodial services, not provided as routine, must be e-mailed to Robert Rangel at rrangel@sisd.net. Complaints must be handled in the same manner. Tools and cleaning equipment are not to be borrowed from the custodial rooms. Report all vandalism to security and repairs needed to Robert Rangel, immediately.

Deliveries to Students

Instruction is an essential part of a student's day and deliveries to the classroom disrupt this necessary instruction. Plan appropriately; there will be No deliveries of any kind accepted.

Department Meeting/Team Meeting

Department meetings will be scheduled once a month. The date and time will be determined by the department chair. Team meetings will be held weekly. Each dept. /team will be required to have a sign-in sheet and instructional focus log (IFL) that will be submitted to the administrator/supervisor at the completion of the meeting. All teachers are expected to attend meetings and be on time.
District Policies

Throughout the year, new policies are added and changes are made in existing policies. All new policies are located on the district website and will be made available for your review. If you wish to make recommendations regarding policies, please see the principal.


A discipline plan will be developed by each teacher/department or house team. Parental contact must be made and documented on any referral. STUDENTS MUST SEE AN ADMINISTRATOR BEFORE BEING PLACED IN SAC.
Student Behavior Expectations
School-wide Responsibilities

A. General Rules

1. Follow directions

2. Be at appropriate places at appropriate times

3. Keep campus clean

4. Take appropriate care of all the facilities

5. Destruction of school property will not be tolerated (Severe Clause)

6. Use only appropriate language and gestures

7. Refrain from public displays of affection

8. Have a pass to be in the hallways during class

9. Have I.D. card at all times

10. Threats/taunting, gang signs, gang style writing, gang graffiti on person, belongings or school property will not be tolerated (Severe Clause)

11. Gang activity is not permitted (Severe Clause)

12. Fighting is not permitted (Severe Clause)

13. Possession of prohibited items is not permitted (Severe Clause)

14. Follow all rules regarding the Internet/Email policy (Severe Clause)
B. Consequences

1. Discipline referral warning

2. Discipline referral to assistant principal. Discipline Plan explained to the student. Parent may be notified and/or disciplinary action may be taken.

3. Discipline referral, Parent notified. Disciplinary action will be taken.

Severe Clause: Any severe behavior problems will result in a student/principal conference and removal pending satisfactory parent conference and may result in placement in the Alternative Education Program.

C. Positives

Outstanding students will be recognized, and positive incentives will be developed by faculty and staff.

Discipline Infractions and Consequences

If a student breaks any rule in either the Student Code of Conduct or the EDHS Student Handbook, he/she will face several consequences. These consequences are designed to help correct the problem(s) that interfere with his/her progress in school. These may include, but are not limited to:

1. Detention: this may take place during lunch, after school or on Saturday.

2. Community Service: date, time, and place will be assigned.

3. Special Assignment Class (SAC): a student may be assigned to the SAC program for repeated violations of school rules or for a major offense.

4. Suspension: a student may be suspended from school 1-3 days

5. Expulsion: a student may be expelled from school; as a result the student may be placed in the alternative school, KEYS Academy.

6. KEYS Academy: KEYS Academy is a long-term alternative academic setting that allows a student to stay in school and continue school work while being closely supervised. Placement will depend on the offense, and the minimum stay will be 9 weeks.


Any student involved in a fight at EDHS will be given a complain for disturbing the peace (Education Code Sec. 4.33 -Disruption of Classes), issued by the corresponding authorities. The student might have to appear in court.

Tobacco Use

All students are prohibited from possessing or using tobacco products (including but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), or chewing tobacco on school or within 1000 feet of the premises. A citation will be issued for this infraction.

Student Dress Code

The students at El Dorado High School are expected to be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat. The following Dress/Attire IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND THEREFORE NOT ALLOWED:

  1. Satanic messages, obscenities or alcohol/tobacco/drug advertisement on clothing or accessories.

  2. Any type of clothing that advertises another school.

  3. Hats (both males and females), caps, beanies, hairnets, Doo rags, scarves, handkerchiefs, hoodies covering the head or sunglasses worn inside the building.

  4. Spandex, fishnet shirts, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, low cut, tube tops or stretch clothing unless worn under other acceptable clothing. Tank top straps must be wider than ID’S. Men’s shirts must have sleeves.

  5. Bare midriffs (i.e. exposed tummy) are not allowed. Shirts/blouses must be long enough to stay tucked in.

  6. See through or translucent clothing.

  7. Underwear and/or any undergarments should not be showing.

  8. Excessively baggy clothing (pants must be worn at the waist). Excessively long shirts (shirts with shirt tails must be tucked in). Shirts longer than the sleeve.

  9. All coveralls/overalls must be worn properly (straps must be snapped on and worn over the shoulders.

  10. Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be mid thigh or longer.

  11. Long key chains, chains on pants, and wallet chains of any length. Belts must be tucked all the way in pant loops.

  12. Do not wear any clothing or accessories which indicate gang affiliation.

  13. House slippers or pajamas.

  14. Facial piercing with spikes.

  15. Flip-flops or shower shoes.

  16. Hair that will obstruct others view.

* Anything deemed inappropriate by administration will result in a violation of the dress code.
Faculty Dress Code

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday – Professional attire (no jeans)


Thursday – Teachers can wear jeans as long as they are wearing a college or military shirt

Friday – Teachers can wear jeans as long as they are wearing a school shirt.


Jeans should be in good condition – not torn or frayed.


If you are leaving campus for a meeting or training, you are to dress professionally.

What Not to Bring

In addition to the items mentioned in the Student Code of Conduct, the following items are not permitted on campus:

  1. Illegal drugs of any kind, including alcoholic beverages

  2. Fireworks

  3. Knives

  4. Sharp objects or sticks

  5. Slingshots

  6. Whistles

  7. Firearms (Guns)

  8. Spray paint and /or graffiti paraphernalia (permanent markers, etc.)

  9. Roller blades/skateboards

  10. Electronic devices to include beepers/pagers, PDAs, cell phones. cameras (digital, video, etc), CD players, MP3 players, IPods, video games, or any other device that has the potential to be considered a distraction to the educational environment are not allowed at school (unless used for instructional purposes). (A $15 retrieval fee will be charged after 1st warning). Students failure to promptly and peacefully relinquish a device will result in more serious disciplinary action. Defiant behavior such as attempting to dismantle a device before relinquishing it (for example, removing the SIM card, battery, etc) will result in more serious disciplinary action. This handbook serves as notification to students and parents that the campus will dispose of confiscated telecommunication devices at the end of 30 days if no claim is made and no return fee/fine is paid. The campus assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen devices once they are confiscated.

  11. Anything deemed inappropriate by the administration

Possession of any of these items mentioned above will be considered a serious violation of school rules.
El Dorado High School is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal property from athletic lockers, classrooms, or book bags.
Picking up Electronic Devices

Electronic devices will only be given back to the parents on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8:30 AM -11:30AM and 2:30PM- 4:00PM. Student and parent must show I.D. to get the electronic device back. A referral will be issued to the student. ALL CONFICSTCED DEVICES MUST BE TURNED INTO THE OFFICE AT THE END OF THE INTSTRUCTINONAL DAY WITH A REFERAL. PLEASE DO NOT STORE DEVICES IN YOUR CLASSROOM.

Dropping Courses or Changing Schedules

Administrative Regulation EED – Students may drop a course or make a schedule without a consequence only during the first four days of the semester. Requests for course changes must be submitted in writing. After that time, students will receive a WD for the semester in which the withdrawal was made. The course will count as one attempt with no credit awarded. The course will also be awarded a grade of 50 and calculated in the grade point average and affect class rank. There are certain allowable situations that would warrant a change after the four day grace period which are the following: student does not meet prerequisites for the course, student is placed in an inappropriate level, student needs different class to graduate, and extenuating circumstances requiring administration’s approval.

Duty Hours

Teachers are officially on duty from 8:02a.m. – 4:02 p.m. Teachers and aides are required to attend all in-services, faculty, and department meetings. Teachers are also required to attend ARD’s, 504’s, parent conferences, and Open House. Teachers will have a duty free lunch period. Teachers are required to stand by their classroom doors during transition and before classes begin in the morning and after lunch. Teachers are reminded that teacher duties are assessed on the PDAS.

Tyler Parent/Student Portal

The Tyler Parent/Student will enhance communication between school, home, and community. This service allows parents, guardians, and students to view information regarding registration, attendance, scheduling, report card, homework, and TAKs test scores. Students have access through the student portal on the district website. Parents and Guardians can visit our campus to register to receive a username and password at the receptionist’s desk.

Emergency Procedures

Each school is responsible for implementing a plan to assure effective response and resolution during any crisis situation; it is essential and key for the protection of students, employees, visitors, and general school safety. Teachers are responsible for maintaining students, responding to directions from the principal or designee and for student accounting.

When the emergency alarm sounds students are to line up in an orderly fashion and leave the building. Once students are outside they should be as far away from the building as possible. Teacher will take a class roster and account for each student. The principal or designee will ensure the building is completely evacuated and will sound the all clear signal after receiving the appropriate agency clearance.

Silent Evacuation

An administrator or school employee will go to their designated rooms and inform them to evacuate. The process will continue until the building is evacuated. Security will help with the orderly evacuation of the school. In case of an evacuation, the campus will notify the District Service Center at 937-0000, the El Paso Police Department at 564-6900, and security at 937-0780.


If the words “LOCK DOWN” are heard over the intercom, all teachers must lock their doors, move students away from the doors and windows, turn off the lights, and sit the students on the floor. Administrators will take their silent evacuation stations.


In the event of a power outage, students will remain in the current room. Teachers will not release students or issue hall passes until the problem is solved.

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses all emergency/crisis will be on the share drive.


Faculty meetings will be called as needed. All teachers are expected to attend and be on time.

Field Trips

Teachers requesting field trips may do so by submitting a Field Trip Request form along with Lesson Overview to Mrs. Paugh at least three weeks prior to the date of the trip. Field trips should be scheduled during the intersession if possible. If field trips are scheduled during the instructional day it must be during 8:15-2:30 to allow for the regular bus runs. A form must be filled out and given to the Attendance Office at least one week prior to the trip. This will allow the attendance office assure that each student going on the field trip has not lost credit in any classes. The field trip parent permission form, off-campus activity form granting permission from all teachers, and the attendance form can be found in the forms cabinet located in the administrative office wing. Be sure to include transportation for students with special needs. No field trips will be approved during TAKS/EOC months or the week of final exams.  Students who have not met standards on TAKS or EOC will not be allowed on field trips or preseason athletic games. Students must wear I.D. tags at all times during field trips.

Final Exams

All students will take a final exam at the end of every nine week grading period. If a student misses their final exam as a result of an excused absence, the student will be allowed to make up the test during the following intersession in accordance with district policy. An exam schedule will be set at the end of every grading period. No students will be allowed to test before their scheduled exam time.

Grading Policy (Revised 8/29/2012 EIA Regulation)

In averaging nine weeks grades, the following weighting procedure will be used:

50% - Daily Work: class work, homework, quizzes and notebook checks

30 % - Major Grades: projects, chapter tests

20 % - Nine Weeks Test

  1. The teacher will assign a grade that reflects the student’s relative mastery of an assignment.

  2. A student will not be exempt from taking a major exam in any subject in which any other student is required to take an exam.

  3. A student must be enrolled at least 25 school days of the grading period in order to be eligible for a grade.

  4. Teachers are to submit a copy of their Nine Weeks Exam to their administrator/supervisor.

  5. Student grades will be based only on mastery of TEKS. Student grades shall not be penalized for unsatisfactory conduct. Such matters must be addressed through the conduct grade only.

  6. Students have the opportunity to re-do failing assignments within any 3 week Progress Report Window.  Once Progress Reports have been posted, the opportunity to re-do those assignments is over.  Teachers may have the students complete an assignment different from the original.  Students must approach their teacher about any re-do or make-up work. Teachers may assess a penalty for late work.  (Revised 8/29/2012)


Gradebooks will be maintained electronically by the Tyler SIS Program. Gradebooks will be checked periodically by the teacher supervisor. Grades should be posted weekly so that students and parents can see current status in the class. Each gradebook should have the following information:

  1. Assignment page, test or objective for each grade

  2. Major grades, test grades and final grades clearly labeled

  3. Attendance / tardies

* Teachers should have at least 15 daily grades and 3 (minimum) major grades per nine weeks. Teachers must enter at least 2 grades per week.
*Marked verification sheets will serve as documentation as grade sheets.
Progress Reports/Report Cards

The following procedures need to be adhered to regarding the reporting of progress or grades to the parents:

  1. Progress Reports are to be sent home to parents for their review and signature every three weeks.

  2. The teacher will be responsible to keep all Progress Reports on file in case of parent concerns.

  3. At the end of the third and sixth week of each nine week grading period, the teacher must send a progress report to the parent of any student who is failing, in danger of failing, or not working to potential. Teachers must send a progress report home to the parents of any student who will fail for the nine weeks.

  4. If students are working on long term projects, progress on the project must be graded on a weekly basis.

Grade Changes

All incomplete grades reported for a Nine Week grade must be changed within five school days from the end of the grading period. Any incomplete which is not changed by the teacher, will be automatically changed to the grade that is in the system. Incorrect grades must be changed within five days from the day report cards are issued.

According to UIL guidelines, an incomplete grade will render a student ineligible. Any student who fails a class will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities even if the teacher submits a grade change. The only conditions under which a student will regain eligibility as a result of a grade change will be:

  1. school/state grading procedures were violated

  2. a mechanical error was made in averaging or recording the original grade

UIL Eligibility

UIL dictates that all students must pass all classes with a 70 or above. UIL participants who fail a Pre AP or Pre IB course can maintain eligibility if their grade does not go below a 65. UIL participants who fail an AP, IB, or Dual Credit course can maintain eligibility if their grade does not go below a 60. Students earning grades below those standards will not be eligible. Attending intersession/remediation/tutorials will not be reflected for the current grading period and therefore will not change student eligibility. Grade changes do not automatically render a student eligible certain criteria must be met and will be addressed with the appropriate administrator

Honor Roll

An honor roll system will be observed to recognize above average student achievement. Students who meet the requirements outlined below are eligible for the honor roll.

Scholar Honor Roll

  1. A numerical score of 90-100 in all subject areas.

  2. All excellent and / or satisfactory marks in conduct.

Achievers Honor Roll

  1. A numerical score of 80-100 in all subject areas.

  2. All excellent and / or satisfactory marks in conduct.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic dishonesty shall constitute a violation of the rules and regulations of this institution, and is therefore, subject to administrative review. This shall include, but not be limited to:

Cheating, Plagiarism, and/ or collusion.
Cheating on a test shall include:

  1. Copying from another’s paper.

  2. Using test materials not authorized by the test administrator.

  3. Collaborating with or seeking aid from another student during the test period without permission.

  4. Knowingly using, buying, selling, stealing or soliciting, in part or in whole, the contents of an unadministered test.

  5. The unauthorized transporting or removal, in part or in whole, of the content of an unadministered test from a room, computer, website, or other secured area.

  6. Substituting for another student or permitting another student to take a test with a false identification.

  7. Compromising the integrity of the testing environment in any way in violation of the teacher’s specific instructions. This includes, but not limited to, talking, sharing materials, or failure to keep answers covered.

Plagiarism shall be defined as the appropriating, copying, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means other than independent individual work, the unacknowledged submission or incorporation of it as one’s own work. This shall include pieces available through computerized sources.
Collusion shall be defined as the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work for fulfillment of course requirements.
If a student violates the Academic Dishonesty Policy teachers will:

  1. Call/conference with student’s parent.

  2. Give student a zero for the assignment/test (student may be retested at the teacher’s discretion).

  3. A discipline referral may be given to the student if the incident involved violation of other rules in the Student Code of Conduct or EDHS Student Handbook.


It is understood that at times problems will occur. If at all possible, these problems should be resolved at the campus level through the use of a mediator such as dept. chair, counselor or administrator. If the problem still is not resolved, the next step would be to see the principal.

Hall Passes

No student should be allowed out of class without a pass or their student ID. Students outside of class must have his/her student ID and a school issued pass. Do not allow more than one student to leave class on a single pass. Special passes for counselors, nurse and computer lab will be provided. Do not use an eraser or other objects as a pass. Passes must be filled out completely prior to leaving the classroom, dated and signed by the teacher.
Health Services

The school nurse will handle all problems of health within the school. She is the only person who may excuse a student from school due to illness. In case of an accident, the student should not be moved until the nurse is contacted. In case the nurse is not on campus, you should notify an administrator. The nurse is on duty from 8:15 - 4:15.

ID Cards

All faculty and staff are provided with a picture I.D. card and are expected to wear them at all times while at school and at school functions. There is no charge for this card. ID’S are property of El Dorado H.S. There is a $5.00 replacement charge for an I.D. card.

Injured Employees

By law, SISD is required to report all on-the-job injuries to Texas Employer’s Insurance. All on-the-job injuries should be reported to the school nurse immediately. A report must be filled out by all injured employees. The form must be filled out by the employee themselves; nobody else can fill out the report. The nurse will assist the injured person and recommend outside medical help, if needed. All employees returning to work from an injury must first obtain an approval from the Human Resource office to be given to the school nurse. The nurse will finalize the status of the release to return to work.

Jury Duty

Employees summoned for jury duty will be granted release time for their duties to perform that service upon presentation to your administrator/supervisor a copy of the summons. Employee salary and other benefits will accrue without penalty. Any reimbursement paid by the courts may be retained by the employee. The employee will provide necessary documentation to the campus secretary, Rene Saucedo indicating the dates and times services were rendered for jury duty.

The designated administrator/supervisor will issue keys. Under no circumstances are keys to be loaned to students. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged for each key lost. A $10.00 fee will be charged if rekeying of classroom and closet are necessary. It is illegal to have your school keys duplicated. School keys can be made only by the maintenance department.


The laminating machine will be operated by the campus aide. Please leave materials to be laminated along with the laminating request form in the designated bin set by the campus aide.

Lesson Plans (Lesson Overviews)

Teachers are required to maintain up-to-date Lesson Overview for all subject areas they teach. Lesson plans should include all of the following:

  1. Dates,

  2. Subject, class (period)

  3. Instructional Objectives/Student Expectations

  4. Evidence of TEKS implementation

  5. Brief description of procedures/methods

  6. Materials, texts, page numbers, etc.

Lesson Plans should be readily available for administration to review. The turning in of lesson plans will be determined by the administrator/supervisor.

Library Hours

7:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

The library provides materials to support all areas of the school’s curriculum as well as a variety of materials for pleasure reading which includes books, newspapers, and magazines. Students are required to have their ID in order to check out books from the library.
Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be kept by the campus monitor located by the administration office counter top. Please see Mrs. Irma Fuentes


El Dorado High School is a semi-open campus. Students will be allowed to walk off campus only. As a result of a shortened lunch period, students will not be allowed to drive off campus during lunch.


Each employee has an assigned mailbox which is located in the main office. Mailboxes must be checked on a daily basis and do not allow excess materials to accumulate. Correspondence with other schools and departments within the district is sent via district mail. Envelopes are available at the receptionist’s desk.

Military Liaison

To assist military families get information on resources about the school, Ft. Bliss, and the El Paso area. In addition, the military liaison works with the Student 2 Student program that is designed to help transitioning students fell welcome, comfortable, included and accepted into their new school community. Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC), a nonprofit organization which promotes partnerships and provides networking of military installations and their supporting school districts to address transition and other educational issues related to the military child. For additional information contact, Etta Cornett, Military Liaison at 937-3265.

Modifications of Instruction

In serving special education students, 504 students, and ESOL students certain accommodations will be required. The special education dept. will send an ARD Evaluation Form via email to all teachers that serve the student prior to the ARD. Please fill out and return the requested information as it will be discussed in the ARD meeting. All ARD meetings are federally mandated and therefore teacher presence is required. At the completion of an ARD, accommodations will be sent to the teacher and a signature of receipt must be returned to the SPED dept. for their records. Accommodations for Special Education students are required by law and are not optional.

504 Accommodation meetings will be held annually, information will be provided to the teachers by the 504 Campus Coordinator and a signature of receipt must be returned.
LPAC meetings will be held for ESOL students and information will be gathered by ESL Campus Coordinator and submitted to teachers.
Movies in the Classroom

Movies are not allowed in the classroom unless they are directly linked to instruction. Movies with an “R” rating will not be allowed to be viewed. Lesson Plans (IFL’S) must be submitted to the supervisor that document the instructional purpose of movie. Teachers must secure written approval from their supervisor prior to showing a movie.

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